Eco Grass or

Eco Grass or

Eco Grass

Early Fall is ideal planting time! Our prices are the lowest + Eco-Grass ships free! (within the contiguous United States). This blend of fine-leaved fescue grasses is the responsible alternative to an energy-intensive conventional turf lawn. Eco-Grass, also called Eco Lawn or No Mow, is also an excellent choice for solid border areas or footpaths adjacent to native plantings. This versatile grass blend of cultivar fescues establishes quickly, growing into a flowing carpet that can go unmowed or be mowed to a recommended 3” height occasionally or frequently, depending on rainfall, application and intended use. Ecograss grows in most soil types and sun conditions but is not suitable for wet soil or full shade.



A cool-season grass blend, Eco-Grass is best planted spring or early fall, on a prepared site from which all weeds or competing species, and the weed seed bank in the soil, have been removed prior to planting. Spring plantings have the advantage of early-season soil moisture, while early fall plantings have the advantage of moderate temperatures and fewer competing weeds. Seeds can be hand broadcast or distributed with a grass-seed spreader and should be lightly raked in and then watered well for the first month or two, if needed. Depending upon conditions, germination can be expected in one to two weeks. Its cool-season nature shows in its bright green luster in late fall, followed by browning in dormancy and an early spring green up.Customer praise for Eco-Grass: "Thank you Prairie Moon for the Eco Grass. We planted Eco Grass last fall and are impressed with its quick growth and ability to fill in. It was planted in a low, uneven area behind our native planting and vegetable garden (see photos, left). During heavy rains this area would fill with water and was slow to drain. The Eco Grass absorbs the excess water therefore solving the problem of standing water.

Eco-Lawn germinates in 7-14 days. It is quick to germinate and then slow to grow. During the first few weeks, keep as much traffic off the seedbed as possible. The tender, emerging shoots of your Eco-Lawn will not withstand much wear and tear. Once the grass has grown up to 4-5 inches, you can begin cutting it if you choose to do so. This should be after about 4-6 weeks of growth. If you have some patches that aren't as thick as the rest, they may not have received enough seed. Don't be afraid to overseed these areas. The longer they stay bare, the more likely weeds will encroach onto your lawn.Eco-Lawn™ is a blend of carefully selected fine fescue grasses developed by Wildflower Farm. Eco-Lawn grows in full sun, part shade and even deep shade. Eco-Lawn is highly drought tolerant once established, and has a rich dark green color. Eco-Lawn does not require fertilizing and can be mown like a regular lawn or left unmown for a free-flowing carpet effect. (Source: eartheasy.com)



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