Desmanthus Illinoensis

Desmanthus Illinoensis


Desmanthus Illinoensis

Desmanthus illinoensis (Illinois Bundle Flower) is bushy and smooth, growing to 4 or even 5 feet tall. Flowering June through August, the round clusters appear fuzzy due to long stamens projecting from each flower. These flowers will be visited by some small nectaring bees. The small numerous paired leaflets are delicate in appearance and resemble those of a fern. Larger, mammal visitors, like rabbits and deer will find this fern-like foliage irresistible. When seedpods form, these nutritous seeds will bring in various gamebirds including Pheasants, Quail and Prairie Chickens.Desmanthus Illinoensis or Illinois Witch Hazel or Quaking Aspen Tree is a common name for the Witch Hazel tree. Desmanthus Illinoensis is one of the two species in the genus Hamamelis, which has insect-repellent properties. There are several varieties of Witch Hazel plants.


Species of genus Desmanthus are legumes. Most legume species harbor beneficial bacteria called rhizobia on their roots. Genus-specific strains of this bacterium called inoculum can aid in the fixation of atmospheric nitrogen and improve long-term health of native plant communities. Inoculum is naturally-occurring in most soils and additional amendment is usually not needed. However, in low fertility soils it may be necessary.

It is also used as feeding for livestock. The genus also includes two of the plants in the genus Aesculus, which is a genus with nont.A Prairie Moon • August 28 This Desmanthus – Illinois Bundle Flower, is not at all invasive. In a prairie, it actually has a hard time surviving because it does not like fire, and it’s a yummy treat to deer, rabbits, and even cattle. It is in the Mimosa family, but not related to the invasive Mimosa species you may be reading about. These European/Asian introduced species to North America are problematic mostly in the southern US. See Invasive Plant Atlas. (Source: www.prairiemoon.com)





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