Orange Weed

Orange Weed


Orange Weed

Orange weed strains have grown massively in popularity since they were first introduced many decades ago. It’s now 50 years since the story of Orange weed began. It’s an adventure which started with a 1970’s Dutch Passion road trip to California before the genetic journey took a turn to Europe. The legacy for lovers of connoisseur quality cannabis is the legendary Orange family of cannabis seeds. These represent the finest cannabis strains which feature the delicious array of citrus flavours.


These seeds were added to the early Dutch Passion seed collection. Many of these irreplaceable early genetics are still in the deep freeze. A Californian road trip gathered more Orange genetics and the reputation of cannabis with mouth watering citrus flavours was born. One such original is Californian Orange, it’s a very high THC strain which uses these USA West Coast genetics. It’s a 50/50 indica/sativa hybrid with genetics which date back to the ‘80s and is still a best seller today. One fast blooming Skunk stood out from literally hundreds of others. She had a fast 8-week bloom time, ultra-powerful sativa buds and a unique aroma/taste of freshly picked sweet ripe oranges. Once stabilised, this became the now-legendary Orange Bud which went on to become a multiple cannabis cup winner. Orange Bud is a proven cornerstone variety used for breeding many other prize winning, fine quality strains. When Orange Bud was crossed with Sweet Pink Grapefruit, Passion Fruit was created. Passion Fruit is another cannabis cup winner with sweet, sour, orange and citrus aromas.

As the popularity of orange strains continued, Dutch Passion worked on a stable hybrid created by crossing the legendary Orange Bud with original Californian Orange. These two stars of the Orange weed world combined to give Orange Hill Special. This exceptional cross is possibly more potent than either parent. With THC levels up to 25%, Orange Hill Special qualifies for exclusive membership of Dutch Passion’s Extremely High THC seed collection and took home a trophy at the 2015 Highlife Cup. Cannabis doesn't get much stronger! Orange Hill Special is available in regular and feminised cannabis seeds The breeding project that created Auto Orange Bud was given sufficient time to allow a particularly detailed and lengthy breeding project. It began with a clone of our original Orange Bud mother plant before being converted into autoflowering format. The result was the spectacular Auto Orange Bud. She is the only other Orange strain which qualifies for the Extremely High THC seed collection (alongside Orange Hill Special) with THC levels around 25% in optimised conditions. The intensely strong sativa buds are ready to harvest around 10-11 weeks after germination. Fans of high potency autoflower seeds should not miss out on Auto Orange Bud! (Source: dutch-passion.com)



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