Patrick Soon-Shiong on the 'Holy Grail' Zinc-Air Battery

Patrick Soon-Shiong on the 'Holy Grail' Zinc-Air Battery


Patrick SoonShiong on holy grail zincair battery

Whether you're looking for a new way to power your home or office, a new kind of power source, or just something to make your life a little bit easier, zinc-air batteries could be for you. Using the energy that's already in the air, you can power your home or office by using a zinc-air battery that can be recharged up to 800 times over the course of its lifetime.

Form Energy

Developing an energy storage system that could power a city for days at a time isn't a new idea. But a start-up in Somerville, Massachusetts, is attempting to do just that. The company, Form Energy, raised $50 million in funding to develop its proprietary system. It plans to deploy a one-megawatt battery in 2023.

The company is also in talks with several electric utilities about the possibility of deploying the battery. It has been testing its technology in several countries, including the United States. Form recently signed a deal with a progressive Minnesota electric co-op.

Zinc-air batteries have been in use for decades. They are nonflammable and nontoxic. They also have high self-discharge rates. They are commonly used by the Coast Guard in buoys. However, they tend to dry out. They also tend to be sensitive to temperature.

Patrick Soon-Shiong, a billionaire who owns a minority interest in the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Times, has been actively involved in the development of this technology. He has invested in commercial storage and remote microgrids. He also has a background in biomedical product development. He also has experience in containerized hydroponic farms.

A zinc-air battery can store power for days. It can also be used as a backup power source. But these batteries are expensive, costing about $20 per kilowatt-hour for a full system. That's more than the price of lithium-ion batteries. The zinc-air battery is also a safer alternative to lithium-ion batteries. It can also withstand hurricanes.

Zinc-air batteries are being used for solar power and renewable energy sources. They have been deployed in Africa and Asia. They are also used to power cellphone towers in the United States.


Unlike its lithium cousins, a zinc-air battery is not likely to catch fire. Its ability to store energy over an extended period of time is also significant. Unlike lithium batteries, zinc-air batteries do not require temperature management.

Aside from its impressive battery capacity, zinc-air technology is also relatively cheap and safe. It uses outside oxygen to free electrons that are trapped inside the cell. The chemical reaction then generates electricity. In some instances, it can power a building for up to 72 hours on a single charge.

The company's battery system is designed to store power for at least 48 hours, and potentially up to six megawatt-hours. It will fit inside a 40-foot container.

One challenge for the zinc-air battery is storing enough power to power an electric vehicle. Luckily, natural gas is relatively cheap. This has helped fill the gaps in power supply for renewable energy.

There is a growing trend toward using energy storage in the U.S. as utilities look for new ways to cope with the rapid deployment of renewable energy. One solution is zinc-air technology, which has been tested at thousands of sites over the last six years.

Zinc-air technology is also used to power cell phone towers in Asia and Africa, but is less widely used. The company claims that its system is cost effective and can replace lead-acid batteries. It is also being used to power microgrids on remote islands.

NantEnergy's zinc-air rechargeable battery system can turn the electric grid into a carbon-free system. The company's storage system has been installed in 3,000 micro-grids in nine countries. It has also been deployed in cell phone towers in Central America.

Li-air battery

Developed by California billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong, the zinc-air battery, or Li-air battery as it is more commonly known, is touted as a cheaper alternative to lithium-ion batteries. It uses oxygen from the air to extract power from zinc.

In addition to its practical usefulness, the battery is also one of the most efficient and cleanest electric power sources on the market. A 60-kilogram Li-air battery can deliver more power for the same volume as a commercial lithium-ion battery. It can also be recharged with less than a gallon of fuel.

The lithium-ion battery is still the best-known battery technology, but its cost has been steadily decreasing since its heyday. Li-air batteries were first touted in the 1970s as a promising power source for hybrid electric vehicles. The Li-air battery regained its scientific credulity in the 2000s due to advances in materials science.

The battery is not a clone of the lithium-ion, however, and there are a number of problems that aficionados will have to contend with. One of the biggest issues is the amount of voltage drop at the cathode. In addition, contaminants such as lithium peroxide can damage the cathode. Other issues include a decrease in cell capacity with increased discharge rates.

The battery has been used to power villages in Africa, Asia, and the United States. NantEnergy has also deployed batteries in a number of other locations, such as a Duke Energy site in North Carolina. It's still early days in the development of lithium-air batteries, and their cost has yet to come down to a level that's cost-competitive with lithium-ion batteries. Regardless of its current limitations, the zinc-air battery is a promising technology that could eventually replace the lithium-ion as the world's best power source.

Electric cars may clock up to 800 km on a single charge

Among the billionaire owners of the Los Angeles Lakers and the San Diego Union-Tribune, Patrick Soon-Shiong is also the founder and chairman of NantEnergy, a Scottsdale, Arizona company that is developing a rechargeable zinc-air battery system. NantEnergy's zinc-air rechargeable battery system has already been installed in nine countries. It has the capacity to store 10 times more energy than a typical lithium-ion battery. It is also incredibly durable.

The battery system's breakthrough energy density allows it to provide up to 1,000 kilometers of range when the right configuration of EVs is used. It's also faster than most ICE vehicles on the market, and can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 4.5 seconds. It also has a casing that can be taken apart, which makes it easy to replace zinc with a fresh batch of zinc.

The company recently finalized a deal to acquire the Energy Systems and Services business of Sharp Electronics Corp. and plans to continue hiring employees at its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona. The batteries are powering Sharp's SmartStorage energy management system.

Unlike lithium-ion batteries, which are highly expensive, zinc-air batteries are relatively cheap to manufacture. They are also not subject to material shortages. They are highly durable and can be used in remote, poor-grid conditions.

The company plans to start testing its zinc-air battery system in a concept car, called the ZOE. It has twice as much watt hours per kilogram as a typical Li-Po solution, and could deliver up to 800 kilometers on a single charge.

EVs are advancing rapidly in the market, and the average range of batteries is increasing quickly. The ZOE technology could be the key to bringing the cost of an electric car down to a more affordable level. It could also help to reduce range anxiety, because it doesn't require a plug-in system.

Los Angeles Times buildings will be running on zinc-air batteries

Earlier this year, Patrick Soon-Shiong, the Los Angeles billionaire and biotech billionaire, purchased the Los Angeles Times and the San Diego Union-Tribune. He is now moving the Los Angeles Times to a new, custom-built campus in the coastal tech hub Silicon Beach.

Soon-Shiong believes in a new approach to energy storage. This approach is based on zinc-air batteries. These are less common, but they are designed to hold a charge for days at a time.

Unlike lithium-ion batteries, zinc-air batteries don't require a cooling system. This allows them to be recharged thousands of times over the life of the battery. These are also safer than lithium-ion batteries because they do not pose fire hazards. Moreover, they are more affordable than lithium-ion batteries.

Zinc-air batteries also have the ability to power microgrids on remote islands. They are designed to hold a charge for several days, so they are a good option for military bases and other communities without grid access.

In fact, they can also be found in over a hundred villages across Africa and Asia. They also power over one thousand cell phone towers in the United States and Latin America.

However, there are also challenges associated with the zinc-air battery. One such challenge is power density. While the zinc-air battery can deliver energy for less than $100 per kilowatt hour, lithium-ion batteries cost between $300 and $500 per kilowatt hour.

Although zinc-air batteries are not yet used on a large scale, there are companies in the early stages of development. One of them is Powercorp, which is using zinc-air batteries on a small scale. Another is NantEnergy, which has developed a rechargeable zinc-air battery storage system. This system can power a cell tower for 72 hours on a single charge.

Master's Commencement Speaker: Patrick Soon Shiong, MD

Masters Commencement Speaker Patrick Soon Shiong

During the recent Master's Commencement Ceremony at Columbia University, Patrick Soon Shiong, MD was the speaker. He shared with the graduating students the story of his career, education, and family. His words made the students reflect on their journeys and their future.

Dr. Patrick Soon Shiong's story

Despite his long history in medicine, Dr. Patrick Soon Shiong has scaled back his ambitions over the past four years. As the founder of a multibillion-dollar biotech empire, he is now focused on developing life-changing drugs. However, questions still swirl around his business activities.

Soon-Shiong was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, but grew up in the United States. He completed medical school at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. Soon-Shiong's father was a herbalist. Soon-Shiong's mother, an ethnic Chinese, moved to South Africa with Soon-Shiong.

Soon-Shiong began his medical career at Johannesburg's General Hospital, where he was an intern. Soon-Shiong specialized in pancreatic cancer and organ transplants. Soon-Shiong also was the first Chinese intern at the Johannesburg General Hospital. Soon-Shiong later served as an assistant professor in the gastrointestinal surgery division at UCLA.

Soon-Shiong's business acumen led to the development of the cancer drug Abraxane. Abraxane has been proven to help patients live longer. Soon-Shiong was also able to turn two money-losing factories into money makers. Soon-Shiong sold the company that makes Abraxane for $4.5 billion in 2010. Soon-Shiong is also a part-owner of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Soon-Shiong is currently involved in several healthcare projects in the United States, including software systems for hospitals. He also has a stake in Tribune Publishing.

Soon-Shiong has also been involved with political campaigns, notably for former President Barack Obama. Soon-Shiong was a sought-after adviser to Vice President Joe Biden during the Obama administration. He has also worked with Hillary Clinton.

Soon-Shiong recently launched a vaccine production hub in South Africa with President Cyril Ramaphosa. Soon-Shiong has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in the medical biotech industry. He has also provided financial assistance to numerous healthcare projects in the U.S.

Soon-Shiong is one of the largest investors in the South African healthcare system. He also owns an array of companies that develop drugs, diagnostics, and other medical products. Soon-Shiong is also a major philanthropist. He has contributed hundreds of millions of dollars to medical research, and he has invested in South Africa's medical biotech industry.

His career

Known as one of the wealthiest and most successful doctors in the world, Patrick Soon Shiong is a surgeon, physician, and entrepreneur. He owns a number of companies, including a television station and a newspaper, and he has pioneered novel therapies for diabetes and cancer.

The Los Angeles Times is owned by Patrick Soon Shiong. Soon-Shiong is the CEO and chairman of the company, which he took public in 2015. He also owns the San Diego Tribune. Soon-Shiong has also founded the company NantHealth, which he hopes will converge biomolecular medicine, information technology, and bioinformatics.

Soon-Shiong began his career in the medical field, and he became a surgeon at the University of California, Los Angeles. He then joined the university's medical faculty. Soon-Shiong has been the subject of several critical articles, and he was featured on Nightline. Soon-Shiong is also a philanthropist, and he has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to medical institutions. He has also published over 100 scientific papers.

Soon-Shiong has also served as the CEO of two pharmaceutical companies. Soon-Shiong invented a cancer drug called Abraxane. Abraxane was approved by the FDA for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer, lung cancer, and other tumors. Soon-Shiong also performed the first encapsulated human islet cell transplant.

Soon-Shiong has invested in clean-tech and video content ventures. He is also a philanthropist, and he has committed to developing new treatments for cancer.

Soon-Shiong's medical research has resulted in the invention of a new technology that reports a specific gene mutated by a disease. This new technology can be accessed through a BlackBerry. Soon-Shiong hopes to use the technology to find a cure for cancer. He also hopes to build a national health information network.

Soon-Shiong is a maverick. He has invested $800 million in private companies and academic institutions. Soon-Shiong has bought a number of newspapers and TV stations, including the Los Angeles Times. Soon-Shiong owns a number of other companies, including NantWorks, which is a network of health startups. These companies include NantEnergy, NantHealth, and NantOmics.

Soon-Shiong has also been involved in a number of legal battles. He has faced accusations of financial misrepresentation and price gouging. He has also been accused of self-dealing and fraud.

His education

During his medical career, Patrick Soon-Shiong has taken many steps to help improve cancer treatment and diagnosis. He's been a key figure in the medical community, and has received research awards from several medical societies. He's also been credited with helping develop an encapsulated-human-islet-transplant, which is an experimental Type 1 diabetes treatment. Soon-Shiong's efforts have also earned him recognition from the Smithsonian Institute.

After studying in South Africa, Soon-Shiong moved to the United States and attended UCLA. Soon-Shiong went on to become a doctor, serving as a professor of microbiology and immunology at UCLA. He also completed surgical training at UCLA. Soon-Shiong then went on to become a board-certified surgeon.

Soon-Shiong has founded or co-founded at least four companies, including two drug companies. He's also founded NantWorks, an ecosystem of companies aimed at developing technologies that will help impact life-threatening diseases.

In early 2016, Soon-Shiong launched the National Immunotherapy Coalition, a group that encourages rival pharmaceutical companies to work together. Soon-Shiong also serves on the board of councilors at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering.

Soon-Shiong also founded the California NanoSystems Institute. He's also a member of the Berggruen Institute's 21st Century Council. He's also been a part of a failed bid to buy the Dodgers in 2012. Soon-Shiong is also the chairman of NantHealth, a public biotech startup. He's reportedly worth $9 billion, according to Forbes.

Soon-Shiong has also been criticized for his business practices, including price gouging and self-dealing. In 2015, he received a pay package from NantKwest worth nearly $148 million. His company's technology analyzes a patient's tumor biopsy and reports which gene is mutated. Soon-Shiong believes that his new concept of cancer definition is groundbreaking in its own right. He wants to be remembered as a physician-scientist, and not simply a businessman.

In addition to his business activities, Soon-Shiong is a philanthropist. He donates to Christian charities, and is a member of the L.A. Times Guild's Black Caucus.

Patrick Soon-Shiong was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. His parents were Chinese immigrants who fled the country during the Japanese occupation of World War II. Soon-Shiong's parents were from the Hakka language group. They believed in total community collaboration. They were also dedicated to education and teaching. Soon-Shiong graduated from high school at 16 years of age. Soon-Shiong earned a bachelor's degree and a Master's degree in biology.

His family

During World War II, Patrick Soon-Shiong escaped to South Africa. There, he attended Wits University. After graduation, he became a medical faculty member at UCLA. Soon-Shiong was an expert on pancreas transplant. He would later specialize in the treatment of diabetes. He was honored at the Vatican and the Franklin Institute.

Soon-Shiong was involved in several medical trials, including a study that involved putting a human islet cell into a pig. He later performed the first pig to human islet cell transplant for diabetic patients. Soon-Shiong's goal was to commercialize his work.

Soon-Shiong became the CEO of two pharmaceutical companies. In 2008, Soon-Shiong sold American Pharmaceutical Partners (APP) to Fresenius SE for $4.6 billion. Soon-Shiong also founded the biotechnology company, Abraxis BioScience, which sold to Celgene Corporation for nearly $3 billion. Soon-Shiong has been accused of price gouging and fraud.

Soon-Shiong has also been involved in several legal battles. In 2012, he sued his brother, Terrence, over an unrelated diabetes research firm. Soon-Shiong also participated in a failed bid to purchase the Los Angeles Dodgers from Magic Johnson. Soon-Shiong is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $12.5 billion.

Soon-Shiong has also devoted his career to developing new treatments for cancer and diabetes. His research has led to more than 230 patents. Soon-Shiong has also published over 100 scientific papers. Soon-Shiong's latest paper is a proposal for a new formulation of the chemotherapy drug paclitaxel. The drug is derived from the bark of a Pacific yew tree. However, the product could cause allergic reactions or fatal reactions.

Soon-Shiong has also invested in clean-tech ventures. His company, NantWorks, includes NantBioScience, NantOmics and NantGames. The company also aims to create a next-generation pharma development network. NantWorks also has a soundstage and visual-effects studio.

Patrick Soon-Shiong has become one of the richest doctors in the world. He was ranked number 38 on Forbes' list of the richest people in the US. He is also a member of the Forbes 400.

Patrick Soon-Shiong is also one of the wealthiest men in Los Angeles. He has a large staff and half a dozen state-of-the-art laboratories. Soon-Shiong has also invested in podcasting, video content, and a mobile presence.

A Look at Dr Patrick Soon Shiong

dr patrick soon shiong

Throughout his life, Dr Patrick Soon Shiong has achieved many successes. He has been a leader in the medical field and is now in charge of a biotechnology company. He has also been involved in political contributions to the Democratic Party.


Having established himself as an influential figure in the medical community, Dr. Patrick Soon Shiong has committed his career to finding new cures for cancer. He has made numerous innovations, and his work has had a global impact.

Having received a medical degree from the University of Witwatersrand, Dr. Soon-Shiong joined UCLA Medical School in 1983. He later went on to complete surgical training at the University of British Columbia. He then started his own biotechnology company, Abraxis BioScience.

Patrick Soon Shiong is also the chairman of NantWorks, a healthcare technology company that aims to provide cloud-based data to the healthcare industry. Soon-Shiong has also served on the board of the California Telehealth Network. He is also a member of the National Immunotherapy Coalition. He was honored by the Vatican in April 2016 as one of its "Key Visionary Award" winners.

Soon-Shiong has been a philanthropist, as well. He owns a minority share in the Los Angeles Lakers. He has also invested in clean technology ventures. He also has a home in Los Angeles. He has also served as an executive director of the UCLA Wireless Health Institute.

He has been awarded research awards by the American College of Surgeons. He has also been recognized for his work by the Los Angeles Business Journal. Soon-Shiong has also received a medical honor from the Vatican. He has also received the prestigious Pontifical Key Visionary Award, which recognizes medical innovators.

He is also one of the founders of the Chan Soon-Shiong Family Foundation. He was awarded the Los Angeles Business Journal's Business Person of the Year in 2010. Soon-Shiong also owns a minority share in the LA Lakers. He owns the San Diego Union-Tribune, as well. His net worth is estimated at $10 billion.

Soon-Shiong has also been an investor in a number of companies, including Zoom, a startup that was valued at $50 million. He also co-founded a company, VivoRx, that secured five million dollars in funding from Mylan Laboratories. Soon-Shiong is also the publisher of the South African newspaper, The Star. He is currently pursuing a new company that is developing a chemotherapy drug.

Political contributions to the Democratic Party

During the recent presidential transition, one of the few people of note who made news was Patrick Soon-Shiong. He's a philanthropist, a biotech billionaire, and a businessman with interests extending beyond traditional health care. His latest project is a re-launch of the Los Angeles Times. It's not yet clear if he'll make his mark on the paper, but he's got a promising vision.

Soon-Shiong's signature cancer drug, Abraxane, is a bargain at $4,200. It's a version of paclitaxel, a chemotherapy drug that's been around for decades. But despite its success, Abraxane has drawn criticism for its steep price.

The name of the fabled "Cancer MoonShot 2020" is a bit of a red herring. The nifty-looking drug was actually a T-cell activator developed by a company called ImmunityBio. Soon-Shiong's PR team bungled the rollout, but it was still a funky gimmick.

One of the big questions is whether Soon-Shiong will actually take on the job of health care czar. His plan to revamp the American health care system hasn't been endorsed by the White House, but he's pitched himself to the president as a potential savior. He's also made the news by making several political contributions to the Democratic Party. In particular, he's given $50,000 to the joint fundraising committee for Hillary Clinton's campaign.

Soon-Shiong is also a fan of the "Dirty John" podcast. He says he's "not a fan of the 'dark arts' of journalism", but he likes "the'mess' of covering it all."

One of the more impressive things about Soon-Shiong is his willingness to speak to the public. He's done this through an elaborate web of public relations professionals. In the past, he's even taken the time to talk to President Trump.

Although Soon-Shiong hasn't made his mark on the Los Angeles Times, he's certainly not a stranger to the city. He owns a piece of the Los Angeles Lakers and has a hospital in Santa Monica. He's also a philanthropist, having donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to organizations such as the National Institutes of Health and the Los Angeles Public Library. He's been known to make occasional celebrity sightings, such as the time he joined former Vice President Joe Biden at a regenerative medicine conference.

Influence in cancer research

Inventor of the cancer drug Abraxane, Patrick Soon Shiong has been a major player in cancer research and medicine. He has worked on cancer treatment issues with former Vice President Joe Biden, and is a leading figure in the effort to reform the American healthcare system.

Soon-Shiong's health care business interests are focused on cancer treatments and clean-tech ventures. He owns a stake in a medical technology company, NantWorks, which develops genetic testing and medical technology. He also owns a stake in the Daughters of Charity health system, which manages six hospitals.

Soon-Shiong has been accused of financial misrepresentation and self-dealing. He has also been sued by singer Cher. But Soon-Shiong insists that he is not guilty of these charges.

Soon-Shiong's health care business has faced criticism for his work with cancer patients. He was involved in a clinical trial where more than seventy percent of the patients were from outside the industry norm. And the outcomes were generally disappointing.

Soon-Shiong was also involved in a genetic mapping project at the University of Utah. He started another company to develop a chemotherapy drug, which was later marketed by Bristol-Myers Squibb. Soon-Shiong later became the largest individual shareholder in Celgene, a German biotech company.

Soon-Shiong also co-founded a startup called VivoRx. It secured a five-million-dollar investment from Mylan Laboratories. Soon-Shiong's company also started a separate cancer research effort. The FDA approved Abraxane for treating pancreatic cancer and lung cancer. Soon-Shiong also founded a nonprofit research organization called All About Advanced Health.

Soon-Shiong's nonprofit research organization funds entities that have business deals with Soon-Shiong's for-profit businesses. He has been accused of using tax-free dollars to boost his for-profit companies.

Soon-Shiong has built a sprawling complex and is one of the richest men in California. He owns the Los Angeles Times and has influence in the media landscape. But he has also been accused of fraud and self-dealing. He also has a reputation for being paternal and modest.

Soon-Shiong is also a respected transplant surgeon. He performed the world's first pancreatic tissue transplant. He's been sued by singer Cher, but the case has been dismissed.

Time at the helm of a biotech company

Having served as the CEO and Chairman of two global pharmaceutical companies, Dr. Patrick Soon Shiong has been at the helm of a biotech company for some time. Now, he is leaving the company in the hands of a new CEO, Richard Adcock.

The former CEO of Verity Health Systems, Adcock has been involved in the health care industry for many years. He previously served as the Chief Innovation Officer at Verity. During this time, he had a hand in the company's acquisition of Cynviloq. Soon after, the company sold four of its hospitals to creditors in order to avoid a bankruptcy.

Soon-Shiong was known as the inventor of cancer drug Abraxane. The drug was the first protein nanoparticle drug for cancer. Soon-Shiong also co-founded VivoRx Pharmaceuticals, a biotech company that was later renamed American Bioscience. Soon-Shiong later sold the company to Celgene.

Soon-Shiong is also the CEO of NantWorks, a company that combines science, data, and communication. NantWorks aims to transform healthcare by making patients and doctors more connected and by creating a true value-based healthcare system. The company has received FDA approval on 20 INDs in the last two years. The company is also working to develop cancer therapeutics for head and neck cancers.

Soon-Shiong is also known for his philanthropic activities. He has donated to a variety of Christian charities. He has also been involved with the UCLA Wireless Health Institute. He is also on the Board of Councilors at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering. He has also been involved with the development of ImmunityBio, a clinical-stage immunotherapy company. He is also a visiting professor at Imperial College, London.

Soon-Shiong is known for his humility and paternal manner. He has been accused of consuming resources and self-dealing. He has also been questioned about his work on cancer therapy. But, he has been cleared of all of these charges. Soon-Shiong wants to be remembered as a physician-scientist.

Soon-Shiong's legacy includes a number of legal disputes over cancer drugs. There are allegations that he misused his assets and led investors to believe he had access to the latest breakthroughs in cancer treatment. He was also accused of putting his own interests ahead of the interests of investors.

Patrick Soon-Shiong

patrick soon shiong

Known for his work as a media proprietor, bioscientist and transplant surgeon, Patrick Soon-Shiong is a successful businessman and billionaire. He is also the inventor of Abraxane, a drug that has become a popular treatment for cancer.


Among the many accolades Patrick Soon Shiong has received is a Distinguished Medical Science Award from the Friends of the National Library of Medicine, which recognizes his contributions to cancer research. He is also the chairman of the Chan Soon-Shiong Family Foundation, which is dedicated to improving health care access.

His family was Chinese immigrants who fled China during World War II. He graduated from high school at the age of 16, then received a medical degree at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. He continued his studies at the University of British Columbia and U.C.L.A. Later, Soon-Shiong became a medical intern at the General Hospital of Johannesburg.

After working in South Africa and Canada, Soon-Shiong came to the U.S. in the early 1980s. He was initially skeptical of working at a hospital in the heart of Los Angeles, but eventually decided to try his hand. Soon-Shiong performed California's first full pancreas transplant in 1987. He also performed the first transplantation of human islet cells in diabetic patients. Soon-Shiong started his own research firm.

Soon-Shiong moved to Los Angeles in the early 1980s, and in 1991, he founded Nant Omics, a company dedicated to biomedical research. Soon-Shiong later established NantWorks, an assembly of startups aimed at transforming global health information. It includes NantGames, NantBioScience, and NantEnergy.

Soon-Shiong's wife, Michele, persuaded him to donate to Christian charities. Soon-Shiong is the chairman of the National Coalition for Health Integration, and is an executive director of the UCLA Wireless Health Institute. Soon-Shiong is a member of the Technology Council for the Center of Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence at Northwestern University. He has also been named Business Person of the Year by the Los Angeles Business Journal. He is also the publisher of the South African newspaper, The Star.

Patrick Soon Shiong's accolades include a number of research awards, including the Distinction Award, the Schering Scholar Award, and the International J.W. Hyatt Award for Service to Mankind. He is also a member of the International Academy of Medicine, Surgery, and Biotechnology.

Soon-Shiong and his wife are among the most generous philanthropists in the country. They have given over $1 billion to healthcare transformation. They are also the largest individual shareholders of Celgene, a company that was bought by Bristol-Myers Squib for $74 billion in 2019. Soon-Shiong is also the chairman of the Chan Soon-Shiong family foundation, which has given more than $135 million to Saint John's Health Center in Santa Monica.

Career in biotech

During his career, Patrick Soon Shiong has accumulated millions of dollars from several companies. These include Abraxis BioScience, NantHealth, and APP Pharmaceuticals. He is also a major investor in several companies such as AccuRadio, Wibbitz, Zoom, and NantPharma. His net worth is estimated to be $10 billion by 2022.

Soon-Shiong is the inventor of the cancer drug Abraxane. The drug, which was approved by the FDA in 2005, has been a major success. Soon-Shiong also helped develop a zinc air battery. He also consulted with President-elect Donald Trump in 2017 and was appointed to the Health Information Technology Advisory Committee by House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Soon-Shiong is the founder of NantHealth and NantWorks, a network of startups focused on health technology. These companies aim to develop technologies to fight life-threatening diseases. NantWorks uses supercomputing and semiconductor technology.

Soon-Shiong's companies have made huge losses in the past. However, his new bio renewables company is expected to have a better pipeline. He plans to lead this new firm with a diversified pipeline of clinical data.

Soon-Shiong's first company, Abraxis BioScience, was created in 1991. Soon-Shiong started this company to commercialize his research. Soon-Shiong also performed the first encapsulated human islet cell transplant. He was also a faculty member at UCLA School of Medicine. Soon-Shiong left UCLA in 1991 to pursue opportunities in medical technology.

Soon-Shiong is the founder of the Chan Soon-Shiong Family Foundation. This foundation's mission is to increase access to health care for all people and to address disparities in health care. Soon-Shiong also founded the Healthcare Transformation Institute, which was designed to help the health care system in the United States improve the delivery of care.

Soon-Shiong has a passion for educating others. He has published more than 100 scientific papers. He is also the founder of the National Immunotherapy Coalition, which promotes the use of immunotherapy to fight cancer. He has also been featured on 60 Minutes and Nightline.

Soon-Shiong and his wife Michele Chan live in West L.A. They have pledged $55 million to Santa Monica's St. John's Health Center. Soon-Shiong also owns the San Diego Union-Tribune, which he bought in 2018. Soon-Shiong is an investor in Zoom and AccuRadio.

Time with Kobe Bryant

During his two decades as a fierce soul of the beloved Lakers, Kobe Bryant earned an eternal following in Los Angeles. He was an ambassador for the game he loved and an inspiration to a generation of basketball players around the world. His style, "The Mamba Mentality," was unique. He often positioned teammates in areas that manipulate defenses.

The title of Kobe Bryant's book, The Mamba's Guide to the NBA, actually refers to his unique name. When he was in high school, he chose that name in an effort to stand out.

He also was known for his dazzling basketball skills. He earned the respect of fans around the world, from Italy to Philadelphia. He was named a member of Team USA for the Olympic Games, and earned a gold medal in basketball.

As a star player in the NBA, he grew close to his owner, Patrick Soon-Shiong. In 2010, Soon-Shiong purchased a stake in the Lakers. Soon-Shiong also co-founded a startup company called VivoRx, which received $5 million in funding from Mylan Laboratories.

Soon-Shiong was also the owner of the Los Angeles Times. He was a physician and inventor, but he wanted to be known as a physician-scientist. His latest endeavor is a medical-research initiative called 'Cure'. He has half a dozen state-of-the-art laboratories and has more than 1,000 employees.

Soon-Shiong is one of the world's richest physicians. His company, Zoom, is worth $7 billion. He has also taken four companies public. Some experts have said that he has misreported his earnings. He has also been accused of fraud and price gouging. But he is patient, humble and kind.

The book also includes interviews with Burt Bacharach and Metta-Sandiford Artest, former Ron Artest and Metta World Peace. It also features interviews with other business and medical experts.

Kobe Bryant is not the same athlete he was before the Achilles injury. He has had several injuries each of the past two seasons, and he hasn't been able to return to his former glory. But he still watches the rotations of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. He also watches elite offensive scorers.

Defending himself in legal disputes

During the past decade, biotech billionaire Patrick Soon Shiong has defended himself in legal disputes over his investments and financing. He has been accused of financial misrepresentation and price gouging. He also is accused of orchestrating an illegal transaction. He has received more than $10 million in compensation.

Patrick Soon Shiong is the founder and CEO of NantPharma. He also owns the Los Angeles Times. In May of 2015, NantPharma acquired the Cynviloq drug rights from Sorrento Therapeutics for $1.2 billion. Soon-Shiong hoped to use Cynviloq to treat multiple types of cancer. It was designed to be cheaper than Abraxane. It was approved for use in South Korea, and is sold there for about $180 a dose.

Sorrento Therapeutics has filed a billion dollar lawsuit against Patrick Soon Shiong. The lawsuit claims that Soon-Shiong defrauded the company by using funds that were intended for research to pay for an acquisition. In addition, Sorrento claims that Soon-Shiong killed a drug that it was developing. The lawsuit is pending in arbitration.

Soon-Shiong and his brother Terrence founded VivoRx, Inc. They secured five million dollars in funding from Mylan Laboratories to finance their research. Soon-Shiong's wife, Michele, encouraged him to donate to Christian charities. Soon-Shiong also founded NantWorks, a company that includes NantBioScience, NantEnergy, and NantGames.

Soon-Shiong was sued by singer Cher in 2017. Cher said he "duped" her by paying her below market value for shares in a company that was the direct successor to ABI, the company that Soon-Shiong had acquired in 2015. Cher's suit was filed in the Los Angeles County Superior Court and was dismissed in 2018.

Soon-Shiong has also been sued by his brother, Gregory Soon-Shiong. He claimed that the acquisition of the company was made possible through the diversion of research funds.

Soon-Shiong has also been accused of stealing millions of dollars from Mylan. According to an agent who entered his office, a confidential document was stolen from his office. Soon-Shiong's lawyer, Joseph Coyne Jr., has been representing Soon-Shiong since 1993. However, Coyne refused to give an arbitrator's report, which he said would be damaging to the case.

Bad Girl For Life - Karen Huger Dragging Gizelle and Robyn for Over 5 Minutes

Karen Huger Dragging Gizelle  Robyn for Over 5 Minutes

'Bad Girl for Life' is a fictional story about a group of women - Gizelle, Robyn and Karen - who are invited to a pajama party by their boyfriends. This impromptu party turns into a rip-roaring adventure as the women are forced to perform humiliating tasks in the name of 'etiquette'. It is a fascinating tale, filled with laughs, surprises and even a little romance.

'Bad Boy for Life' video experience

Throughout season four of the Real Housewives of Potomac, Karen Huger is dragging Robyn and Gizelle for over five minutes, trying to stir up drama. They are still trying to create scandalous rumors. They haven't been the most welcoming of Mia.

Gizelle claims that she was worried about Wendy Osefo, and said that she was upset about Wendy's reaction to her. Mia then reports Gizelle's comments to Wendy. Wendy then gets upset with Mia for being so nice to Candiace. She is also upset about Wendy being involved in drama.

Robyn is still upset about Gizelle and Wendy. She thinks that she is being set up. She believes that Karen is trying to get her back. She also thinks that Ashley dropped a shady grenade. She thinks she must have a ton of crossed-off names.

Candiace wants to perform a new bop at the party. She is also looking for extras for the music video. Her husband is filming everything with his iPhone. He says that Candiace is a victim, but she is still there. She is hoping that she will be able to get away from the fights. She is also thinking that all the ladies are driving back home.

Karen also gives a video audition. Her "groove" thing isn't working, so she is shaking her groove thing. She doesn't know Candiace is coming, but she says that she doesn't want her to miss out. She says that she is still mourning the loss of her parents. She is also worried about her boyfriend Juan.

Juan wants to propose to Robyn at the holiday party. He is tight-lipped about the proposal. He seems to be saying that she is looking dumb. However, Michael seems to be hinting that he knows why Juan won't propose. He also echoes Ashley's sentiments.

Karen is also getting unchecked predator vibes. She believes that Shmuckle is screamed at by Chris. She is also afraid that Robyn is going to be untouchable. She is also hoping that everything is going to be okay. She doesn't believe that Juan will propose to her.

'Bad Girl for Life' video experience

During the premiere of RHOP season six, Karen Huger and Gizelle Bryant get into a heated argument. The two women have a long and complex history, but are they still in each other's lives? What happened between them?

Gizelle and Karen have been friends for years, and are still involved in each other's lives. They have gone through the ups and downs of being together, but they also appreciate each other's big personalities. They are often sensitive to one another's commentary and opinions, but they also appreciate their differences.

Karen Huger is known for her love of etiquette. She also has no corporate deals, which makes her a big name in the social media world. She's been getting a lot of interviews this season, so she's not a problematic person to watch. She's also a great example of Black woman empowerment.

Karen and Gizelle have had some ups and downs over the years, but they are still friends. They try to make amends at each reunion. They also try to make sure that each other has a good time on their trip.

There are many stories to be told on RHOP season six. At one point, Gizelle invited her ex-husband, Jamal, to facetime with her. She's also questioned why she went online with her fans. Karen claims she did it to thank them for supporting her. But Gizelle doesn't like that.

Karen Huger is a bright light in the cast this season. She's been getting major interviews, but she still doesn't have corporate deals. She also has a history of being loud and yelling matches. She likes to be the one to clock Gizelle in interviews.

The RHOP season six premiere kicked off with a dramatic dinner party. Karen and Gizelle got into an argument, and many of the other cast members were upset with Monique's behavior.

The real star of the show, however, was Candiace Dillard Bassett. She's working on an album, a master's degree, and her acting career. Her husband, Chris Bassett, is her manager.

The Real Housewives of Potomac season six premiere was a blast, and we're looking forward to more.

'Bad Girl for Life' etiquette narrative

During the Real Housewives of Potomac's trip to Vail, they went out of their way to make it a memorable one. In addition to having a memorable night out at Below Deck Mediterranean yachts, they also threw a party in honor of Mzi "Zee" Dempers birthday. They also got a taste of the locals' culture and showed off their newfound skills at snow tubing.

While Karen Huger and Gizelle Bryant threw some serious shade at each other during the trip, there was one good moment and one good deed that both women did. Gizelle and Karen both got married after their divorces, and the two women reaffirmed their vows. Karen also revealed a surprising bit of news about LaDame. Gizelle was also inducted into the Surry County Hall of Fame. She also has a nice new job, leading synchronized swimming aerobics.

Gizelle and Karen also had a heated discussion about the RHOP's Nude Interlude. While it was not the most entertaining episode of the season, it was a good time to watch two women in love and one woman in grief. Also, the new crew was a great group of people to watch.

The Real Housewives of Potomac may not be the longest running show on television, but it is still a longstanding franchise that still has four of the original six Housewives. The cast remains the same, but the friendships are deeper than ever. In fact, they are probably more interesting than the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. This is especially true with the addition of Ramona Singer. She is also a great anchor and her underdog story is something you can really relate to.

It also deserves a mention that there was a notable one-off in the form of a mini-series that was produced to promote Karen Huger's new job as ambassador of Surry County. The series is a must-see for fans of the tinsel town. It also re-ignited a long-standing feud between Gizelle and Karen. Hopefully, they will have their differences behind them soon.

'Bad Girl for Life' impromptu pajama party

'Wives Karen Huger and Charrisse Jackson Jordan get into a heated confrontation on a sunset cruise. The pair have an awkward dynamic. Karen is concerned with the wedding plans of Robyn and Juan Dixon, and she's curious to know if Robyn is cheating on Juan. Karen wants to make up for the fight with Charrisse.

Karen has been married to Ray for 25 years. She and Ray have a 17 year age difference. But their money troubles have been a big issue. Karen has moved to Great Falls, Va. and rents a house there. Karen claims she wants to be the alpha female in the group. She claims she wants to get to the bottom of Charrisse's "fight". Charrisse isn't impressed with Karen's "power play." Charrisse calls her a "sex predator." Karen is unimpressed with her new addition Dr. Wendy Osefo. Karen wants to be the one to bestow her title of grande dame on someone. Charrisse doesn't agree. Karen isn't going to give up her title until someone takes it from her.

Charrisse is still in shock about the way Karen treated Ashley. Karen said she doesn't take well to being stripped of her "grande dame" title. Karen doesn't take well to being dragged down by Ashley. Karen claims they got off on the wrong foot on the co-hosting trip. Karen also dished on Robyn's fiance, Juan Dixon. Karen also told the 'Wives that she was going to sabotage Charrisse's plans for the "Bad Girl for Life" pajama party. Karen also talked about Jamal Bryant. Karen is also open about gossiping about Jamal and other husbands on the show.

Charrisse is upset with Karen for causing a fight and a rift between the 'Wives. She feels like Karen isn't a very nice person. She's also angry that Karen was caught on the hot mic making bad comments. She also felt uncomfortable when Karen said that she wanted to be the alpha female in the group. Karen was guest host on Bravo's chat room. Karen was also guest host of the Real Housewives of Potomac, which airs on Bravo every week.

Kim Richards Vs Lisa Rinna - Amsterdam Dinner From Hell

Kim Richards vs Lisa Rinna Amsterdam dinner from hell

During the recent episode of The Young and the Restless, Kim Richards and Lisa Rinna's Amsterdam dinner turned into a disaster. It was a showdown that would have been easy to avoid, but the drama was just too much for both actresses. The two starlets had to make some major decisions, but who made the final call?

Drama at Kyle's mixer

During the last season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Rinna did her part to uncover Kim's dark side. She made a lot of bold claims, like calling her sister Kathy Hilton a beast. She also questioned her sister's sobriety, and threw some darts at her.

Lisa Rinna has been a bit of a sleazeball for most of her career. In fact, she was the subject of a recent lawsuit from her ex-husband, Mohamed Hadid. This is the latest in a series of scandals, which includes a trip to her home country of Morocco in 2005, an ill-fated BBQ hosted by Kyle Richards, and allegations of Munchausen by proxy.

Lisa Rinna and Kim Richards have a heated exchange that could have been handled with more finesse. The former is enraged at her sister's behavior, and the latter wants to clear the air. In the end, they agree to disagree.

The episode starts with a montage of scenes from the last two seasons of RHOBH. In one, Kim asks Lisa to "get the f*** out of her." In another, Lisa asks Kyle to clean his house. In yet another, Kyle makes a few shady remarks about her sister's children. In the end, Lisa's most important challenge is to walk away from the abuse.

The best part of the episode is the final scene. Lisa Ventura Ventura cries as she explains her experience with her former lover. She also mentions that she had a harrowing experience with her former boo, and the latter is no more.

The gimmick to Lisa Rinna's snarky remarks is her attempt to play the victim. She's been subjected to a lot of abuse from her sister over the years. Despite this, she still believes she's in the right. After all, she's a mother of a nabbed drunk.

In the end, Lisa Rinna's efforts earned her a spot on the hot seat next to Andy Cohen. She is also on her way to receiving some shiny earrings.

In the end, it was an impressive display of skill and wit that earned her the coveted Hot Seat.

Fallout from Kyle's birthday party

During the season finale of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the drama escalates to a new level. Kim Richards and Lisa Rinna get into a public spat in Amsterdam. The drama leads to a series of shocking revelations and a lot of tears.

The reunion features a series of dramatic interpersonal conflicts, bringing out the best and the worst in one housewife. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

A series of tense moments escalate to a new level of drama. The Roaring Twenties party comes to a screeching halt when one housewife's explanations don't quite hold up. Then, Taylor holds a big event.

A text message from Kyle sends shockwaves through the group. Brandi may question her own 21 day cleanse. She also confronts a woman who's been a friend of her ex-husband. A woman from Encino is also on the guest list.

Then, a power outage brings out the worst in one housewife. When one housewife's past issues become unbearable, it's time to pick up the pieces.

When Kyle's sister Kathryn returns, she shares some of the challenges she's faced in her life. When she brings up the subject of her mother, she breaks down and reminisces about her childhood. This isn't the only heart-to-heart moment the ladies have.

In addition to the shocking revelations, a new twist in the feud begins. The ladies are forced to work together. The scavenger hunt takes them to Canada. This causes a lot of trouble and tears. The ladies must work together to figure out what to do next.

The reunion also features a special Game Night special with Brandi Glanville and Kyle Richards fighting. Other deleted scenes are also featured.

The reunion is also packed with fun and outrageous interpersonal drama. Kyle and Kyle's daughter Portia turn four years old and get a birthday party. The event features unicorns, flying elephant rides and llamas.

Lisa Vanderpump's daughter Pandora gets married in a glamorous ceremony. Lisa also buys a condo for her son Max. She also hosts a book signing for Bethenny Frankel.

Adrienne's family forced to make some serious decisions

During the third season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, one woman's simmering issues become too much to handle. The Beverly Hills beauties will be put to the test.

The group begins to bond at a spa. In an effort to create some order within the group, Yolanda Richards hosts a scavenger hunt for the ladies. During this event, the ladies work together to answer questions about their personal lives. The scavenger hunt takes the ladies to Amsterdam, Canada, and Beverly Hills.

The group is forced to make decisions that affect the rest of the season. Adrienne's relationship with Paul Nassif begins to splinter. She also confronts her friends about her health. Yolanda is also accused of hanging out with Brandi, who is also a member of the group.

The ladies also celebrate Portia's fourth birthday. This event features flying elephant rides, llamas, and unicorns. The party begins to crumble when Lisa and Faye pick a fight.

The drama escalates when Lisa's daughter, Eileen, and Kim Richards join the group. Eileen has been struggling with her mother's death and continues to be haunted by her mother's death. She is also married to tennis player Vincent Van Patten.

The drama also continues to escalate when Brandi, Kyle, and Lisa take a trip to Vegas. The group returns home and faces a variety of unresolved issues. The ladies have fun in a golf cart race, as well as an arm wrestling contest at a mud-filled spa.

The third season will also feature wild outbursts and a two-part reunion with Taylor Armstrong, Camille grammar, and Adrienne Maloof. Andy Cohen will also referee the reunion.

Kim Richards and Lisa Rinna continue to have conflict. When Kim claims that Lisa has an eating disorder, tensions rise. The two women also clash in Canada. Lisa reveals details about her daughter's public breakup. She also tells the group that she has been drinking. This is a surprising revelation.

The group meets with a plastic surgeon. They also go on a side trip to New York City. This trip ends in a major blow-up between Kim and Lisa Rinna.

Erika Jayne returns to work on the Young and the Restless

Y&R star Erika Jayne (real name Erika Girardi) is back on the CBS soap opera. She will make an appearance on April 24 as the character of Farrah Dubose, a high-powered real estate agent on the show.

The episode will also see Eileen Davidson reprise her role as Ashley Abbott. During their time together on Y&R, Davidson and Girardi will share scenes. As fans might expect, they will likely get into a few fights. However, they both admit they enjoy it. They'll also get into tiffs with other Housewives.

Erika will make her first appearance on Y&R since December. She will appear on the show in a special two-episode arc. This will be her most important appearance so far.

In her second episode, Girardi will help Jack Not Abbott find a bachelor pad. She will also interact with the power players in Genoa City. She'll also cross paths with Ashley's brother Jack. This is a good thing for fans, since she's been rumored to be a potential love interest for Smilin' Jack.

Erika Girardi will also make an appearance on Dancing With the Stars. She'll take part in season 24 of the show. Previously, she's appeared on Y&R, and on Bravo's RHOBH.

Erika Jayne is a singer, dancer and model. She's appeared in Lip Sync Battle, and she's also appeared on other Bravo series. She's starred in Dancing With the Stars and on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She's topped the US Billboard Dance Club charts nine times. She will also appear on the Chicago revival.

Erika Girardi has been a fan favorite on Y&R. She made her debut in December, and has been asked to return several times since. Her next two-episode arc is scheduled to air June 4 and 6. She shared an interview on her Facebook page.

Eileen Davidson also helped Girardi get her role on Y&R. She rewarded Girardi for her birthday in July by giving her a cameo. She gave her a gift on her 45th birthday. She said she thought she would be nervous, but it turned out to be a great experience.

RHOBH - Husbands Dragging Housewives

RHOBH  Husbands Dragging Housewives

Whether or not you are a fan of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, there is one thing that you can't deny: the show has been filled with husbands dragging their wives. While we have seen Carlton Gebbia and Dana Wilkey separated from their husbands, there have been rumors of a lot more. Mauricio Sánchez, the host of Real Estate, isn't doing much to help the wives of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills look good.

Carlton Gebbia has separated from her husband

Carlton Gebbia is a former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills costar who was separated from her husband David for a year. The couple has three children together. They have been married for 18 years. They were reportedly separated for a year, but are now living in the same house.

Carlton is a self-described witch from the U.K., who had an ostentatious lifestyle. She lived in a Gothic-style house with mosaic pieces and dragon accents. Her home also featured a pool and private sex room. She had a nanny named Jane Doe. She is also a former pageant queen. She was responsible for some of the cast's trips to Palm Springs and Puerto Rico.

In Season 4, Carlton and her husband David were invited to join the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. However, the couple did not return for Season 5. David Gebbia filed for divorce in 2017. Carlton has since filed for divorce, citing "irreconcilable differences." The couple has three children together.

Carlton and David had a one-season run on RHOBH. Carlton allegedly got a little too liberated for the show, displaying vulgar signs at a pool party and sharing a sex dungeon with other housewives. Carlton claimed that she practiced Wiccan religion, but she did not join a Wiccan coven.

Carlton and David have been separated for a year, but they are still living in the same house, according to a source. Carlton and David have three children together, but they are still living under the same roof to keep their children healthy.

Carlton had a one-season run on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills". She was cast to show the sexy side of Beverly Hills. She had a sex dungeon in her home, and had a cabinet filled with dolls that Kim Richards called "killer dolls." Carlton also spoke about her Wiccan faith. She and Kyle Richards feuded over the subject. However, Carlton was a big fan of the show. She even wore a witch-themed dress to a Halloween party.

Carlton and David separated in 2015, and Carlton left "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" in 2016. Her husband David filed for divorce in 2017. She had no plans to return for Season 5, but did a cameo in Season 3 and 4. Carlton and David divorced in 2018. Carlton has spoken out about her beliefs in Wiccan religion, and she still practices it.

PK Kemsley joins Dorit Kemsley in shutting down affair rumors

Throughout the years, rumors have spread about a possible romantic affair between Kyle Richards' husband, Mauricio Umansky, and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dorit Kemsley. They have been close friends since the show's Season 7, but no publicly addressed rumors of infidelity.

The two have been friends since their first date, and have been married for almost six years. However, their relationship has gone through ups and downs. In fact, they were spotted in questionable contexts in recent months.

In late 2018, PK was arrested for DUI. According to TMZ, his case was dismissed. He and Dorit have also been going on outings together with their spouses, though they have yet to address any rumors of infidelity.

Recently, a former RHOBH cast member took to Twitter to weigh in on the rumors. She said the rumors are pathetic, and they're bound to bite her in the assholes inevitably.

Initially, Dorit wanted to ignore any gossip. However, when Erika Jayne Girardi made a stage appearance at BravoCon, she mentioned that Dorit Kemsley would get a divorce from her husband, Paul "PK" Kemsley.

She's called the rumors "disgusting" and "pathetic" in her post, but fans have taken to social media to voice their support for Dorit. Dana Cartwright, who has been on the show for a few seasons, also posted a similar post on Instagram. In it, she claimed that Dorit was having an affair with Mauricio Umansky.

Dana Wilkey also posted a photo of a fake "Affair to Remember" movie poster. According to the post, she had met Mauricio Umansky at a charity event and was asked to name the most attractive woman. She wrote that she had "slipped" the information to her husband's husband. It's clear that Wilkey didn't mean to spread the story, but fans have called her out for it.

Meanwhile, Kyle Richards hasn't commented on the rumors, but hasn't responded to the post either. Hopefully, the two will get the message across that these rumors are false.

Dorit and PK also told Us magazine that the financial struggles they faced brought them closer.

Dana Wilkey accused of having an affair

Throughout the past seasons of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the cast members have been subject to several rumors. One such rumor has been that Dorit Kemsley has been having an affair with her husband, Mauricio Umansky. This is a rumor that has been spreading across the internet since last week's episode. During a Watch What Happens Live session, Dorit denied the rumor and said that she and her husband, Paul "PK" Kemsley, are happily married.

Then, Dana Wilkey, a former RHOBH cast member, took to social media to share a fan theory that Dorit Kemsley had been having an affair with Mauricio Umansky. She posted a photo of Dorit and Mauricio on her Instagram account, photoshopped to look like they were recreating an iconic movie. Dana claimed that her post was meant to "prove" the rumor, but many fans took her post as an attempt to discredit the rumor.

Dana's Instagram post hasn't received many likes. It's also been criticized by loyal Bravo fans. In fact, some Gen Z social media users have called Dana's post "ratio'd."

During her appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Dorit cleared fans' doubts about her relationship with Mauricio. She said that the rumors were "gross" and "innocent." She also said that there was nothing between her and Mauricio.

The rumors have continued to spread and fans have speculated that Dorit and Mauricio are in a romantic relationship. The rumor began when they attended a party together. The two are also featured in a movie called An Affair to Remember.

Throughout the years, Kyle and Mauricio have maintained a close friendship with Dorit and her husband. They've been married since 1996, and share four daughters. Despite these rumors, the two have yet to address the issue in public. In fact, their marriage has been a happy one since they tied the knot. The two have been good friends ever since Dorit joined the show.

Several fans have commented on the rumor, but Kyle and Mauricio have yet to address it publicly.

RHOBH - Adrienne Maloof Dragging Dr Paul Nassif For 9 Minutes

RHOBH  Adrienne Maloof Dragging Dr Paul Nassif For 9 Minutes RHOBH Erika

During the September 22nd episode of RHOBH, Adrienne Maloof dragged Dr Paul Nassif for nine minutes on the set. As you may know, Dr Paul Nassif is the controversial therapist of the infamous RHOBH cast. He's been accused of sexual assault and many other crimes, including the abuse of children. He is a highly controversial figure on the show, and a lot of fans are concerned with his relationship with Erika Girardi.

Brandi Glanville

During the fourth season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Adrienne Maloof and Brandi Glanville had a major rift. The two argued on a girls' trip to Ojai, CA. They got into a major scream match. It's been reported that the two had been exchanging private texts, but neither one would admit to having the other in their corner.

In November, Paul and Adrienne reached a settlement. They were involved in a major scandal, and the show's producers tried to get the two back on good terms. But the marriage hasn't been a walk in the park.

Brandi and Adrienne have been feuding for years. The two exchanged public tweets, and have also been exchanging private texts. Both parties have claimed that the other is a liar, and that Brandi has been putting out negative press.

A recent episode of "Botched" featured Paul and Adrienne. Paul is a plastic surgeon, and Adrienne is a fashion designer. But when they got into an argument, Paul called Brandi out. Brandi didn't believe his story. She told her that she wasn't a "lady" and that she would never be a lady.

In addition to the feud, Brandi and Adrienne have had a legal battle. Brandi is the ex-wife of Eddie Cibrian. She divorced Eddie after learning that he had an affair with LeAnn Rimes.

Camille D'Agostino

During season one of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Camille D'Agostino and Kelsey grammar announced their split. During their whirlwind marriage, they welcomed three kids together. However, it was a year later that the pair finally split.

The couple filed for divorce in August 2012. The couple shares two children together, Gavin and Christian. They were married for 10 years before filing for divorce. However, they still live in Beverly Hills, and have since moved on to a $12 million mansion.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 2 premiere is set to be explosive. Fans will get a closer look at the cast's lives, as well as the drama that engulfs them. The season will air on September 2, with new cast members including Noella Bergener, Gina Marie, and Gizelle Bryant.

The show also returns for a two-part reunion, where the cast will delve into a number of topics, including the return of Married to Medicine, and the latest in the RHOA's ongoing drama. Also featured is a reunion of sorts between RHOA alums Bailey Montgomery and Thomas Ravenel. They got engaged in season three, but were divorced a year later.

This season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills also marks the end of one of the show's longest-running occupants. Camille grammar has opted out of the show, and will not be returning for another season. However, she has kept busy.

Camille and Kelsey

During season three of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Adrienne Maloof faced a lot of drama with co-stars Brandi Glanville and Kyle Richards. The drama revolved around a secret Adrienne told Brandi about her surrogate birth.

The two co-stars recently reunited at Kyle's Black and White gala. Adrienne wore a keyhole pink dress, accessorized with gold jewellery. She also shared the news that she has split with Paul Nassif.

Adrienne and Paul had been in a custody battle over their three sons. They were seen as happy on RHOBH. However, Adrienne filed a declaration against Paul, accusing him of hitting her kids. They had an ongoing custody battle, which was resolved in November.

The Maloof family owns several businesses, including Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas and the Sacramento Kings. The family has been in the business for over 150 years. They are known for being entrepreneurial and having a strong business sense.

Adrienne has been keeping busy since leaving The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She is co-owner of Maloof Productions, which has produced hangover supplements for millions of consumers. She is also co-owner of Maloof Music. She also owns a house in Bel-Air, California.

Kyle Richards

Despite being a cast member, Kyle Richards is one of the least popular Housewives on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. According to a source, Kyle feels entitled to a big break. She also feels she should be the star of the show.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is preparing for its second season. Despite the hype surrounding Paris Hilton, Kim and Kyle Richards have banned her from the show.

While Kyle is not the only cast member who is attempting to outdo one another, Adrienne Maloof and Camille grammar are on a mission. The two of them are attempting to prove that they are the best in the business.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has introduced a few new cast members this season, including Brandi Glanville, Kyle Richards and Taylor Armstrong. While it is a big day for these women, the day also brings a few problems of its own.

Lisa and Taylor have a strained relationship and are trying to make things right with one another. Meanwhile, Kyle and Camille are still in the middle of a messy battle over a psychic's prediction about Kyle's future. The ladies also come face to face with Kim Richards' ex-boyfriend Ken, who is also a cast member.

Mauricio Umansky

Among the many cast members of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, there are some who have become household names. For instance, Adrienne Maloof and Paul Nassif. Both are renowned plastic surgeons.

When Adrienne and Paul filed for divorce, the couple went through a long and contentious custody battle. They have two kids together: Gavin and Collin. After a string of incidents, they decided to quit the show. Eventually, the two settled the divorce. They also launched a skincare line with their ex.

Paul Nassif has a home in tony Bel Air. The opulent mansion features two swimming pools, a wine room, a sauna, and a separate bar. It is located on a private hillside. It is also accessible through private gates. The home has Jerusalem stone cladding and glass walls.

While he is not as financially successful as other realtors, Mauricio Umansky is a real estate mogul. He owns his own firm, The Agency, which is more successful than other real estate firms in LA. He has also appeared on the popular reality show, Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles.

A few years after he appeared on RHOBH, he got a job as a listing agent on the property of Dr. Paul Nassif.

Vicki Pautesta-Herder

'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star Adrienne Maloof has opted out of the show and may not be returning for season 4. She is still busy with her business and family.

The Maloof family has been in business for 150 years. Their company owns the Sacramento Kings and Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. They also own Maloof Music and Maloof Productions.

In addition to being an entrepreneur, Maloof is a star on Bravo's reality show "Botched." She has been on the show for two years and has become a 'Bravolebrity'.

After a decade of marriage, Paul and Adrienne separated in July 2012, but they did not end up finalizing their divorce until November 2012. In court documents, Adrienne claims that Nassif carried a gun during their marriage.

Despite their divorce, Maloof and Nassif have three children together. They share twin boys Christian and Collin. They have been battling for primary custody, but Maloof hoped to reconcile with Nassif once she was legally separated.

The Maloof family has had a lot of ups and downs over the years, including a'surprise' split in 2006. The couple got married in 2002 and moved into a gated community in Beverly Hills.

Lynne Williams

During Season Three of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Adrienne Maloof was the center of the drama. She was embroiled in a fight with rival Brandi Glanville. After being accused of using a surrogate for their twin boys, Maloof finally told her story. She says her ex-husband, Dr. Paul Nassif, was carrying a gun. This led to a legal dispute and eventually a divorce.

The divorce settlement was bittersweet for Adrienne and Paul. Maloof requested primary custody of their three children, and Nassif filed for joint custody. Maloof's lawyer said Nassif physically abused their children. She claimed Nassif had a "violent temper". She obtained a temporary restraining order against Nassif.

Maloof has been dating Celebrity Rehab star Sean Stewart. Stewart is 19 years younger than Adrienne. They met at a charity gala in Beverly Hills. They dated for two months after their divorce.

The Maloof family is known for their entrepreneurial spirit. They own numerous businesses. They have a hotel in Las Vegas, the Sacramento Kings, and the Palms Casino Resort. Their family has been in business for 150 years.

Nassif is a plastic surgeon. He has appeared on the reality show "Botched" with Dr. Terry Dubrow. He also has his own medical spa in Beverly Hills. He is also expecting his first child with his new wife, Brittany Patakos.

Trying To Build An Electric Boat With Infinite Range

Trying To Build An Electric Boat With Infinite Range

Trying to build an electric boat with infinite range is a challenge, but one that can be accomplished. Here are five things to keep in mind when trying to make your boat run on electricity alone.

Using electricity alone to power a propeller

Using electricity to power a propeller has long been a topic of debate. There is little debate that propellers powered by electricity produce less than maximum generator power. This is due to ice on the leading edge of the blades. One of the best ways to improve the powerplant's longevity is to keep the blades lubricated with a chemical deicing solution. The deicing solution consists of a mix of chemicals and water. The mixture is then sprayed onto the blades. The result is a slick looking system. This is the best way to ensure that your propeller is producing the maximum amount of power. The trick is to find the best suited combination of ingredients and to ensure that you don't have to spend more than your allotted budget. The aforementioned miracle may be the most important item to consider.

The best way to achieve this feat is to invest in a high-quality rotor. The best rotors are made of aluminium, but the more expensive copper-clad steel types tend to be more robust. The aforementioned material is often treated as a special case, but the best rotors can be machined to perfection in no time. The best rotors are also best maintained by regular brushing.

Wind turbines generate 40 times more juice than turbines

Trying to build an electric boat with infinite range using wind turbines is not as simple as it sounds. Wind turbines are large machines connected to the electrical grid, converting the kinetic energy of the wind into mechanical energy that drives an electrical generator.

The most important aspect of a wind turbine is the design of its blades. These are usually made of composite materials including carbon fiber and epoxy resins.

The modern wind turbine produces wind velocities near the tip of its blades at a speed of around 4.7 m/sec. These velocities are roughly eight times greater than the average speed of the wind.

The power equation estimates the amount of energy per unit time that a wind turbine can produce. It is calculated by dividing the amount of air density in kilograms per square meter (kg/m3) by the circular area swept by its blades in square meters (m2).

The Air-X turbine from Primus Windpower boasted a 16 TSR, but was plagued by blade flutter. The newer upwind facing designs produce a "woosh" from the blades and also produce "humming" from the electric generator.

The latest generation of wind turbines can reach 100 m, and can turn half of the energy that is produced by the wind into usable energy. The average turbine produces twenty times more energy than it costs to produce.

The "Superwind" circuit is a slightly different variation on the Silentwind circuit. It diverts the pulses from the turbine into a dump resistor. The dump resistor then burns off the excess power as heat.

Traditional boats use an inboard motor to power a propeller

Traditionally, boats used an inboard motor to power a propeller. These types of boats are generally over 26 feet long. Often the engine is placed in the center of the open cockpit. This allows for a high degree of reliability.

Many boats now also use electric motors. These motors are available in V-6 and V-8 varieties. These motors can provide up to 80 horsepower. Some boats also use a permanent magnet brushless motor. These motors do not have commutators and require high voltage insulation. The electric motors are available in lighter weight versions and often use lower currents.

Historically, propellers were designed to be used on inland waterways. These boats were not intended for seagoing service. However, the use of propellers continued in commercial shipping. In the late 1800s, there were a number of competing designs for these vessels.

In 1836, Francis Pettit Smith invented the propeller. He demonstrated his invention at the Adelaide Gallery of Practical Science. In 1839, his invention was used on the seagoing ship Archimedes. He also built a small model boat to test his invention.

John Ericsson worked on the propeller problem in 1835. He was a gifted Swedish engineer who worked in Britain. He exhibited his invention at the same time as Smith. He also filed a patent for his invention six weeks later.

Inboard engines are typically heavier than outboard motors. They are also more difficult to repair. They are also susceptible to propeller collisions. They are also more expensive.

Jet drive

Electrification is here, but it has not yet been a focus for the waterjet industry. However, electric drives are now available as auxiliary propulsion for sailing yachts on inland waterways. The advantages of using these systems are that they can be charged at docking places, and they provide a significant amount of power for a short time.

For a conventional electric boat, range is a function of speed, windage, and sea-state. If you can get good follow-on wind from your turbine, this can help increase the range of a conventional electric boat. However, these systems are not very good for prolonged cruising at full power.

A new electric drive system was developed by Italian engineer William Gobbo. The solution was an electric waterjet. It was designed to reduce the complexity of a conventional electric drive system, while still allowing for fine control.

In a traditional boat, a forward/stop/backward speed controller is needed. This needs to be very efficient, and it must not waste energy. This controller needs to be able to hold full current under full load.

For a conventional electric boat, a battery bank is necessary. The size of the battery bank is determined by the size of the boat and the power draw. The batteries should be deep-cycle, 'traction' batteries. These are heavy and must be mounted securely.

A charge regulator is needed to ensure that the batteries do not overheat. In addition, a separate generator is needed to top up the batteries when necessary.

Remote anchoring system

Using an electric boat with a remote anchoring system makes the task of getting in and out of the water a breeze. There are a number of options in the market including the Fortress FX-7 Complete Anchoring System, which features a two-shank design with a high tensile aluminum-magnesium alloy and is built in the USA. The system includes a pre-spooled anchor, a shackle, and a built-in switch on the base of the windlass. The system can be easily installed according to manufacturer recommendations.

The Fortress FX-7 Complete Anchoring System is a good choice for any boater. Its most notable feature is the fact that it can be used on boats of all shapes and sizes. Besides being strong and stylish, the system is also lightweight and easy to handle. This makes it the perfect solution for the novice boater.

The Fortress FX-7 Complete System also boasts an array of interlocking components that work together to make anchoring a breeze. The anchor is made of high-tensile aluminum-magnesium alloy, while the anchor shackle is made from high-grade stainless steel. The system also features two adjustable shank angles. Lastly, the aforementioned system includes a 150 kilowatt hour battery pack that will give the boat a top speed of 40 knots. The system also features a gypsy with a 'wave' design that grips the chain without damaging it. The gypsy also acts as a deterrent should something go wrong.

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