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Juncus effusus

Juncus effusus


Juncus effusus

The cultivar Juncus effusus 'Spiralis' (syn. Juncus spiralis), with the common names corkscrew rush or spiral rush, is a distinctive potted and water garden plant due to its very curled spiral like foliage. Juncus effusus can become a naturalized or invasive species, undesirable in rangelands for its unpalatability to livestock. Suggested methods of controlling rushes include: ploughing; high applications of inorganic fertilizer (can pollute watersheds); and topping to prevent seed formation. Shima, Katsuhito; Toyota, Masao; Asakawa, Yoshinori (1991). "Phenanthrene derivatives from the medullae of Juncus effusus". Phytochemistry. 30 (9): 3149. doi:10.1016/S0031-9422(00)98276-1. Carvalho, CF; Sargent, MV; Stanojevic, E (1984). "Phenanthrene synthesis: The synthesis of effusol a 9,10-Dihydrophenanthrene from the marsh grass Juncus effusus". Australian Journal of Chemistry. 37 (10): 2111. doi:10.1071/CH9842111.


People are starting to notice the attractive narrow, round, foliage and upright habit of Juncus effusus and what it can add to the landscape. This plant looks beautiful and performs well around ponds, in wet areas, low spots or meadows. However, Juncus effusus also works in regular garden soil because it tolerates bouts of dryness. It adds an architectural element wherever it is planted. Common Rush sometimes reaches four feet; its upright habit is impressive in the landscape. Juncus effusus is native to North America and can be found throughout most of the world. In the course of human history, many cultures have used various species of Juncus as material for weaving baskets and mats.

Juncus conglomeratus Linnaeus; J. effusus var. brunneus Engelmann; J. effusus var. caeruleomontanus H. St. John; J. effusus var. costulatus Fernald; J. effusus var. dicipiens Buchenau; J. effusus var. exiguus Fernald & Wiegand; J. effusus var. gracilis Hooker, J. effusus var. pacificus Fernald & Wiegand; J. effusus var. pylaei (Laharpe) Fernald & Wiegand; J. effusus var. solutus Fernald & Wiegand; J. effusus var. subglomeratus Lamarck & de Candolle; J. griscomii Fernald, J. pylaeiThe Juncus effusus complex has been variously recognized as containing several species or a single species with numerous infraspecific taxa. Unfortunately, North American treatments have dealt primarily with taxa in either the eastern or western portions of the continent. In considering the continent as a whole, little sense can be made of these treatments. The North American J. effusus complex is one that is in obvious need of modern systematic scrutiny. (Source:www.efloras.org)




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