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H and H Nursery

With a little bit of brainchild and elbow grease, start-up H and H Nursery has grown from one employee to 19 over the course of five years. H and H's nursery and garden centre has one unique selling point: their gardening services, which use a different gardening technique for each season of the year. For example, in the winter, they use a Sundew Method to grow a small garden.A truly wonderful selection of plants! I am always surprised to find just the thing I was looking for at this nursery and end up leaving with a full cart almost every time. It's also super nice... If you want a fabulous selection of indoor or outdoor plants for your garden, you need look no further than H & H Nursery! Thousands of choices of flowers, vegetables, shrubs, trees, as well as... This local nursery in Lakewood has the cutest pumpkin patch setup. Perfect backdrop for an impromptu family photo shoot and it's free!


We have been in business at this location since 2000. Our customers have voted us #1 in the area for plants grown to last. Easy access and parking available for large vehicles. Leashed Pets are welcome. Limited trees and palms. Sorry, we do not deliver or install plants. Please contact us by email or in person, just ask for Scott, Taylor or Chelsea. Double H is a vibrant family business, focused on providing innovative and beautiful products for our customer. To achieve success, we combine our core values and innovative thinking to enable us to remain forward thinking and deliver quality. We are an expanding company with a desire to deliver horticultural products that are grown with passion, presented with pride and loved by all. Our vision is to be the best in the world at growing and presenting indoor plants for UK consumers.

Established in 1961, Double H continue to be a market leader in indoor plants, we continue to achieve sales growth and currently grow and deliver over 4.5 millions house plants to UK supermarkets. We have invested heavily in the most modern plant production facilities in the UK, and are leading the industry with innovative, sustainable and efficient manufacturing practices.Now heading into 2022, we are your Local Source for Premium plants. From Hanging Baskets to Vegetable plants, Perennials, and many of our Shrubs -we grow them right here in Highgate Center, VT. Our goal is to continually improve the quality of our plants and the quality of your shIn this garden center, you'll find an excellent range of plants, as well as many other products for your garden, such as beautiful garden furniture, practical outdoor lighting or high-quality gardening tools.Decent selection of fruit trees, bedding flowers, and climbing greenery. They also have a collection of water plants for ponds. Prices are a bit high in some cases, but worth it for the quality. (Source: foursquare.com)







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