a American Meadows Reviews

a American Meadows Reviews

American Meadows Reviews

American Meadows is a great place to work. The teamwork and collaboration across departments is commendable and rare. A hard-working group of people having fun while doing good through gardening. Rare to find such a positive working environment where you can feel so good about the work you do, and the impact you're having on our planet. The seasonal nature of the business can mean some very busy and hectic days, but the environment, the team, and the subject matter (we are working with plants after all) outweigh the occasional chaos. Always adapting and changing, and reacting to both customer and staff feedback. Great place to work, fun team and opportunities to literally "dig in." A rare opportunity for hard-working, teamwork loving plant geeks. Bonus - there's snacks and puppies!



I worked with **** throughout the first of the year to find the perfect pre planned garden. It was important to me that the purchases were guaranteed, I read it on the site and **** and I talked about it. As a senior that guarantee gave me peace of mind....I wanted something beautiful blooming in the failed fountain for the residents that were limited by mobility and for all. I followed all of ****'s direction for soil prep. drainage, and planting ( Documenting all the stages in the process w/pictures). Unpacking/planting was my priority, there were 2 bulbs missing but waited contacting American Meadows til the plants started to grow..... Now, I'm looking at 3 fasiling plants. Everything else is flourishing so I called American Meadows about the issues, spoke to ****** who promply informed me that the plants are guaranteed...."As long as they have them in stock"! That was never written nor spoken. She was matter of fact going on and on about why they were out of stock only offered I could get/purchase bulbs in the Fall. I was so angry I hung up. I feel lied to and cheated for the 2 plants I didn't get and the 3 failed plants! Refund (cost of replacing plants) or Replacement of plants Now!

I have worked at American Meadows for a number of years and love coming to work everyday. We have a fun, spunky culture that allows you to feel creative and that you are working for a company that really cares not only about its employees, but also the work that we are doing. I have had many opportunities for professional growth in my career here and am continually learning and being challenged. I feel supported by my managers and that my opinion matters. I can choose to take work home if I wish, but there is also respect for your personal time and it is understood that some days you may clock out at the end of the day and that is okay too. While we may be a company that isn't well known like some of the other major start-up players in the Vermont landscape, we are a company that is going places. If anyone is smart, they will jump on the bandwagon now while we are growing so they can ride the wave to success. We ARE doing good through gardening. (Source: www.indeed.com)



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