Hyacinth bulbs

Hyacinth bulbs


Hyacinth bulbs

Hyacinth bulbs are a bit different than most other bulbs you might plant in your garden. When they first bloom they are actually bulbs but they grow into small flowers that are rather difficult to propagate. These flowers although beautiful, are very fragile and will quickly die if they’re not propagated.Bagh.pk offers freshly imported, pre-chilled/forced Hyacinth bulbs ensuring quick bloom. These fragrant, dazzling flowers are available in a multitude of colors and varieties.Hyacinths are annual plants in the Pakistani climate since they require cold weather to thrive. They are often planted directly in the ground outdoors. Though these easy bulbs are also excellent for forcing in container gardens or being made to flower indoors during the winter.


Hyacinths bloom in midspring, filling the garden with a burst of pastel colors when most of the garden is just waking up. Their fragrance is so intoxicating that they’ve been called “nature’s perfume.” Like most perennial bulbs, they’re easy to grow and come back year after year! Hyacinths are also wonderful for container gardens. Here’s a guide to growing and caring for hyacinths.Please note: Most hyacinths grow in zones 3 to 9. They must have cold temperatures of 40 to 45°F for at least 12 to 14 weeks. If temperatures in your area do not get this cold, you’ll need to pre-chill the bulbs in a refrigerator before planting them outdoors. Hyacinth bulbs can remain in the ground throughout the year in most planting zones. If you live a warm climate where temperatures do not get below 60°F, bulbs should be dug up in the fall and refrigerated in a cool, dry area for 6 to 8 weeks. Hyacinths require a period of colder weather to bloom.

Yes, hyacinth bulbs are poisonous to pets. Many spring flowers, such as hyacinths and daffodils, contain a compound that may cause stomach and respiratory issues, as well as skin irritation. This substance—calcium oxalate—is most concentrated in the bulbs, but is also found in the foliage and flowers of the hyacinth plant. Keep hyacinths out of reach of curious pets and children, and wear gloves when handling hyacinth bulbs for long periods of time.Hyacinths are spring-blooming bulbs with richly colored flowers and an incredible fragrance that can perfume your entire garden. They bloom in mid-spring at the same time as daffodils and early tulips, and come in a rainbow of colors including white, cream, pink, rose, apricot, lavender, cobalt blue, deep purple and wine red. Like other spring-flowering bulbs, hyacinths are easy to grow. Just plant the bulbs in fall to enjoy beautiful flowers the following spring.Hardiness Zone: Hyacinths are winter hardy in growing zones 4-8. In warmer climates, the bulbs need to be pre-chilled before planting. Learn more here: How to Grow Spring Bulbs in Warm Climates. Don’t know your growing zone? Reference the USDA Hardiness zone map here. (Source:www.longfieldgardens.com)



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