Buy Grass Near Me or

Buy Grass Near Me or

Buy Grass Near Me

We manufacture and supply quality Korean carpet and loose grass in Pakistan. Korean lawn grass (Zoysia), is also known as Japanese lawn grass, it is a warm-season sod-forming perennial grass used for lawns. Zoysia is slow-growing grass requires less maintenance, it has very thick, layered padded foliage which offers real cushion-like comfort. Korean grass requires nominal watering, fertilizers and mowing requirements etc, it is very attractive with dark green appearance.Growing a lawn on your own can be tricky. Firstly, you need to decide the right type of lawn grass based on your climate and landscaping goals. Then provide it with the best conditions to flourish. Mowing the lawn and weeding it regularly are some of the routine jobs to maintain a lush green lawn. In this blog, we will highlight some of the most common types of lawn grass in Pakistan.



As when the grass becomes dry, it is mowed, cut and dethatched. So, when the new grass grows it is green and even. If you do not want the Korean grass to fade out in the winter season, then you can keep it looking lush green using amino acid and potassium treatment. Most homeowners prefer keeping it natural during the cold months and wait for it to grow back after dethatching. The price of Korean grass is PKR 15 to 20 per sq ft.American grass belongs to a different grass variety. It is a bit more expensive than Fine Dhaka and Korean grass because of the fact that the effects of the frost and cold season shows up late on American grass and it stays green for some more time, while its counterpart varieties show signs of wilting and yellowing of leaves. However, it requires 7 to 8 hours of sunlight and frequent watering, but it is more lush and green with less weeds as compared to the Fine Dhaka variety.

American grass is most commonly used in large grounds and stadiums where it is important to keep the lawn lush green all year round. It gives a fine and even look as compared to the other grass varieties. The cost of American grass is PKR 20 to 25 per sq ft.American,dhaka,fine dhaka,chinese grass these are local names used by the local nursery men in Pakistan.these are actually different varieties of popular Bermuda grass.some people like Korean grass which is actually ground cover in other countries.bermuda has great varieties even hybrids for different sports.use bermuda which is heat ressitant.you can get it from US as there are hot areas as compared to UK.grass varieties for UK may not be heat tolerant.just compare the hot summers of our plains with the UK summers.Our high performance artificial grass products have already been widely adopted by many basketball court & top football pitches for instance Zaraj football club (ZFC) in Islamabad. Our company provides AstroTurf grass at a reasonable price. We are the only company in Pakistan who is selling top quality artificial grass at wholesale price. (Source: hazarapoolsystem.com)



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