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Twice this company has sent me broken and used item(s) after I paid for brand new items. These items were listed as new on their website. The first item was supposed to be a new Empire Axe Pro. I received the marker in the mail, and it was missing the manual, the battery was already installed in the marker, and it wasn't sealed in clear plastic. All strong evidence the marker box was atleast opened and most likely used. Furthermore, this marker can't shoot threw ONE hopper with out breaking multiple paintballs. I called empire, I tried all their troubleshooting suggestions. It still breaks paint. Ive been playing paintball since 2001, and I've never had a marker break this much paint. I tried three different brands of new paint, and I got a new freak barrel and inserts. Nothing worked. Second, I ordered Ninja Pro V2 SHP regulator for a different marker that was supposed to be new, and i received a crushed box, that wasn't even a labeled ninja box, with a regulator inside that has partially stripped threads and paintball fill/oils and dirt all over the pin area where air would enter my marker. I called ANS gear multiple times and they told me we don't accept used equipment. So let me get this right, ANA sends me used faulty equipment, and then won't take it back because its used. Ridiculous. (Source: www.bbb.org)

I was sent an incorrect item than the one i ordered and the one that is appearing on the receipt. None of the customer service agents or managers were willing to cooperate with my request and my consumer rights. I have numerously asked them to send me the correct item which they refused to after which i showed that since theyre unwilling to cooperate i will be under my consumer rights keeping the wrong item sent as well as requestion the correct one to be sent. This is the email i sent to their legal team which has not been yet responded to after 4 days. Hello there AnsGear management team, i hope you are doing well. My name is R***** and I am reaching out to you as ive reached an issue and your supervisors Jesse and Rob were unable to assist me in any other way other than hang up on me multiple times. So the situation is as Follows- I have purchased many items from ans gear for thousands of dollars, ive received quite a few wrong items over the last span of about a year. This time the order got messed up and i got sent the completely wrong marker. As i messaged your team I have asked them to ship the correct item to me which they refused. Claiming they wont until they receive the wrong item sent back to them. I myself, am aware of the law which clearly states that the return of the wrong item is purely optional on my end. I Out of courtesy offered them to return the wrong item right away after receiving the correct one, your team refused. As ive told them I will file a court claim if I have to , yet ive been trying to avoid that and have given numerous chances to do so. I will be giving you the sufficient time frame of 2 days to reply back to me with the shipment of the correct item. If a response regarding the matter isn't received by then I will no longer be willing to return the wrong item and will proceed tp get the correct one as well through court which will as you're obviously aware result in my favour costing you not only 2 markers but also court fees shipping fees customs and duties. (Source: www.bbb.org)

When I was contacted via phone by your associate, I appreciated that. Not only did he listen to my complaint regarding the B2K, he put together links so I could build the necessary parts to get the marker running. Enough though it meant spending more money, it was a step in the right direction. But I stopped hearing from your company and after no response for 8 days after my second complaint, I went to the BBB because as a consumer I didn't know how else to get you to listen to me.

I made my first order in the end of November because I wanted my fiancee to experience the joy of paintball with me. It's been over a month since that first order and I haven't been able to field her with the gear I thought she would enjoy using and the least you all could do is give me a damn human experience. (Source: www.bbb.org)

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