Top 25 Famous Paintings

Top 25 Famous Paintings

Art is timeless and these 25 most famous paintings within the world are testaments to that. a chunk of art can transcend the time it absolutely was created. The artist might not comprehend it yet during the time he labors on his masterpiece but there’s no limit to its impact once it’s done. Art is so powerful it can influence our culture, society, and therefore the world.

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While it should not be the foremost lucrative job within the world to be an artist, history has proven that devotion to one’s craft can bring prestige and yes, even monetary gain. Some artists are fortunate enough to experience it while others didn’t live long enough to profit from it. Just have a look at the worth of the foremost expensive stolen paintings within the world. These artists probably had no concept their works would fetch innumerable dollars.


These popular paintings are curated supported their popularity, relevance to the days, and worldwide impact. We also factored in their contribution to the humanities generally (i.e. if it ushered during a new genre or triggered an art movement) and historical value. sculpturer once said, “The purpose of art is washing the dust of standard of living off our souls.” Let’s begin the cleansing and begin basking within the great thing about these paintings!


25. The Arnolfini Portrait by Jan van Eyck

This 1434 oil on oak painting goes by other names like The Arnolfini Wedding, The Arnolfini Marriage, and Portrait of Giovanni Arnolfini and his Wife. Created by Netherland native Jan old master, this iconic painting was acquired by the National Gallery of London in 1842. the person within the painting, Giovanni di Nicolao Arnolfini, could be a member of a merchant family from Lucca. Contrary to what most of the people think, his wife isn't pregnant within the painting.

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The convex mirror behind the couple is one in every of the foremost notable parts of the painting because of its attention to detail. The glistening chandelier also reflected Realism at its finest. it's the oldest painting ever rendered in oil and Eyck is thought because the first to ever master oil painting. If the piece is auctioned today, it might fetch for over $123 million.

24. Dogs Playing Poker by C.M. Coolidge

Cassius Marcellus Coolidge is an American artist known for creating the Dogs Playing Poker series. it's composed of 16 paintings created in 1903 for Brown & Bigelow, an advertising firm. Seared into American consciousness, the foremost popular add this series may be a Friend in Need where you see two dogs cheat with one passing an ace to the opposite. before the commissioned series, Coolidge created the poker in 1894, which was sold on November 18, 2015, at an auction at Sotheby’s for $658,000. His two other paintings A Bold Bluff and Waterloo were sold at $590,400 in 2005.

When it involves its popularity, critic Annette Ferrara has this to mention, “These signature works, for better or worse, are indelibly burned into the subconscious slide library of even the foremost un–art historically inclined person through their incessant reproduction on all manner of pop ephemera: calendars, t–shirts, coffee mugs, the occasional advertisement. The difference with Coolidge’s most famous image and these others, however, is that Coolidge’s subjects seem to own gambling problems and, one surmises, doggy breath.”

23. Under the downplay Kanagawa by painter

Known as the foremost famous Asian painting, Under the background Kanagawa (The Great Wave) ranks 23rd in our list of most famous paintings within the world. it's a woodblock print created by painter sometime between 1830 and 1832. it's a part of the Thirty-six Views of Mount Fiji series. While the general public will notice the breathtaking waves during this painting, the Mount Fiji is at the middle of it. Hokusai became famous for his clever use of indigo and Prussian blue. His impressive juxtaposition of the humongous wave foreground and tiny mountain background is what makes this painting spectacular.

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These prints are currently displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in ny, the Art Institute in Chicago, l. a. County Museum of Art, British Museum in London, and National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne. Hokusai is thought to possess used the Ukiyo-e technique or the japanese art of making woodblock prints and paintings. the nice Wave is one among the foremost reproduced prints within the world. you'll find it on John Mayer’s album cover, the water wave emoji, and Quicksilver logo.


22. A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of los angeles Grande Jatte by painter

Displayed at The Art Institute of Chicago, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of los angeles Grande Jatte was created in 1884. This masterpiece is that the largest and most famous work of French painter George Seurat. He used the pointillism technique during this artwork, creating minuscule dots to color. These tiny dots appear solid when viewed from afar. he's known for being a master of complementary colors and Parisian life.

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Seurat was once quoted saying, “I want to create modern people, in their essential traits, move about as they are doing on those friezes, and place them on canvases organized by harmonies of color.” On May 1886, the painting had its biggest exposure at the eighth Impressionist exhibition.


21. Las Meninas by Diego Velázquez

Painted in 1656, the Las Meninas was created during the Baroque period by Spanish Golden Age leading artist Diego Velázquez. This masterpiece is currently exhibited at the Museo del Prado in Madrid, Spain. The setting depicts Infanta Margarita Teresa surrounded by her meninas namely María Agustina Sarmiento and Isabel de Velasco, chamberlain José Nieto, chaperone Marcela de Ulloa, two dwarfs Mari Bárbola and Nicolasito Pertusato, and a mastiff.

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This was created during the reign of King Philip IV of Spain, who made an appearance within the painting through a portrait hanging on the wall together with his wife Mariana of Austria. it's the primary painting within a painting. Velázquez painted himself within the artwork moreover, gaining the reputation as probably the world’s first photobomb. This masterpiece is understood for its multi-layered meanings and day-in-life or genre.

20. Massacre of the Innocents by Peter Paul Rubens

The Massacre of the Innocents ranks 20th in our list of most famous paintings within the world. It depicts the killing of infants in Bethlehem as narrated in Matthew 2:13-18. Created between 1611 and 1612, Flemish artist Peter Paul Rubens painted two versions of this piece 25 years apart. Rubens learned from Baroque masters like Caravaggio as seen in his vibrant colors, evocative emotions, and Chiaroscuro technique.

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In 2002, the painting was sold at a Sotheby’s auction for £49.5 million or $76.7 million and was donated by the client, Kenneth Thompson, to the gallery of Ontario. it had been the most important gift ever made to a Canadian cultural institution. This piece is one in every of the foremost iconic Flemish Baroque artworks.


19. Bal du moulin de la Galette (Dance at Le Moulin de la Galette) by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Known as the foremost important 1870s Impressionist work of Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Bal du moulin de la Galette that ranks 19th in our list of most famous paintings within the world is currently displayed at the Musée d’Orsay in Paris. It's an outline of the vivacious atmosphere of the famous dance garden on Butte Montmartre. The colorful brushstrokes made the scene more alive and invigorating. It's considered one among the foremost celebrated masterpieces of Impressionism.

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Renoir accustomed attend Sunday dances at the Moulin de la Galette, an open-air ballroom and café often visited by artists in Paris. It then became the setting of his famous painting. This piece is additionally called one among the happiest paintings in his body of labor.


18. The Son of Man by Rene Magritte

Belgian surrealist painter created a self-portrait within the 1964 painting The Son of Man. It's currently held in a very private collection. Magritte said that this artwork is about humanity. In an interview he said, “Everything we see hides another thing, we always want to determine what's hidden by what we see, but it's impossible. Humans hide their secrets too well…There is an interest therein which is hidden and which the visible doesn't show us.”

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This painting inspired the film Thomas Crown Affair starring Pierce Brosnan. Magritte’s artwork also appeared within the movies Stranger than Fiction and Days of Summer. It also made a brief stint in Michael Jackson’s music video Scream. Artist Rockwell created a contemporary version of this piece as an homage to Magritte. He named it Mr. Apple.


17. School of Athens by Raphael

Also referred to as Scuola di Atene, this famous Italian fresco that ranks 17th in our list of most famous paintings within the world is found at the Apostolic Palace in city. Renaissance artist Raphael worked on this from 1509 to 1511. It depicted the gathering of the best philosophers, mathematicians, and scientists discussing and exchanging insights. Philosophers Plato (left) and Aristotle (right) are seen within the middle of the painting. Pythagoras, Ptolemy, Euclid, and Zoroaster are also seen within the magnificent fresco.

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School of Athens is one of the four frescoes painted by Raphael. It's one of the most effective samples of artistic style art. The fresco is Raphael’s greatest masterpiece. Since then, there are multiple copies of the painting. One is by Anton Raphael Mengs in 1755 found at the Victoria and Albert Museum. In the US, it may be found at the University of Virginia, University of North Carolina, and Baylor University in Texas.


16. No. 5, 1948 by Pollock

Created by American Abstract Expressionist painter Jackson Pollock, No. 5, 1948 ranks 16th in our list of most famous paintings within the world. it absolutely was done on a fiberboard eight feet high and 4 feet wide. It's an abstract of mainly brown, gray, white with drizzles of yellow. Pollock’s contribution to the abstract movement is his drip painting technique, and he was called Jack the Dripper due to this. This system gave birth to “action painting.” Pollock’s masterpiece once fetched for $140 million in 2006 or $4 million per area unit.

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The band The Stone Roses alluded to the painting within the song happening (“she appears like a painting, Jackson Pollock’s Number 5”). it absolutely was also central to the multi-awarded, 2015 movie Ex Machina wherein Nathan Bateman played by Oscar Isaac used the painting as an example for Caleb Smith played by Domhanall Gleeson.


15. American Gothic by Wood

This iconic painting that ranks 15th in our list of most famous paintings within the world was created in 1940 by American painter. American Gothic is currently housed at the Art Institute of Chicago. It had been one of the foremost popular artworks within the 20th century. He was inspired by the Dibble House or now referred to as the American Gothic House. Wood asked his sister Nan and dentist Dr. McKeeby to be the models of the realistic painting. This painting paved the way for the social movement called Regionalism, depicting the sweetness of rural settings.

According to his biographer, Wood tried to convey “borrowed pretentiousness” as seen within the Gothic window on a “flimsy-frame house.” This painting has been parodied over and over with couples dressing up and taking pictures before the house. It's been featured within the movie The Rocky Horror film, the Broadway show The Music Man, and television show Green Acres.


14. Whistler’s Mother by James McNeill Whistler

Originally called Arrangement in Grey and Black No. 1, this masterpiece that ranks 14th in our list of most famous paintings within the world was created by American painter James McNeill Whistler in 1871. The muse during this painting is none apart from his mother, Anna McNeill Whistler. His intention for this painting was to create it a study in color and form. Currently exhibited at the Musée d’Orsay in Paris, this artwork is one amongst the foremost renowned paintings by an American artist outside of the US.

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The painting was a strong symbol during the good Depression depicting mothers stoically facing hardships. President Frankin Roosevelt commissioned it to be used as a Mother’s Day stamp. it had been seen in films like I'm Legend, The biscuit, Sing and prefer it, and Babette’s Feast. it had been even central to the story of the movie Bean. It had been also a part of Don Delillo’s novel Underworld. The painting was recreated in one of the photo shoots in America’s Next Top Model Cycle 5.


13. Self-Portrait Without Beard by Vincent Gogh

This is the primary of the 2 Vincent Vincent van Gogh paintings in our list of most famous paintings within the world! Created in 1889, Self-Portrait Without Beard is one among Vincent Van Gogh’s famous paintings. It's a portrait of himself oil painted on canvas. Van Gogh painted the piece for her mother, Anna Cornelia Carbentus Vincent van Gogh for her 70th birthday. Shortly after, he committed suicide.

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The gift was his way of reassuring his mom that he was doing well. But clearly, he wasn’t. van Gogh created the painting while he was still at St. Paul’s Hospital in Saint-Rémy. For its compelling story and iconic image, this masterpiece definitely deserves a spot on our list of 25 most famous paintings within the world. In 1998, it absolutely was sold for $71.5 million at a Christie’s auction.


12. Guernica by sculpturer

Known as Pablo Picasso’s famous work, Guernica, the subsequent one in our list of most famous paintings within the world is recognized collectively of the foremost powerful anti-war paintings ever created. This 1937 mural-sized masterpiece is currently housed at Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid. it's 11 feet tall and 25 feet wide! Picasso based his painting on the Hitler-sanctioned bombing of Guernica, a village with no military threat. The painting went on a world tour within the 1940s to support Spanish refugees.

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Monochromatic with varying reminders of black, gray, and white, the mural showed lots of people at the Paris World’s Fair shortly after it had been created. Guernica made the cubism technique famous. This Picasso masterpiece contains a global and historical impact like no other.


11. The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali

Created in 1931, The Persistence of Memory that ranks 11th in our list of most famous paintings within the world is one of Salvador Dali’s most prominent paintings. it's currently displayed at the Museum of Contemporary Art. The painting is additionally popularly called The Melting Watches or The Soft Watches. it had been the artwork that put Dali’s name on the map. He said that he created this painting “to systematize confusion and thus to assist discredit completely the planet of reality.”

Dali resorted to self-inflicted hallucination to travel to his creative place during a process called paranoiac-critical method. Many art critics believe that this painting could be a nod to Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. The painting has been referenced in popular culture repeatedly. it absolutely was featured in Doctor Who, The Simpsons, Hey Arnold, Sesame Street, Futurama, Far Side comics, and video games Earthbound and Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced.


10. The middle watch by Rembrandt

This famous Baroque art painted by Rembrandt van Rijn was created in 1642. It's currently housed at the Amsterdam Museum and called one among the foremost prominent paintings within the Dutch Golden Age. The setting of the painting that ranks 10th in our list of most famous paintings within the world is really during the day that the title is just about inconsistent. The more accurate title for this is often the “Officers and Men of the corporate of Captain Frans Banning Cocq and Lieutenant Wilhelm van Ruytenburgh.”

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The watch could be a portrait of civil guardsmen of Netherlands. Rembrandt was commissioned by town of Amsterdam to try and do this. The painting was reenacted within the 1982 film Passion. It inspired the musical works of composer and Ayreon. it had been also the topic of the 2007 film Nightwatching and was parodied in an exceedingly Terry Pratchett book cover.


9. Water Lilies by Monet

Inspired by his own garden in Giverny, Claude Monet’s Water Lilies, definitely one of the foremost famous paintings within the world, is one among the 250 paintings on the identical subject. The daddy of Impressionism created this piece in 1916 and is currently displayed at the Art Institute of Chicago. He painted this stunning masterpiece despite having a cataract at that point. His obsession on “water landscapes” was reflected on his repeated artworks on water lilies.

This painting broke the boundaries of Impressionism. He described his creation as, “the illusion of an endless whole, of water without horizon or bank.” rather than having a view of nature at a field or seaside like what most Impressionists did, Monet changed it by immersing you within the view of the lily pond, taking viewers within rather than keeping them treed.


8. The Kiss by painter

Known as one in every of the proponents of art movement style, Austrian painter Gustav Klimt could be a true creator of decorative masterpieces. The Kiss ranks 8th in our list of most famous paintings within the world and it's Klimt’s most well-liked work and is exhibited at the Österreichische Galerie Belvedere museum in Vienna. He used layers of gold paint and gold foil to bring these kissing lovers to life. The painting is taken into account because the symbol of Viennese Art Noveau.

The Kiss is one amongst the first kinds of the humanities and Crafts movement and doubtless the foremost influential piece within the Art Noveau genre. Syrian artist Tammam Azzam superimposed this image on one among the bullet-ridden buildings in Syria. His digital art went viral as a variety of awareness about the continued war within the country.


7. The Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer

We are continuing our list of most famous paintings within the world with this 1902 masterpiece by Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer which is currently displayed at the Mauritshuis Royal gallery in Netherlands. The initial title of Vermeer’s creation is Girl with a Turban. This painting is usually called The Dutch Mona Lisa. it absolutely was believed that the girl was Maria, Vermeer’s eldest daughter.

In 1999, Tracy Chevalier wrote a unique with the identical title. In 2003, a movie was supported The Girl with a Pearl Earring novel and from it, a play was produced in 2008. Vermeer’s artwork also appeared within the 2007 film St. Trinian’s.


6. The Birth of Venus by Alessandro di Mariano dei Filipepi

One of the foremost celebrated works of the Renaissance era, The Birth of Venus, the quantity 6 in our list of most famous paintings within the world, was created by Italian artist Sandro Botticelli. It's currently exhibited at the Uffizi Gallery Museum in Florence, Italy. The painting was believed to be created sometime between 1482 and 1485. It absolutely was supported Homer’s writings on Venus, the goddess of affection, emerging from the ocean.

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The nudity of Venus was a giant step for the humanities at a time when Christian themes were predominant. It opened the doors for mythological and historical themes. Thanks to its immense size (6’x 9’), it's called the “first large-scale canvas created in Renaissance Florence.”


5. The Scream by Edvard Munch

Created in 1903 by Norwegian painter Edvard Munch, The Scream is termed “an icon of contemporary art.” The painting that ranks 5th in our list of most famous paintings within the world was an expression of his inner torment, and this gave birth to the art style we now know as Expressionism. Munich defined how we view our age “wracked with anxiety and uncertainty.” Two versions of this painting are at the National Gallery in Oslo, and another one is at the Munch Museum. In 2012, the last version of The Scream was sold at the Sotheby’s for $119.9 million.

The painting is on the duvet of Arthur Janov’s book The Primal Scream. Warhol made silk prints of Munch’s famous artwork. Macaulay Culkin’s Home Alone face was inspired by this painting. Cartoonist Gary Larson did a tribute to Munch’s masterpiece, too. The foremost famous popular culture allusion of the painting was the mask used for the horror movies Scream. The “face screaming in fear” emoji was also supported by the famous artwork.


4. The Creation of Adam by Michaelangelo

Located within the Sistine Chapel, The Creation of Adam, the following one in our list of most famous paintings within the world, was painted Michaelangelo from 1508-1512. The fresco was supported the Book of Genesis when God breathed life into Adam. This breathtaking fresco is undeniably one in all the nice jewels of Western art. It shows the grandeur of God and therefore the humanity of man. Michaelangelo’s achievement was recognized as superhuman within the world of art. And for its majestic grandeur, it truly is.

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A lot of popular culture art was created from this renowned artwork. The movie poster of E.T. was a nod to the current painting. The Creation of Muppet by parody artist James Hance recreated the scene with Kermit the Frog as Adam and puppeteer as God. within the comic books, it had been reimagined by artist Keith Giffen within the Legion of Superheroes #294 when Darkseid attacked Shadow Lass and lightweight Lass.


3. The Seder by Leonardo sculptor

The first of the 2 Leonardo technologist paintings on our list is that the Passover supper, ranks 3rd in our list of most famous paintings within the world. It had been created sometime between 1495 and 1498. The ginormous mural is 15 feet high and 29 feet wide. It's housed in a very convent at Santa Maria Delle Grazie in Milan. The scene was taken from John 13:21 wherein Jesus predicted His betrayal. Engineer used a replacement technique for this masterpiece by painting tempera paint on stone.

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Da Vinci was referred to as a Renaissance Man for his contributions as an artist, scientist, engineer, inventor, author, and humanist. the attitude lines radiating from the pinnacle of Christ indicate that he's the focus of the painting and that they blend with the ceilings and walls. He was also well framed by the doorway, providing the contrast from the skin view. This designer formula has since been copied and have become the quality for artists creating symbolic paintings.


2. Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh

At number two in our list of most famous paintings within the world, we've this majestic painting created in June 1889 from Vincent Van Gogh’s asylum window at Saint-Paul-de-Mausole. He wrote to his brother Theo about his inspiration saying, “This morning I saw the countryside from my window an extended time before sunrise, with nothing but the Phosphorus, which looked very big.” Starry Night is currently housed at the Museum of Recent Art in the big apple City.

1-Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa is one of the most famous paintings in the world. It is a portrait of women drawn by an Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci. It is one of the most famous works of art. Mona Lisa is the most written, most visited and the most acclaimed famous painting in the world.

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