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With our online business, it’s all about content marketing. We’ve gone from a concept in a coffee shop to a fully fledged business.The Eutrochium genus has several species that are all known collectively Joe Pye weed, and several are cultivated as garden plants, especially Eutrochium purpuream ("purple Joe Pye weed" or "sweet Joe Pye weed"), and Eutrochium maculatum (spotted Joe Pye weed). Eutrochium purpureum is a late-blooming wildflower that’s native to eastern and central North America. It generally grows in upright clumps that reach up to 7 feet. E. maculatum has a natie range that extends further west to the Great Plains, with flowers that are somewhat more purplish. These species are very similar, however, and are often confused with one another.


Joe Pye weeds have thick stems with lance-shaped, serrated dark green leaves that can be up to a foot long. And in the midsummer, tiny mauve or pink-purple flowers bloom in large clusters atop the stems. Although it's often considered just a roadside week, Joe Pye weed has a sweet vanilla scent that is especially attractive to butterflies and other pollinators, and it has become an increasingly popular plant for native gardens. Joe Pye weed is best planted from potted nursery plants in the spring after the threat of frost has passed. It has a fast growth rate, usually flowering in its first season. If you are growing Joe Pye weed in its native fertile environment, you generally won’t need to feed it at all. But if you have poor soil, apply a slow-release granule fertilizer formulated for flowering plants in the spring as soon as active new growth begins.

Fertilize again in the midsummer when blooms begin to appear. It also can be beneficial to mix compost into the soil around your plant in the spring.Joe Pye weed is not easy to grow from seeds, because the seeds require a period of cold stratification in order to germinate. Purchased seeds or those saved from a spent flower head can be stored in the refrigerator for at least a month before planting. If starting indoors, start the seeds about eight weeks before the expected last frost. Or, they can be planted outdoors in spring.It's rare for gardeners to have trouble getting Joe Pye weed to bloom, but the plants sometimes underperform if they don't get enough sun or if they experience extended drought conditions. And very poor soil can sometimes hinder the blooms. But generally speaking, Joe Pye weed will bloom if it gets enough light, enough water, and just a small amount of nutrition. (Source: www.thespruce.com)



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