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The Doctor of Philosophy - Wikipedia 2023


Doctor of Philosophy  Wikipedia 2023

A Doctor of Philosophy (DM) is a research degree awarded for advanced studies in a variety of fields. The degree is distinguished from other doctorates, including the J.D. or Legum Doctor, in that it usually involves a combination of theory and applied research, as opposed to a traditional doctorate. In some cases, the DM degree may be earned for teaching positions at academic institutions.

DM degree combines theory and applied research

A well crafted degree can open the door to a number of career options not necessarily limited to your chosen field. The aforementioned program is geared towards those interested in advancing their careers in healthcare, whether they are looking for the coveted job of a lifetime or simply advancing their professional development. Luckily, the program is offered in a virtual classroom courtesy of an online portal. Moreover, the program offers a well rounded curriculum that can be tailored to meet the needs of the individual, whether they are in a rush to complete their PhD or merely seeking a competitive edge over the competition.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of this program is the ability to customize the curriculum to fit your interests and style. To wit, the program offers an optional concentration in Healthcare Management and Leadership. Similarly, it's no secret that this is an excellent choice for those who are interested in gaining the skills required to pursue a career in a highly specialized industry, such as clinical research. As such, the program offers not only an impressive curriculum, but an impressive alumni network and a well rounded student body. For those who want to delve deeper, there is a cadre of dedicated faculty members who can help point the way to success.

DM degree is retained for research doctorates in all disciplines

The doctorate is the highest academic degree in most fields of study. It recognizes a person's contribution to scientific knowledge and theory. There are several different types of doctorates. Some are professional degrees, others are research doctorates. A Doctor of Philosophy is the highest of these. Generally, a PhD requires the completion of a thesis or dissertation, and the student is evaluated for their ability to contribute to scientific knowledge.

Doctorates of philosophy (PhDs) constitute the vast majority of research doctorates. They are designed to produce original intellectual contributions. In addition to producing a thesis, students must undergo public oral examinations. The results must be defended by a panel of experts.

Doctorates of education (EdDs) are less common, although they represent the second most common type of research doctorate. Their percentage of the total number of research doctorates decreased from 5.5% in 2009 to 0.9% in 2021.

Professional doctorates are often combined with a graduate school program and a teaching component. These doctorates are awarded for mastering subjects in both the theory and practice of the field. Typically, a doctorate has a 40,000-60,000 word thesis, though many doctorates combine a professional qualification with a scholarly research project.

In the United States, a PhD is the highest level of academic qualification. Although the US Department of Education considers it to be the highest, there are several different types of doctorate designations. Many are rare and infrequently used.

The research doctorate, also known as a doctorate of philosophy (PhD), is the highest academic degree available in many disciplines. Students are required to complete a dissertation and pass all of the PhD exams. However, the requirements for a research doctorate vary from field to field. For example, a student who wants to pursue a doctorate in psychology must first earn a bachelor's degree in psychology. Other fields require additional coursework.

Several doctorate designations have been eliminated from the SED, including the doctor of music and the doctor of industrial technology. Another doctorate designation that has been discontinued is the doctor of veterinary medicine.

DM degree may enable holders to become faculty members at academic institutions

The PhD is the highest academic award a university can bestow upon a student. It is a graduate degree awarded for programs in any of the disciplines that are offered. There are three types of doctorates. A PhD is generally completed in about three years. However, in some cases it can take longer.

The DM is another academic award to behold. The DM is the same as a PhD except that it is designed to advance professional skills in theory and practice. Some universities offer a DM programme to students who have already completed a master's degree. This may be a good idea if you want to get ahead in the professional world.

In order to get the DM the proper way, you must complete a research project, the most important of which is a dissertation. Although this might sound like a daunting task, it is actually not. You can enlist the assistance of a university tutor or a company tutor to guide you through the process. Eventually, you might be able to take your work outside of the academy.

As with a PhD, you must pass all of the necessary exams and show that you have sufficient research experience. Upon completion, you can either accept a position with a university or begin working in a company laboratory.

Unlike a PhD, the DM is not awarded for the first time, meaning that it can be obtained from a variety of institutions. You can even do it online. For example, the Colorado Technical University program is geared toward doctors who wish to pursue a career as innovators in healthcare. Several different concentrations are available including Healthcare Management and Leadership.

The DM is a good way to learn about the principles of effective research and how to apply them to your own professional endeavors. If you are interested in becoming a faculty member at an academic institution, the DM can provide you with the background to help you do your job better.

For more information about the DM, you can visit the websites of several universities. You can also consult your local guidance department.

DM degree is not to be confused with J.D. or Legum Doctor

The academic title of "Doctor" is derived from the Latin word "docere" which means to teach. In Europe, the term was first used in the 13th century. Its origins were traced to the belief in the Renaissance that real knowledge could be based on empirical observation.

Currently, the highest degree awarded by a university is the Doctor of Philosophy, or PhD. This is a professional degree which requires the holder to carry out a supervised scientific study, produce a thesis and defend the research in front of an audience of experts. A doctoral program typically involves two to five years of coursework, teaching experience and a dissertation. If you want to earn a PhD, you must also have a relevant master's degree and must publish at least two papers in peer-reviewed journals.

There are many different types of PhD programs. Some of them involve extensive coursework, comprehensive exams and writing a dissertation. Students in these programs can complete the degree in as little as two to three years, while some programs take more than 10 years to complete. Graduates may be employed in academia, government or business. They will typically be able to apply for a post-doctoral fellowship in a research institution. Typically, the length of a doctoral degree program will depend on the specific school you are enrolled in. However, there are some universities in the United States that offer programs that require only two years of coursework.

Despite the difference in the name of the degree, the distinction between the Doctor of Philosophy and the Juris Doctor is still present in the United States. Professional degrees are considered "professional practice" while graduate degrees are more research-based. Despite this, the two types of doctorates have similarities. Similarly, the degree is recognized by several different designations around the world. For example, Harvard Law School refers to the "Doctor of Juridical Science" as a graduate degree, whereas Columbia Law School confers the "Juris Doctor." So, if you are a lawyer interested in research, you will have to consider pursuing a PhD in law.

Top Universities 2023

What is a PhD  Top Universities 2023

A PhD is a postgraduate qualification that is aimed at professional researchers. Unlike the Masters degree, it requires an individual to spend several years studying and writing a research paper in order to receive a degree. The PhD is a very competitive and highly respected qualification, as it is a mark of excellence in a field of study.

Stanford Graduate School of Business

The Stanford Graduate School of Business is one of the world's top business schools. It is also among the most selective. In fact, it is the most highly ranked in the United States.

One of the reasons that the Stanford MBA program is so successful is because of its strong emphasis on entrepreneurship. In addition to the traditional MBA curriculum, the school offers a Master of Science, or MSx, and a doctorate.

Students can take part in a variety of activities and clubs while attending Stanford GSB. There is the GSB TALK club, which offers a forum for students to share their experiences and learn about a wide variety of topics. Aside from TALK, the school has a Global Study Trip, which provides in-depth coverage of global business topics.

The MBA program at Stanford Graduate School of Business requires two years to complete on a full-time basis. After completing the required curriculum, students can choose from more than 100 electives in the second year.

In the first year, Stanford GSB students are required to complete a Global Experience. This is an opportunity to study in another country for four weeks. While the program is rigorous, it can be a great way to learn more about international issues and the wider world.

Stanford GSB has a long history of innovation. Some of its faculty include scholars who are noted for their groundbreaking work. They also serve as mentors for students and are committed to helping them succeed.

With such a highly ranked and competitive program, it is important to know how to write a stellar application. To start, it is a good idea to understand the school's culture.

Applicants will need to complete an online application and submit transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate academic institutions. They should also submit two letters of recommendation. Finally, they should pay a $275 application fee. Luckily, the admissions office at Stanford GSB is always willing to help applicants with their applications.

If you are applying for a PhD at Stanford Graduate School of Business, you are sure to find a program that suits your specific interests and career goals. You can choose to focus on one of seven different fields of study.

University of California in Los Angeles

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is a public, land-grant research university located in Westwood, Los Angeles. UCLA was founded in 1881 as the southern branch of the California State Normal School, which was later absorbed into the University of California in 1919. Today, UCLA is one of the most prestigious research universities in the country.

The campus is divided into two sections: the North Campus and the South Campus. On the North Campus, students can explore the arts, humanities and social sciences. They can also find a variety of health-related fields.

Across campus, there are more than 1,000 student organizations. These organisations offer the chance to pursue a special interest and participate in projects with other members of the UCLA community.

At UCLA, there are a variety of graduate programs. Some of the most popular include business analytics, law, and teaching. You can find out more about each program by visiting the school's website.

If you are interested in becoming a researcher, you can earn a PhD at UCLA. Applicants are required to complete a comprehensive written exam. Candidates also take courses on human development and research methodology. Those who complete the degree are evaluated based on their class performance and professional commitment.

During their four years of study, UCLA students are fully funded through teaching assistantships. Students can also apply for financial aid.

UCLA students are also involved in campus outreach programs. For example, 2,000 to 3,000 undergraduates participate in programs for the Community Service Commission. There is also a Greek Life Initiative, which champions healthy dining and peer counseling.

Students can participate in the Coachella music festival, or they can seek out acting gigs in Hollywood. In addition, UCLA has an elite Division I athletics program. The university's athletes have captured 116 NCAA team championships.

UCLA has been called America's finest urban public university. Its alumni number over 500,000. While attending, you'll be surrounded by world-renowned faculty. This interdisciplinary approach to education makes the University of California in Los Angeles an ideal place for scholars.

The university has received $764 million in sponsored research in 2017. In addition, the school has a large collection of resources for students.

University of Notre Dame

The University of Notre Dame PhD program prepares students for a career in research and teaching. Students are mentored by world-class scholars. This prestigious program is one of the most comprehensive in the country.

The University of Notre Dame has earned several accreditations. These include: Commission on Accreditation of the Association of Theological Schools, American Bar Association, National Association of Schools of Art and Design, and Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

The philosophy department at the University of Notre Dame has a tradition of excellence. Founded in 1881, the department is one of the largest in the country. Its students work on a variety of subjects, including metaphysics, logic, philosophy of science, and mathematics. They also offer one of the most diverse PhD programs in the country.

The University of Notre-Dame's graduate school has a population of over 2,200 students. Approximately ninety percent of these students receive financial aid, ranging from full-tuition scholarships to assistantships. Most of these students are international. A large minority is women.

In addition to its graduate programs, the University of Notre Dame hosts a number of other centers and institutes. For example, the Medieval Institute, the Institute for Flow Physics and Control, and the Keough-Naughton Institute for Irish Studies are all located on campus.

Notre Dame's athletic teams have a reputation as "Fighting Irish" and are members of NCAA Division I. Notre Dame's football team has won 17 national championships. Their alumni include 13 of the members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Several colleges and universities have included the University of Notre Dame on their lists of the top colleges in the country. Washington Monthly, Forbes, and the Times have all ranked it in the Top 20.

Not only is the University of Notre Dame PhD program a highly sought-after program, it is also an ecumenical and inclusive program. Students are welcomed from all major religious groups.

Graduate students in the PhD Program in Literature enjoy a flexible curriculum. They are able to complete their degree in a three- to five-year period.

University of Texas at Austin

University of Texas at Austin offers graduate programs in a variety of disciplines, including business, education, engineering, and fine arts. Students are also involved in research. Graduate students are trained to conduct innovative research, to evaluate ideas from different disciplines, and to see beyond current approaches to problems.

A PhD is a five- to six-year program. It is designed to prepare students for academic careers in business schools or other professional fields. The PhD curriculum is flexible to allow students to focus on their specific research interests.

PhD students may also work as Teaching Assistants or Research Assistants. If they choose to pursue their PhD, they are expected to remain continuously registered for fall, spring, and summer sessions.

Doctoral students are supervised by a faculty mentor. The mentorship is immersive, preparing students to become high-impact researchers and teachers. During their time in the program, doctoral students participate in research projects conducted by the professors.

In addition, students participate in the Graduate Studies Committee's annual review of their program. This review includes written results.

Before the review is completed, the student is invited to an information session. Each information session is held in the Central Time Zone. All admitted students are welcome. These meetings last 90 minutes. RSVPs close Thursday before each information session.

The LBJ School has a PhD program that is flexible and interdisciplinary. The program has been in place since 1992. Currently, about 35 doctoral students are in various stages of the program.

The PhD program is based in the Department of Philosophy. This department seeks to enroll 10 students per year in its PhD program. To be eligible to enroll, the student must have a Bachelor of Science degree from a regionally accredited institution. Applicants must select two iSchool faculty members whose research aligns with their interests.

Students are required to submit a dissertation. The dissertation must be submitted to a supervising committee for final reading. After submission, the dissertation must be uploaded to the Texas Digital Library.

A dissertation is a written paper that demonstrates the student's research expertise and provides evidence of a knowledge of a particular field. The University of Texas at Austin is home to some of the top researchers in the world.

What is a PhD? - Introducing the Doctorate

What is a PhD  Introducing the Doctorate  FindAPhDcom  2023

The Doctorate or PhD is a degree awarded by an institution of higher learning. A PhD is a higher qualification than a Master's degree. It entails a long process of gaining and maintaining the knowledge and skill needed to perform the research necessary to obtain the degree. During this process, you may encounter a lot of challenges. However, with the right help, you can make it through.

Viva voce

The viva voce is a type of exam that all PhD candidates must take. It helps examiners decide whether a thesis is worth a PhD award.

A viva voce can be conducted by an external or internal examiner. An external examiner will be someone who specializes in the area of research. However, this person cannot be a close personal friend of the student.

Unless the student is allowed by the faculty to appeal on academic grounds, the outcome of the viva voce is final. Therefore, students need to be prepared and understand what to expect.

For example, the examiners may ask questions about the novelty of the work and how the thesis addresses the state of art in the field. They also want to find out how the work fits into the current state of technology. These questions will be general enough to help a candidate relax and think about his or her thesis.

During a viva voce, a supervisor will be present. This supervisor will have experience of all sides of the viva process. He or she will be able to spot when an answer is weak or confident.

Before the viva, it is important to review the thesis and make any minor corrections. Generally, most doctorate awards will require minor corrections, but this doesn't mean that the project is flawed.

The viva is an opportunity for the student to discuss the project with the examiners. This discussion is usually only 15 minutes long. If the student feels uncomfortable or unsure, it's a good idea to wait for the results of the viva to see if he or she should pursue resubmission.

Some universities will offer training in preparation for a viva voce. If you need to prepare for a viva voce, it's a good idea to schedule a mock viva, which doesn't require you to cover all the topics that the examiners might discuss.

Most PhD students pass their viva. However, some are asked to resubmit their thesis. In this case, the students will have about a year to complete their revised thesis.

Confirmation lecture

If you are a PhD candidate, you're likely familiar with the conundrum. The conundrum is that of how to balance the needs of a PhD student with the wants of a PhD student. In the course of figuring out the best way to balance the need to be a good student and the wants of a good student, you'll encounter a few bumps and bruises along the way. Fortunately, you'll be able to avoid the pitfalls with the help of a few useful tips and tricks. For example, it's a great idea to make a list of priorities and stick to it. This will not only help you stay focused on your PhD thesis, but also ensure that you don't end up in the dreaded PhD doldrums.

During the course of your doctoral training, you'll be subjected to a variety of pressures. Luckily, you'll be able to escape from the office squalor and juggle your studies with the help of a few tricks of the trade. Using a few tips and tricks, you'll be on your way to the coveted PhD degree in no time.

Publishing work as a PhD

When researching your PhD, you'll no doubt be faced with the question of whether or not to publish your work. There are a multitude of reasons why you may choose to do so. If you're trying to boost your CV or position yourself for future job opportunities, you should definitely consider it.

Publishing a paper during your doctorate program can be an extremely rewarding experience. It will help you develop new skills and a better understanding of your research. You'll also be able to connect with other researchers and learn about the state of the art in your field.

Depending on the discipline, you'll have many options to choose from. You can write an article, a book chapter, or even a whole book. Ideally, you should have a plan for publishing before you start your PhD program. However, this isn't always the case. A good advisor will help you decide which of these options is best for you.

Choosing the right journal for your research is one of the most important decisions you'll make. You should check with your supervisor to ensure that the right scholarly journal for your project is selected. The competition for publication in the highest quality journals is intense. This can lead to a lengthy review process, and it is rare for your article to be accepted without significant revisions.

One of the most impressive accomplishments of your doctorate is the ability to create a successful article that has been published in a reputable journal. Most of these journals have a peer-review system, where a panel of specialists reads your article and provides feedback to help you improve it.

Having a successful article published in a top journal can be a rewarding experience, but it may not be the most efficient way to showcase your skills. Luckily, most research institutions have a repository for their own scholarly materials. These are called institutional repositories, and serve as publishers. They will maintain a copy of your article online, making it easy to share with friends and colleagues.

Upgrading from MPhil to PhD

There are several steps that must be taken in order to upgrade from MPhil to PhD. The process aims to ensure that a candidate's project is on track and that he or she has reached a sufficient level of proficiency.

When applying to upgrade, a student must submit a dossier of work to the supervisory committee. Typically, this will include a research paper and a plan for the overall thesis. Depending on the institution, a student may be asked to undergo a resit.

A panel of assessors will conduct a review interview of the student's progress. Each interview will last about 30 minutes. It will allow the student to discuss his or her research and ask questions. At this point, the panel will determine whether the student's work is of a sufficient quality to be upgraded to PhD.

Upgrading to PhD is generally a straightforward procedure. However, it is important that you understand the process and be prepared for it. If you need additional assistance, the Director of Graduate Studies can offer advice.

A PhD student is required to produce a thesis, which is typically 20 pages double-spaced. This should contain a methodology, a literature review, and data collection procedures.

PhD projects are generally time-limited, so it is essential that a student produces a plan that outlines how the researcher will reach his or her research goals. A PhD is a lengthy course and students should not expect to be able to complete their research in one year. During the initial period of study, the student should meet with his or her supervisor on a regular basis to discuss the progress of the project.

Once the MPhil student has completed the coursework, the supervisory committee will assess the student's progress. Normally, the panel will recommend an upgrade, but may also ask the student to make some adjustments.

To complete the upgrade, a student must also complete a Masters Candidature. In addition, they should take the Research Methods in Education course. These courses will provide the candidate with the knowledge needed to effectively conduct research.

What is a PhD? - University of the People 2023

What is a PhD  University of the People  2023

If you want to pursue a doctoral degree, you'll need to know a few things about the process. These include what you need to get a PhD, what kinds of scholarships are available, and how to transfer credits from one school to another.

Prerequisites for a PhD

The University of the People is a non-profit and tuition-free online institution. It offers associate, bachelor, master, and MBA degree programs. Applicants are accepted to the university after completion of their high school education.

Those who are pursuing a PhD are required to complete eighty-two credit hours of coursework, including thirty-six of quality letter-graded course units and fifteen of dissertation work after admission to candidacy. Doctoral students must maintain a grade point average of at least 3.2 (B) throughout the degree program.

Upon admission to the program, students will select one of four concentrations. Several of these areas offer specialized coursework, depending on the individual student's research interests.

Students who are admitted to the PhD in Epidemiology are trained to conduct and report epidemiological research. They will also learn about statistical computation and data analysis, as well as hypothesis testing and the design of experimental studies. This program is designed for individuals seeking careers in government, industry, or academia.

In addition to the coursework, doctoral students must also complete original research. Students are expected to present their research to an examination board. Their work will demonstrate an innovative approach and must present original results. Dissertation work must also address a relevant question in the area of statistical methodology.

Students must pass the Comprehensive Exam to earn their PhD. This exam tests their mastery of the program's core competencies and broad field of knowledge.

Candidates may take advantage of two opportunities to pass. During the first year of enrollment, they must complete a minimum of 18 semester hours of coursework in three consecutive semesters. After that, they must register for a minimum of six courses in each subsequent semester. Moreover, they must take a one-day written examination to test their knowledge of the core.

In addition, students must meet the residency requirements. To do so, they must maintain full-time student status for the duration of the program. Moreover, they must complete at least nine hours of study each quarter.

Aside from the academic requirements, students must also meet the graduation deadlines. These include passing the comprehensive exam and completing the dissertation.

PhD degrees offered by UoPeople

If you are considering getting a PhD, there are several options available to you. However, it is important to choose the program that will suit your needs, interests, and academic goals.

For starters, you might consider taking a graduate degree online. The University of the People is a tuition-free online university that offers various programs in the fields of business and science.

In addition to online education, UoPeople also offers programs in the classroom. Some of their programs are available to those who are not living in the United States.

A PhD degree is a research-based degree that helps expand your knowledge of a particular subject area. It also fosters critical thinking. You must demonstrate the ability to advance your knowledge through independent research.

To earn a PhD, you will need to complete at least 120 credit hours. Depending on the subject area, the coursework can take a few years to complete.

You will also need to write a dissertation and pass a comprehensive examination. Lastly, you may have to do some additional research.

While the University of the People does not disclose its cost of earning a PhD, it does offer several scholarship opportunities. One such option is the Foundation Hoffman Scholarship. This is open to all eligible candidates.

Another notable UoPeople offering is the Simone Biles Legacy Scholarship Fund. This fund provides scholarships to students who are parents or have children in foster care.

Taking a PhD is not a decision you should make lightly. Make sure you have the time, resources, and passion to complete your PhD. Choose a program that will help you advance your career.

As an added bonus, you will be provided with a world-class education that will prepare you for a lifetime of success. Using a UoPeople degree will enable you to access high-quality, tuition-free courses taught by renowned instructors.

The University of the People is one of the top higher education institutions in the world. Their mission is to give everyone access to quality, affordable, and accredited online higher education. They are a part of the global economy and are dedicated to providing students from all over the world with a place in the educational community.

Transfer of credits from UoPeople to other schools

University of the People (UoPeople) is an accredited online US university. UoPeople offers a number of degree programs and courses. It provides an affordable online education, and it is a great choice for a student whose budget does not allow them to attend a campus-based university.

A number of popular degrees are offered by UoPeople, including Bachelor of Science and Master of Business Administration. You can also find a wide variety of degrees in information technology, nursing, health, and teaching. Some of these programs are free of charge, and they do not require a test or a letter of recommendation.

As of September 2018, UoPeople had over 57,000 students from 200 countries. Many of these students are refugees and working adults. They also make use of open-source technology to lower costs.

Moreover, it is worth noting that UoPeople is the first non-profit, accredited American online university. This makes it a good candidate for scholarships and state aid. There are several scholarship programs offered by the University of the People, including the Foundation Hoffman Scholarship and the UoPeople General Scholarship.

For the most part, the best part about UoPeople is its affordability. Students can choose to take only the courses they want, and they can pay for them at the end of each term. The tuition for a bachelor's degree is about $4000. For a graduate degree, the tuition is about $2400.

The University of the People offers a wide range of educational opportunities for students of all ages. Its undergraduate programs include associate's degree programs in business administration and computer science. Graduate programs, such as a master's in business administration, are available as well.

While UoPeople offers several advantages to students, there are some disadvantages as well. For example, students do not qualify for federal aid. Another drawback is that the university does not have transfer agreements with other colleges.

In addition, the UoPeople website does not provide a complete list of all its course offerings. Therefore, it is important to visit the school's website for more information on its academic and social offerings. Lastly, it is important to understand that a UoPeople degree is not guaranteed, but it is certainly an option.

Scholarships offered by UoPeople

University of the People is a tuition-free, non-profit online institution that aims to open access to higher education. It offers a range of degree programs, both undergraduate and graduate, in partnership with top universities and corporations.

UoPeople is located in Pasadena, California. The tuition for bachelor's and master's degrees varies, depending on the program. In addition, students must pay an exam processing fee for each course.

UoPeople has several scholarship programs. These include the Simone Biles Legacy Scholarship Fund, which provides scholarships for all students, regardless of race or nationality. Applicants must submit a short essay and two or three images of original artwork. This scholarship has awarded over $1 million to students since 1990.

University of the People is committed to providing tuition-free higher education to Syrian refugees. However, refugee applicants may not have the necessary academic transcripts or credentials to apply. If this is the case, they can still apply for the foundation Hoffman scholarship.

The Fondation Hoffman Scholarship is one of the many scholarships offered by the University of the People. A donation from the foundation, this scholarship helps to cover the assessment fee for associate's degree courses. The Foundation Hoffman Scholarship is open to all eligible candidates, including Syrian and refugee students.

To apply for a UoPeople scholarship, applicants must be in good academic standing with the institution. They must also demonstrate their commitment to the IB pedagogy.

Candidates must also have a high school diploma or equivalent. Interested students can learn more about UoPeople by visiting the official website. All application materials must be in English.

For more information about the Foundation Hoffman scholarship, check the official website. You can also find other scholarship opportunities at the University of the People's website.

In addition to scholarships, the University of the People offers student competitions and internships. The university's President's Council includes NYU and Yale. Many scholarships are funded by donors throughout the world. Apply today!

As a non-profit institution, the University of the People does not accept students who do not meet the required admission requirements. In fact, it requires applicants to have at least a basic level of English before being accepted.

PhD Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster 2023

PhD Definition  Meaning  MerriamWebster 2023

Getting a PhD is something that can be a dream come true for many people. Having one means that you will have an extensive and in-depth knowledge of the world around you. This means that you will be able to understand and explain complex issues to others. Hopefully, you will be able to become a better teacher and make a positive impact in the lives of others. Besides, it also means that you will have an excellent chance to get ahead in your field of study.


Worldbuilding is the process of creating a new fictional world. It is most often used in genres such as science fiction, fantasy, and fantasy. The earliest documented use of this term dates back to 1805, but its use is not necessarily new.

This word was also originally used to describe the imaginative realm of writers and poets. But in the twentieth century, its use became increasingly widespread. Today, thousands of blogs, classes, and articles exist devoted to the topic of worldbuilding, as writers debate the importance of this technique and how to best do it. Ultimately, this is a complex and rewarding process.

Merriam-Webster defines worldbuilding as the act of creating a new fictional world. They went through hundreds of years of literature and consulted with members of the SFF community to find out what the definition really means. While they found that the meaning of the word was still evolving, they were able to provide a clearer definition.

Although the definition is not entirely accurate, it does cover the core concepts. To be more specific, the dictionary's definition states that worldbuilding is a "set of techniques for designing a new world or place". Rather than being limited to building a physical landscape, worldbuilding can also involve cultural and social considerations when crafting a setting. These include creating an environment that supports the author's vision and establishing a strong sense of place.

If you're interested in learning more about the topic, check out the Merriam-Webster FAQ for more details. You'll see how they defined it, as well as the criteria that are needed to get a dictionary entry.


A PhD conundrum is at hand. There is a triumvirate of factors that may be contributing to the plethora of fraudulent PhD's being awarded at the drop of a hat. In particular, the volatile educational system of Kenya is a breeding ground for fake academic credentials. The best way to combat this is to spruce up the research and teaching institutions with an eye towards producing the next generation of scientists and researchers.

For starters, the most obvious strategy is to weed out the chumps by setting out a quota of PhD's and assigning them to worthy candidates. Another trick is to provide sufficient support for the burgeoning ranks of doctorates by employing more supervisors. Finally, the university must produce more PhD's to compete for the most coveted research and teaching positions.


A zealot is a zealous person and is more or less synonymous with a religious fanatic. During the time of the Roman Empire, there were over 1,000 zealots who died fighting to the death at Masada. This feat is considered to be a landmark in human history. The best part is, many Jews still honor this heroic deed.

Despite its shady reputation, a zealot is one of the most passionate individuals in the land. As a matter of fact, a zealot has a better claim to fame than an average college student. Similarly, a zealot has fewer complaints than a typical teenager. In short, a zealot is not a difficult nut to crack. However, a zealot does have its downsides.

Besides the aforementioned pitfalls, a zealot's biggest challenge is getting the best deal on a decent education. Fortunately, the internet is a treasure trove of free information.


The origins of PhDs vary considerably by geographical region. Some states are highly prolific producers. Others import students from other regions. But, even with population density differences, the distribution of PhDs is more uniform today than it was during the twentieth century. Nonetheless, the increasing number of PhDs is very important for innovation and the ecosystem of science and technology.

In the first quarter of the twentieth century, three-fourths of all PhDs were produced in the northeastern section of the U.S. These states dominated the map. However, in the 1960s, the northeastern states began to retreat.

As a result of the relative decline of the northeastern state, the percentage of all PhDs produced in the Middle Atlantic states declined from 26.6 percent to 19.8 percent. Conversely, the West North Central states saw a modest increase in their proportion of all PhDs.

While the geographic distribution of PhDs is less skewed today, it still remains within a few small areas. For example, California dominates the map because of its population concentration. Meanwhile, the South Central and West South Central states are increasingly pushing farther west.

These migration patterns are similar to those in international migration, but there are significant differences. Some regions have higher economic prosperity and better educational systems. They also have more interregional migrations. Other states are low consumers of PhDs.

As a result, the study of migration within the United States requires longer time series on doctorate production. The PhDs per million population statistic is calculated using average annual data for 1957 to 1967. Tables 11 and 12 give regional proportions of PhDs in the United States.

Top 25 Highest-Paying Associate Degree Jobs in 2023

25 HighestPaying Associate Degree Jobs  USNewscom 2023

If you're looking to earn a degree, you might want to consider these 25 Highest-Paying Associate Degree Jobs in 2023. These careers are expected to have the highest salaries, according to a recent report from USNews.com. The list includes jobs in health, wellness, and fitness, as well as Aeronautics, information technology, and financial aid.


Aeronautics and aviation careers are a wonderful career path to follow if you are looking for a high-paying profession with great benefits. The aviation industry is a big part of the US economy. Currently, there are 10.6 million jobs in the industry.

These jobs range from pilots to management. In fact, the average airline pilot makes $134,630 per year.

An associate degree in aeronautics can provide you with the necessary foundational studies to get you started on the path to a successful career in the aircraft industry. Depending on the program you choose, you may find yourself in a rewarding career as a pilot, an air traffic controller, or a pilot.

For those with a passion for flying, a bachelor's degree in aviation may be your best choice. A bachelor's degree in aeronautics will give you the skills to operate an airborne vehicle and lead you to a rewarding career as an airline manager or general manager of airport operations.

There are also many other aeronautics and aviation related careers to choose from. Air traffic controllers, for example, earn an average of $129,750 a year.

There are many colleges and universities that offer aerospace and aviation degrees. You can select from several regionally accredited schools, as well as those that are nationally accredited. Be sure to check the graduation rate for the aeronautics program you are interested in.

There are other trends impacting the industry, such as enhanced structural health monitoring, smart automation, and 3D printing. If you are interested in a more advanced engineering course, you can also investigate Fluids and Aerodynamics, Physics and Dynamics, or Electronic Signals and Systems.

Aeronautics and aviation jobs are in demand around the world. This is why it is so important to choose the right school for your degree.

Exercise science and kinesiology

Exercise science and kinesiology programs prepare students to work in a variety of fitness related jobs. These careers are expected to increase in popularity. Depending on the program, graduates are prepared to work in sports, salons, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and more. They help others maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Exercise science courses provide students with a foundation in functional movement, health promotion, and rehabilitation practices. Students are also taught how to use components of the biological and physical sciences to solve imbalances of a physiological nature. Depending on the program, the curriculum includes courses in biomechanics, anatomy, and exercise psychology.

Students who want to continue their education may pursue a Bachelor's degree in health or allied health. Many graduates go on to become community health educators, public health educators, and more.

Earning an associate degree in kinesiology and exercise science can be a great way to begin a career in the fitness industry. Kinesiologists work with patients to help them recover from illness and injury. Some kinesiologists work with athletes to train them for competition. Others find jobs in offices, salons, and resorts.

Those interested in a management role should focus on business management or marketing. Cal U's online Bachelor of Science in exercise science offers students a wide range of certification options. The program also gives students the chance to build a strong professional network.

A number of schools offer programs that are both campus and online. Roosevelt University, a Robert Morris Experiential College, offers an associate degree in exercise and sport studies. Through this program, students are prepared to conduct and lead fitness programs. It's also a good starting point for students looking to become Group Fitness Instructors.

Information technology

Information technology (IT) careers are among the highest paying jobs in today's workplace economy. IT professionals develop technology-based solutions, use software programs, and ensure that organizations' data is secure.

While most information technology jobs require a bachelor's degree, there are some jobs that can be done with an associate's degree. Depending on the position, employers may prefer candidates who have a master's or graduate degree.

A growing number of organizations depend on data analytics and cybersecurity. With increasing concerns about online security, there is a greater need for experts in the field.

IT occupations are expected to experience above average growth in the coming years. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects growth of 13 percent for computer and IT occupations between 2016 and 2026.

Some of the most popular IT occupations include network administrators, applications systems analysts, database administrators, and computer programmers. These professionals work with organizational leaders to create and test software programs.

A bachelor's degree in IT provides students with specialized skills and knowledge, giving them an advantage in the job market. Students can also opt to become certified in their profession. This will give them a boost in their earnings.

Many of these degrees can be earned online. Web-based learners typically follow the same curriculum as traditional brick-and-mortar students. In addition, many of these schools charge the same tuition, no matter where the student is located.

Those who want to pursue a career in information technology should take a look at the University of Cincinnati's MS in Information Technology. This program offers a comprehensive curriculum with a flexible schedule. It is also rated one of the best programs in the country.

Fitness, health, and wellness professions

An associate degree in fitness, health, and wellness is a great way to begin your career in the field. These programs train students on the basic components of physical fitness, including muscular strength, functional movement, and hands-on experience. Most programs also include internships that give students a real-world introduction to the industry. Students who want to continue their education can choose to pursue a Bachelor's degree. During their studies, graduates can become personal trainers, EKG technicians, or corporate health and wellness experts.

Exercise science is a major that covers a variety of topics, including nutrition, wellness and health promotion, general psychology, and more. Students can take general education classes in addition to their major courses, such as psychology and anatomy and physiology. They will then undergo a clinical placement to gain real-world experience. This will allow them to qualify for certification exams in the future.

Applicants for this program must have a high school diploma or GED. They will also need to submit proof of immunizations and academic transcripts, along with an online application form. Ivy Tech has multiple campuses in Indiana, but applicants can also apply to one of the many online programs available. If they do not live near one of the campuses, they can receive a tuition discount.

Exercise science programs are designed to train students in the major components of physical fitness, and they can be completed in as little as two years. These programs teach students how to design exercise sessions, conduct health assessments, and motivate patients to achieve their goals.

Financial aid

If you are considering an associate degree, then there are many factors to consider. One of the most important factors is how much financial aid you may qualify for. This will depend on your specific situation, but you should always seek assistance from your school's financial aid office. You can also use the federal government's Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to apply for grants, scholarships, and loans.

While an associate's degree is not the most advanced degree, it does have its merits. It can prepare you for entry-level positions, and it will provide you with some of the technical training you need to advance your career. Typically, you will need to complete 60 credits to earn an associate's degree. However, there are many accelerated programs available at some schools that can be completed in less than two years.

A good associate's degree can help you land a high paying job. Depending on your field of study, you can expect to make between $35,256 and $41,496 annually. In fact, the average lifetime earnings of an associate credential holder is approximately $1.2 million. The best part is that you can often acquire the training you need for the most in demand jobs at a relatively low cost.

Another benefit of an associate's degree is the fact that you will be able to learn more about the subject matter in a shorter period of time than you would if you were studying a bachelor's degree. There are a number of courses online, and you will be able to log in and learn about the topic at your own pace.

Getting an associate's degree is not a walk in the park, but if you are prepared to put in the work, you can have a well-paying career in less time than you would with a bachelor's degree.

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