Rent a carpet cleaner

Rent a carpet cleaner


Rent a carpet cleaner

Renting a portable carpet cleaner can seem like a cheap option, but making this decision rarely offers you the best value. To help you make your decision, we’re comparing the differences between renting a machine yourself or hiring us to clean, focusing on simplicity, cost, performance, and hygiene. Before you decide on whether you want to rent a portable carpet cleaner and do it yourself or hire a professional carpet cleaning company in Liverpool and the Wirral like Eco-Steam Clean Liverpool Ltd, you should consider how best to save money, hassle, and time.


Renting a portable carpet cleaner like a Rug Doctor is definitely not as easy as you may think! When enquiring about the possibility of renting a carpet cleaner from our local retail outlet in Liverpool or on the Wirral, we were told that they only had one machine in store and it was not available for another 3 days as it had been booked up.If you’re not in a rush to have your carpets cleaned then a 3 day wait won’t affect you, and this might have been a busy period so you could have better luck than us and get one quite easily. However, that’s not the only roadblock to simplicity when renting a portable carpet cleaner.

When you use your own rented carpet cleaning equipment, you’ll either get chemicals with the leased carpet cleaner or you’ll be expected to buy your own separately. Reading the ingredients on the products that you’re using, you might be surprised by how many malicious chemicals are in there. When you rent an carpet cleaner from Clean Sweep Hire the unique dual cleaning mode system of Kärcher carpet extractors allows you to switch between deep clean of carpets and a low moisture “maintenance mode” that ensures a fast effective clean of carpets. Ideal for cleaning medium sized carpeted areas in the offices, schools, airports, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls where effective cleaning time is limited. (Source: www.cleansweephire.co.uk)


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