Sun nurseries

Sun nurseries


Sun nurseries

There are an estimated 25 million acres of sun-grown plants in the United States, according to the USDA. What’s the deal with them?Ready to stock up on garden essentials? There’s no better place to go than this massive nursery and garden center in Maryland. It has everything you could need and want, plus so much more. In fact, you may want to clear your day before visiting this place — you could happily spend many hours here.This nursery and garden center was established in 1973, which means they've been going strong for over 40 years. This place only gets better with age.


“I think this is a wonderful idea, and couldn't wait to become a Sun Safe Nursery. It is great to hear the children talking to each other when applying the sun cream about the benefits it provides for example, no burning, soft healthy skin. They really enjoy selecting their cream from the box, that independence of helping to apply and rub it, being careful not to miss any patches. Also older children trying to explain to younger children. Really glad to be part of this”. Star Nursery has been privately owned and operated for over 35 years. We are proud to be the premier garden center for all your landscaping needs. Currently, we operate in Southern Nevada, Southern Utah, and Northern Arizona with a total of 16 Garden Centers and 9 Decorative Rock Yards. We cater to both residential and commercial clientele.

Star Nursery offers the best in garden supplies. From a large assortment of trees to shrubbery, drought tolerant plants, succulents, and houseplants, we have landscape material to suit anyone’s lifestyle. We offer the largest and most complete line of products that include irrigation supplies, gardening accessories, yard tools and our very own exclusive line of Dr. Q’s Garden Products. This line of products consists of soils and fertilizers that are specifically formulated to help you succeed with your gardening efforts in the Southwest Region. We, also carry a selection of hardscape products ranging from flagstone to pavers to decorative rock and bulk soils.If you are entitled to the universal 15 hours or the extended 30 hours, these can be stretched over the full year September to September, you can use all those hours with Anglia Sunshine Nurseries or normally in partnership with us and another provider. You will need to nominate the universal or extended provider to enable all providers to process the claims and only claim up to your agreed entitlement. (Source:www.angliasunshinenurseries.co.uk)



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