Life photo (Photography) – Future Starr

Life photo (Photography) – Future Starr

Life photo (Photography) – Future Starr

Life is full of seasons. In each stage of your life, you met with different situations and different seasons. These seasons and situations change your life.

1.     Spring/Birth: Spring relates to birth. As the spring season comes, flowers bloom and the birds chirping fills the mornings and evenings with happiness.

2.     Summer/Teenage: Summer represents the full sunshine. The sunshine of a teenager full of busy along with hard work. Summer is hot, so is young blood.

3.     Monsoon: Monsoon signifies the short period of life, the harshness of the summer season, and the period in your life when you start earning. A life photo can be explained with these seasons. In monsoon, you will get paid for the hard work you have done in the form of rain.

4.     Autumn/Middle age: A season when the old leaves say you goodbye and fill up your life with new leaves. Just like old people leave the new ones born and us.

5.       Winter/death: Winter relates your life to death. Yes, just like death, it's the coldest time of the year when life is hard. Winter is the end of things.



Every season has its specialties and relates your life with its specialties. Live your life to the fullest and be nice to everyone. Life is too short to lose your temper.

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