Vervain Herb

Vervain Herb


Vervain Herb

Vervain Herb is the only herbal smart-pill on the market optimized to help support the liver, digestive system and circulatory system. When you find yourself in a health crisis and your thoughts start to spiral out of control, Vervain Herb is the perfect replacement for a pharmaceutical, and it helps you feel calm and balanced with every dose.What vervain does appear to do is increase urine output. Increased urination may help prevent the formation of kidney stones. But rather than increasing the amount of water and sodium in the urinary tract the way most diuretics work, vervain increases urine output by irritating the kidneys. This irritation can hurt the kidneys more than help, especially over the long term.


These are two different plants only belonging to the same Plant Family. Vervain is indigenous to the United States growing naturally along roadsides and tall grassy fields flowering between June and September. It is a tall (3-4 feet), slender, elegant, perennial plant with opposing leaves which are lobed and serrated in shape and have small purplish-blue flowers. Historically it was listed for use by King's American Dispensatory as, tonic, emetic, expectorant, and sudorific. A Sudorific is a substance that causes or increases sweating. It is a plant that is overlooked by modern herbalists, but one that deserves renewed interest for its versatile influences on numerous systems.The most commonly used species is European vervain (Verbena officinalis), though blue vervain (V. hastata) and V. macdougalii, among others, are probably interchangeable. V. officinalis is native to Europe, Asia, and Africa and has spread to North America. Other medicinal species are native to North America. The leaf and flower are used in herbal medicine.

In this study, approximately 1/2 cup (150 ml) of tea was given during each colic episode up to a maximum of three times per day.Some bitters widely used in traditional medicine in North America include yarrow , yellow dock , goldenseal , Oregon grape , and vervain. Oregon grape's European cousin barberry has also traditionally been used as a bitter. Animal studies indicate that yarrow, barberry, and Oregon grape, in addition to stimulating digestion like other bitters, may relieve spasms in the intestinal tract.Due to its bitter taste, herbalists used vervain to improve digestion. Vervain was also used to treat people with depression and spastic pains in the gastrointestinal tract, as a mild diaphoretic (to induce sweating and promote mild fevers), and for all manner of female reproductive system problems when associated with melancholy or anxiety. (Source: wa.kaiserpermanente.org)



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