Best Online Nursery

Best Online Nursery


Best Online Nursery

It is quite possible to buy from a "green" nursery, but not surprisingly, these nurseries tend to be smaller niche, unheard of companies. While no nursery is perfect, many fit the Treehugger philosophy. To help you with your search, we've rounded up the greenest, most well-rounded online nurseries.There is no single online nursery that can fulfill the needs of every environmentally-aware American gardener. Each part of the country incorporates different habitats; the native plants that thrive in New England, for instance, would wither and die in the western desert. The nurseries we’ve listed, however, share an environmental mission; a dedication to providing native plants and supporting gardeners as they help restore native grasses, trees, shrubs, flowers, and grasses; an awareness of the importance of plants for pollinators, birds, and other animals; and a focus on organic, sustainable plant cultivation.


In April, I ordered 2 top hat blueberry bushes (Vaccinium ‘Top Hat’) and skyracer purple moor grass (Molina caerulea ssp arundinacea ‘Skyracer’) from DirectGardening. I did not receive an email/order confirmation of any kind. I checked my order online, but it was not updated in their system. I had no idea if/when the plants would arrive. I knew it wasn’t looking good from the start.I’m a huge supporter of local nurseries and garden centers. I also like to support my area garden groups and plant sales. But as any plant geek knows, you can’t get all of your needs met in one place. People often ask me for recommendations on where to order plants online. It’s helpful for gardeners to know about the best online plant retailers. I pulled together my list of companies that I’ve personally ordered plants from, so I can definitely vouch for them. I like them for all different reasons, and I hope they help meet some of your needs as well. Because if there’s one thing every gardener needs, it’s more plants!

While buying indoor plants online in India might be new, Ugaoo is the top choice to buy live indoor plants online in India amongst home gardeners to get healthy premium quality plants delivered safely to their doorstep. We have a curated list of healthy indoor plants for home and office, ranging from succulents, flowering plants, herbs and vegetables, bonsai, to landscape plants to name a few. All our online plants have detailed information like plant care tips, growing conditions, plant FAQs, and all our indoor plants resemble the plant images shown online on our website. We guarantee safe and quick delivery of the best quality indoor live plants. One of the biggest online plant nurseries in India, we sell low-light indoor plants, plants for bedrooms, air-purifying plants, and pet-friendly plants of premium quality. Ugaoo is also a one-stop shop for all gardening tools, pesticides, fertilizers, and other plant online shopping needs. (Source:www.ugaoo.com)




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