Cannabis Rosin

Cannabis Rosin

Cannabis Rosin

The variety of cannabis concentrates continues to increase as research and development in the sector continues. One segment of the category exploding in popularity is rosin, a solventless extract gaining a significant amount of market share. What is rosin made of, how is it made, and why is it in such high demand? This Green Flower guide will set the record straight.What is a rosin? Whether you’re doing glass, bubbler, or hand pipe, adding rosin to the equation can produce some truly incredible material. This versatile product is perfect for anyone that wants a powerful experience, regardless if you prefer to smoke or dab.



The appearance and texture of rosin may vary slightly depending on the equipment used in the production process as well as the starting material, as mentioned in the previous paragraph. Typically, rosin will have a light yellow or cream color. It can have a sticky syrup or a soft yet firm frosting-esque consistency, mimicking refrigerated buttercream. Extractors recommend keeping their products cold until the time of consumption to maintain quality and reduce the chances of the product becoming overly sticky and difficult to manipulate.DIY rosin extraction is a great option for thrifty consumers and home-growers alike as it does not require the large and complicated machinery associated with the production of shatter wax. The only supplies needed are parchment paper, a hair straightener, a concentrate container, and a dab tool. Using heat-resistant gloves is also advised to protect against burns from the hair straightener. Frosty buds make the best cannabis concentrates as they have more trichomes — go for especially sticky source material whenever possible. Always use fresh parchment in each pressing.

Despite similar-sounding names, live resin is different than rosin due to the extraction method used. Live resin is made using a closed-loop machine with supercritical fluids as opposed to heat and pressure. The word “live” means the plant material used is freshly harvested, skipping the drying and curing process typically associated with smokable cannabis. If a rosin is made with the same type of source material, it is considered live rosin. This should be noted when purchasing cannabis concentrates since it may affect both price and consistency.Rosin offers a rich terpene profile and high cannabinoid content in a soft and sticky package unlike any other concentrate available today. The demand for high-quality solventless extracts is certain to remain robust especially as the market continues to skew more toward high-quality, all-natural offerings. Solventless extraction is simple to do on both large and small scales since it only requires heat and pressure, something achievable with as little as a hair straightener and parchment paper. With all this in mind, rosin will surely maintain its prominent place in the cannabis culture for years to come. (Source: news.green-flower.com)



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