Photoshoot ideas:How do you do a photoshoot at home?

Photoshoot ideas:How do you do a photoshoot at home?



Everyone has some God-given abilities. If man finds this God-given ability within himself, he can certainly progress.

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Photoshoot is an awful skill,almost we all take pictures in our regular routine but every person don't know about that how can he take picture perfectly and creative photography.Some photos take attention of people very soon,because professional photographers who knows well about the criteria to take good image.


Don't try to be confuse, because we are not here to give you lectures on professionalism.Actually we will suggest some basic ideas of a perfect photoshoot at home.That you can start without any investments in purchasing of different gadgets of photoshoot to take photos at home.Lets discuss the ideas one by one


Are you currently stuck at home and getting bored?Thinking about where and how you can create something inspirational. So,well there is a will ,there is a way.


We have many things at home which can help us in good photo shoot at home and showing inner talent without any studio lights.Here are my favourite hone photoshoot ideas to inspire your next photoshoot from food to play with light shadows.

Creative photoshoot ideas at home

If you are trying to think of different creational ideas for where to start your photo shoot, then I am here to share with you a bunch of amazing ideas with 0% investing money. Make them around to find the best perspective.

You can take photos with props at your home.


Mirror Photo Shoot


Yes,a mirror can work like magic in your photoshoot.I recommend you to always try manual mode of your cam at home and start photo shooting yourself in the mirror with different styles.


It's best idea for bloggers and their instagram pages,set your mirror near the window, when sunlight comes and make shadow then take photo.It will give an amazing look to your blog post.

Like in this picture, the girl is capturing her picture while covering the room accessories.The image quality is also good which shows that she uses sunlight and photography tips.

Curtains and bed sheets photography


Don't overthink,yes I wrote bed sheets and curtains. If somebody plays a role of model and holds a corner of a bed sheet or curtain in black mode cam then imagine how the model would look?You can use curtains and bed sheets as a beautiful background as well.

Look at this beautiful bride and background, there is no high quality decoration. They just used normal curtains.

It's a great creative photography idea to use a plain bedsheet like this.In the dark room,it will give the look of another world. It doesn't need any studio light.

Photography ideas with family members indoor


Take random photos of your siblings,parents and couples of your family without noticing them.When couples are busy in gossiping and looking at each other with love,then it's the right time to click.

Mess of siblings is a creative fun idea

When siblings are busy in creating mess and naughty activities, save them in your camera click.

Like this, they are all busy enjoying themselves but someone captured this lovely moment.

Artificial Lights photoshoot ideas


You can use artificial lights.Artificial lights help in capturing clear photos despite using studio lights if you can't afford them.

Led lights

You can use led lights as a necklace,wrapping them around yourself will give a colorful look.You can also hang lights on the wall as your background. 

If you know how to use wide apertures (f4 or lower)to get the lights blurry(this effect is known as broken).To accomplish this,wrap some stringed lights around your camera and take pictures. The fairy lights create a perfect bokeh look.Artificial lights will give a romantic and smooth look.


Natural light photoshoot ideas

Natural light is a free source for sunny day shoot.If you are shooting indoors with windows then sunlight will play a vital role to make you more beautiful. 


Sun light portrait photography technically, natural light portrait photography could be done indoors or on a sunny day if you have enough sunlight to work with.

Try to take funny action photos of your subject,this enables you to augment the natural light and take a shot that will rival the finest world.


Creative photography with toys


Toys photography can be used in kids blogs or try to take photos of your favourite toy in different places at home.

Pets photoshoot


If you love pets and want to show their poses to the world, then it's best to start photoshooting with your lovely pets.Some people love dogs,cats or birds ,it's all up to your choice how you want to start photography.

Flowers photoshoot


Flowers are the most beautiful thing for a photoshoot,you can pose with a bouquet, as well as a single flower.

Decoration with flowers

Decorating a wall,table,bed or any place with fresh flowers will give a classic look to your photoshoot. Take your photo of picking flowers. I am sure this would look great with the variety of flowers. They also don't have to be expensive. You can put dried flowers into water,use what you have. Throw petals in the air and capture this moment,it will work amazingly. 

Bathtub photoshoot 


Make a milk bath and fill it with fruit and flowers for a romantic photoshoot. Bathtub photography of couples will give you a classy look.

Photography with books


If reading is your hobby and you have a library or small stock of books at home then it's a best idea to show your hobby through photoshoot.  reading, capture random pictures, keep the books on the shelf as a background and take pictures,keep the book in the zooming mode of the camera and take photos of words with your hands.

Food and drink photoshoot


Food and drink is normally the most famous trick of home photography. Just maintain your dining table with some decoration of food and colourful flowers,then add some glasses of drink and capture. You can also capture diner time pictures of your family members on the dining table. 

This family luckily captured this moment forever. 

For the breakfast photoshoot, sunlight plays an important role.

This is a picture of a perfectly maintained dining table. They added candles and flowers. 

Gobo photoshoot


A Gobo is a term that originated in the film,it is one of our favourite photoshoot ideas that capture the screens of movies or TV.Concept movies and TV can be a great source of photo ideas and inspiration. 


Couple photoshoot


Capture random photos of couples in your home,you can make some moments memorable by capturing immediate shots.Like romantic moments, naughty moments, funny moments etc.

7They are busy in gossips, totally unaware of surroundings.

Wedding photography

If you are a good photographer then you don't need to spend money on photoshoots by hiring others.Just start clicking every function, each moment with your camera. Wedding shots of couples will give you a good response on social media as well. 

This type of movement photos take attention of others.Like the couple is not giving attention to camera directly. 

Winter photoshoot 


Winter brings many cold moments with it.In many areas just rainy nights create an environment of movie scenes.Try to capture rainy nights with an umbrella.

Snow photoshoot

if there is snow then no need to think,just hold the camera and start taking shots of lovely snow. You can use led light on snow for colourful images.

Snow in day can also gives an awesome look during the tea or coffee time.

Summer photoshoot 


In summer ,kids mostly like to take showers in tubs as well as other family members in swimming pools, so they irritate them with their showering photos. 

Balloons photoshoot


Balloons and flowers are the most awesome and inexpensive things which you can use in any place for good photography. Hold the balloons in your hand or see in the air in the direction of balloons for shots. 

Basically this is a simple just two balloons but after this there is no need of any decoration.

Newborn baby photography 


Capturing innocent moments of little angels always gives pleasure to us.You couldn't miss these special events of theirs.


Closeup portrait photoshoot


Close up portrait is the most beautiful thing to capture. Just close up with your eye and capture your emotions. 

Backyard Photoshoot 

If you have a beautiful backyard,then you don't need to go to any park or outside areas for a photoshoot.Make your backyard beautiful with plants and colourful stones,it will enhance the beauty of your house as well as give you a beautiful place for simple photoshoot or for events. 

Just wear a beautiful dress and go to the backyard in natural light,sit down on grass in a comfortable style and say to someone to capture this moment. You can lay down on grass with colourful stones around and flowers in your hand.You can also take photos in standing mode as you stand with any plant and pick a leaf while taking a photo.Your backyard ideas will give you a more natural look.This is a perfect mixture of sunlight with backyard beauty. 

Magazines photoshoot

We all have old magazines or newspapers at our homes.You can make beautiful backgrounds with magazines.Yes,you can ,as with the magazine pages where the models were styling,just take these pages and put it in dirty walls with some space and different angles. From this,you can create a background with a modeling look.If you don't want to make it a background, then you can take pictures with magazines in your hand while sitting on a massage chair or for breakfast or dining. 

We often see in movies or series, they must shoot breakfast time with newspapers or magazines because it gives a trendy look.So,you must try this business or model look.


As we already gave you some ideas of wallpaper with bed sheets,curtains and magazines as well.

You can also buy wallpaper at a reasonable price for your walls to give them a trendy look.It will save your time and expense of photoshop.With a beautiful wallpaper you can try any look,such as,modeling,couple shooting, formal look, birthday or wedding celebrations etc.

You have seen in magazines that models were styling with different backgrounds, they all are wallpapers or photoshop. 

The main purpose is to make your home photography more beautiful and stylish. So,if you can't afford wallpaper, you can try another thing which we have suggested to you before but if you can purchase it then we recommend that you must go for it.

Your hobby

Everyone has some hobbies for time pass or for fun.You can give a professional look to your hobby as if you love to create new things from old decoration pieces,you can shoot all the steps one by one.If your hobby is painting then say someone to capture you while you are painting or use a tripod is the best option. 

If you like cooking then photoshoot your dishes with a good presentation and post them on Instagram or any social media account. 

If you like gardening, then shoot every morning with your plants and flowers and tell your followers how they can spend time at home with this type of activity. As some common hobbies I mentioned above,but if you have another one then you can work on it freely,it's all up to you.

Your Products 

Nowadays everybody is obsessed with beauty products,there is no discrimination of men or women,all are using products of their choice.

So,you often notice if we meet with our friends after sometime or a couple of months,they start noticing changes in our skin and ask about the products which we use.

Then instead of telling everyone about your products names,just take photos of them with a good caption and details of products and display them on your Instagram accounts.If you have a huge following list on your Instagram then it will give you and these products popularity.You can also make money from this way,as with the publicity of products you can make customers and take commission.But in spite of this topic of earning,our purpose is to tell you about the photoshoot idea at home,so you must try this.

Golden Hour

Almost every youtuber,instagram and Facebook user must capture golden hour many times because it gives posts or vlogs a natural look.

We see many movie scenes with golden hour. Golden hour is considered as 20 to 30 minutes around sunset or sunrise every day.So,it's absolutely free to capture golden hour from home.

You can take your pictures with this as standing in the yellowish light of the sun.It will look amazing. It's the basic photoshoot idea which anyone can shoot from any place.We recommend you must try this.


As we discussed above about golden hour, you can capture your shadow at this time or any time in sunlight. There are some tips for capturing photos without shadows to confuse your friends as they stand in sunlight with the opposite direction.In this mode,you can capture your picture without shadow in sunlight. 

One more tip is that, take a tissue roll and fix it on the back of your phone.This will capture your picture in circular form without shadow.You can try different poses for this of your choice.Your purpose should be to give a classy look.

Makeup photography ideas

Do you use makeup in your daily routine?Or just use it for functions?Actually you should use makeup in your daily routine with different looks for photography at home.Try different looks every day,such as bright makeup,normal makeup look,party makeup look,bridal makeup look,casual makeup look,dark eye makeup, smokey eye makeup but other face makeup should be light.

You can try all these looks one by one every day then capture pictures of your face and post them with makeup details. You can just take your makeup products pictures, without your face,in case you want to tell your friends or fans about your makeup.

Daily Comfy Look photography

If you capture your every moment, then you should also take photos of your comfy look.

When you wake up in the morning,just try to take pictures in a messy look.Yes,it's a little bit funny but you should try this because we see the celebrities in morning messy look for the fans.

You can tell others your daily routine,starting your day with your camera with every step and every look capturing, your exercise looks with tips in caption,breakfast routine, then dress up with new look pictures,going to job,having lunch, tea time with colleagues,backup from job,your car starring pictures while driving, dinner and then sleep time routine.

You can shoot all these one by one and post it on Instagram or make a blog for fan following because they want to look at you in comfy style as well as they want to know about your daily routine.

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