Light purple

Light purple

Light purple

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Brochure template layout, Purple cover design, business annual report, flyer, magazine Set of four vertical brochure templates with abstract and geometric backgrounds. Modern and trendy background with color gradients (colors used: Orange, Pink, Purple, Blue, Turquoise, Green). Can be used for different designs, such as brochure, cover design, magazine, business annual report, flyer, leaflet, presentations... Template for your design, with space for your text. The layers are named to facilitate your customization. Vector Illustration (EPS10, well layered and grouped). Easy to edit, manipulate, resize or colorize. light purple background stock illustrations

Modern abstract background - Pink gradient Modern and trendy abstract background with two symmetrical folds diagonally. This illustration can be used for your design, with space for your text (colors used: Red, Pink, Purple, Blue). Vector Illustration (EPS10, well layered and grouped), wide format (3:2). Easy to edit, manipulate, resize or colorize. light purple background stock illustrations (Source: www.istockphoto.com)


The tone of Tyrian purple displayed above is that tone of Tyrian purple which was the color of "clotted blood", which was considered the tone having the most prestige in ancient Greece and Rome, as recorded by Pliny the Elder. However, the actual tone varied depending on how the dye was formulated. Lesser royal houses that wanted to economize could mix Tyrian purple dye with the much less expensive indigo to create a color closer to violet.

In formal color theory, purple colors often refer to the colors on the line of purples on the CIE chromaticity diagram (or colors that can be derived from colors on the line of purples), i.e., any color between red and violet, not including either red or violet themselves. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

happen to follow Munsell color system (introduced in 1905 and used since 1930 by a large number of artists in the United States, but by much fewer artists outside the US), may regard purple as being synonymous with the red-violet color shown at right, represented by the web color medium violet red. Munsell included purple as a color hue in his color system, but he did not do so for violet as he did not need it as a label for his system (just like the hue term orange is not used in Munsell's system). If defined as blue-dominated colors between blue and red, violet colors in Munsell's system would be classified as having the 7.5PB and 10.0PB hue, which is confirmed in visual experimentsThe truly purple color, defined as being within the range of the red-dominated colors between red and blue, is sometimes confusingly labeled as red-violet color, or more correctly artist's purple. It is the pigment color that would be on a pigment color color wheel between pigment violet and pigment (process) magenta. In the Munsell color system, this color at its maximum chroma of 12 is called Red-Purple, or more specifically MunArtists' pigments and colored pencils labeled as purple are typically colored the red-violet color shown at right. On an RYB color wheel, the so-called red-violet color is the color between red and violet. (Source:sell 5RP. (Source:

Using additive colors such as those on computer screens, it is possible to create a much brighter purple than with pigments where the mixing subtracts frequencies from the component primary colors. The equivalent color on a computer to the pigment color red-violet shown above would be this electric purple, i.e. the much brighter purple you can see reproduced on the screen of a computer. This color is pure purple conceived as computer artists conceive it, as the color on the color wheel halfway between color wheel violet and electric magenta. Thus, electric purple is the purest and brightest purple that it is possible to display on a computer screen. Its RGB code is (191, 0, 255).

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