Set a timer for 5 minutes

Set a timer for 5 minutes


Set a timer for 5 minutes

We have to configure 555 Timer in Mono-Stable mode to build a timer. The 555 Timer starts timing when switched ON. After one minute of time duration, the LED will automatically turn ON. Generally, the time duration for which Pin3 of 555 Timer IC will remain high, can be derived by the given formula:Hence, set the value of potentiometer to 55k and your timer will be set for 1 minute. Now you can easily use the above formulae to determine the value of the resistor in 5 Minute, 10 Minute and 15 Minute timer circuit.


In the above discussion, we have designed the timer circuits of 1Minute, 5Minute, 10 Minute and 15 Minute time delay using 555 Timer IC. Timing devices are of great use in day to day life and are very easy to design. We can rely on a 555 Timer IC for generating the time delays of 15-20 Minutes. We hope that you have got a good knowledge of 555 Timer IC and different timer circuits using the same. Now, you can easily design the different timer circuits of 1Minute,5 Minute,10 Minute and 15 Minute using 555 Timer IC with ease.

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