NASA: Object Hurtling Towards Earth

NASA: Object Hurtling Towards Earth


NASA: Object Hurtling Towards Earth

An unnamed small asteroid or comet is hurtling towards Earth, NASA officials say. The object has been dubbed "the surprise visitor" and is expected to be discovered by astronomers. And astronomers who will take an interest in its unusual motion.

A mysterious object is hurtling towards Earth without warning to where it meets.

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The object, which is said to be either a meteorite or a piece of space debris. Is about the size of a bus, the agency said in a press release. And is defying international and space law and is currently missing. NASA currently working to find the object and if it enters Earth's atmosphere it will result in a "meteorite event".

NASA: Unidentified object hurtling from outer-space toward Earth in outer space.

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NASA is updating the world with the latest on their potential impact on Earth. The object is hurtling towards Earth at 1,300 miles per hour. Most likely, this means it is headed towards us.

A NASA asteroid defense expert has told Newsweek that, in the event, scientists spot an asteroid coming towards us. With just months to spare, blowing it to pieces would not be such an outlandish idea. (Source: www.newsweek.com)

Based on two different methods, how fast is the object hurtling towards Earth going?

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NASA is currently trying to track its course and is working to investigate the mysterious object. Company officials may not know what the object is for the time being. As, it is currently unclear whether the object is a comet, asteroid. Or something else entirely. Scientists are also at a loss as to what will happen when it gets here as it will collide with Earth. And astronomers do not know how it will impact the planet.

A massive Asteroid with huge destructive potential is set to enter the orbit of the Earth. And the date to watch out for is July 24, 2021. The Asteroid, which has been labeled as 2008 GO20. Is, 220 meters wide, and the encounter with the Earth is set to be a close one. It is as big as two football fields put together. Such huge mass, combined with the momentum provided by the awe-inspiring speed at which it is traveling. Giving it shocking destructive powers in case of a collision. However, the Asteroid does not pose any danger to Earth. (Source: tech.hindustantimes.com)

NASA scientists have confirmed that a flying object is old

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NASA scientists investigating mysterious "fireballs" raining down on Earth confirmed today that they’ve found the cause, marking the end of the mystery.

NASA is Now Doing the Object-Launching Thing

NASA Is Now Launching an Unmanned Spaceship, They Are Sending It to the Object Detecting the Object to Prevent It from Colliding With Earth.


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