Best Online Nursery for Perennials or

Best Online Nursery for Perennials or

Best Online Nursery for Perennials

I’m a huge supporter of local nurseries and garden centers. I also like to support my area garden groups and plant sales. But as any plant geek knows, you can’t get all of your needs met in one place. People often ask me for recommendations on where to order plants online. It’s helpful for gardeners to know about the best online plant retailers. I pulled together my list of companies that I’ve personally ordered plants from, so I can definitely vouch for them. I like them for all different reasons, and I hope they help meet some of your needs as well. Because if there’s one thing every gardener needs, it’s more plants! Nature Hills online nursery is an excellent place to shop for plants online. They have a GREAT selection (honestly, it’s huge) and often have free shipping on orders over a certain amount. The plants I’ve ordered were healthy but definitely on the small side. So, keep that in mind when you’re ordering.



“The plants are large so they are showy in your garden quickly. They aren’t the cheapest, but very much worth every penny. They specialize in daylilies, and container-grown hostas, hardy ferns, clematis and peonies. Another great nursery is Gilbert H. Wild of Sarcoxie, MO. They are the largest daylily nursery in the country, but also have a wide variety of perennials and spectacular Iris plants. They are huge!” Purchasing seeds, plants, shrubs and trees online certainly has its pros and cons. Most online nurseries are reputable and will provide you with a lot more variety than what you may find locally. They are are a great option to get exactly what you’re looking for. Just make sure you check their online refund policies and guarantees before making that purchase.There is no single online nursery that can fulfill the needs of every environmentally-aware American gardener. Each part of the country incorporates different habitats; the native plants that thrive in New England, for instance, would wither and die in the western desert.

The nurseries we’ve listed, however, share an environmental mission; a dedication to providing native plants and supporting gardeners as they help restore native grasses, trees, shrubs, flowers, and grasses; an awareness of the importance of plants for pollinators, birds, and other animals; and a focus on organic, sustainable plant cultivation.Many of us are raised with the idea that green lawns and roses are necessary for a beautiful garden. However, green lawns are environmentally-unfriendly while roses are native only to specific parts of the country—and many well-beloved garden plants can become problems in the wrong habitat. Some environmentally-aware nurseries provide services to help gardeners analyze their soil and water, select appropriate native and organic plants, and help them thrive.Featuring a large inventory of plant types and varieties, Spring Hill Nurseries offers ornamental trees, flowering vines, shrubs, perennial and annual flowering plants, rose bushes and climbing roses, and bulbs. Their curated collections feature plants that work well together to complement or create multiple types of gardens. They do not sell plants for vegetable gardens. (Source: www.bobvila.com)




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