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Wild Bean

Throughout the Forum, participants of the Forum visiting the UK pavilion will have the chance to see the "100 years of friendship" photo exhibition on 100 years of renewed diplomatic relations between the UK and Poland, drink coffee by Wild Bean Cafe by BP, and enjoy VR activities by Sage.This is the largest single group re-signing that BP has ever secured in the UK and paves the way for the two parties to now focus on additional sources of value including Wild Bean Cafe, BP Chargemaster, Ultimate fuels and BP's new loyalty scheme which will be launched later in the year.Wild Bean is a coffee from a tree! Imagine the deliciously earthy and robust notes in your coffee just by steeping in fresh or downhill water. There are no chemicals or additives! You can have the ultimate ethical coffee experience without stepping foot outside your kitchen.


FAT SALT Costa's chocolate twis croissant 396 27.7g 11.7g 0.6g Pret Chocolate and hazelnut 379 11.5g 11.7g 0.5g Starbucks Cheddar & mushroom croissant 480 3.2g 16g 1.8g Starbucks Ham & Cheddar croissant 497 2.7g 15g 2.7g Starbucks Luxury Fruit Toast 455 39.4g 3.8g 0.54g Costa Ham & Emmenthal cheese croissant 358 7.6g 12.9g 1.1g Caffe Nero Almond croissant 350 11.3g 13.4g 0.5g Greggs Almond croissant 343 8.6g 10g 0.74g Pret Breakfast muffin 430 19.6g 2.5g 0.7g Wild Bean cafe Pain aux raisins 319 18.2g 8.6g 0.76g.After the successful launch of the Wild Bean Cafe Single Origin Colombian beans, we made the decision to make the rest of our coffee with organic certified beans too. We’re proud to say that Kiwis can now easily access a good cup of coffee using organic beans, wherever they are in New Zealand,” says Leigh Taylor.

Under cultivation wild bean grows best in full sun. Can get upwards of 20 ft tall when climbing with large side branching of the vines almost like a grape. Once established the roots are incredibly deep rooted and long lived. When you get your package of bean roots plant them right away like you would a carrot. Almost always wild bean roots set seed (beans) the first year but the 2nd year and beyond the plants really increase yields as the root grows in size. Plants are very responsive to fertilizer in their 2nd year making vines that produce side branches each producing many pods of small beans. Little is known about this bean plant and for this reason we have begun trials measuring yields, disease resistance and pollination issues. In 2018 our yields measured over 1lb 10 ounces on a 40 ft trellis. Compared to a runner type bean the yield of dry beans can reach 10-15 lbs on a 40 ft. trellis. Cooking the beans is a good idea which greatly improves the flavor. To me the flavor is nut like with a smokey after taste. Really nothing like it in the bean world. (Source:oikostreecrops.com)



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