Lauren Kwei: West Virginia's Native Dreamer

Lauren Kwei: West Virginia's Native Dreamer

Lauren Kwei: West Virginia's Native Dreamer

Lauren Kwei is a professional photographer, entrepreneur, and dreamer. Currently, she is an Instructor at the Light and Motion Institute and is the founder and CEO of BH Images LLC. She is a self-taught photographer who has also attended college through the Institute for American Indian Studies. A native of West Virginia with a craving for adventure. She took with her Lauren is a person who has never questioned dreams and always trusts her intuition.

The real shame here is that the 23-year-old couldn’t survive off her salary as a medical worker. Not that she turned to the picture-sharing app, as millions of Americans have done during the pandemic (Source: www.rollingstone.com)

NYC paramedic Lauren Kwei's Instagram Scandal

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Lauren Kwei, a New York City paramedic with nearly 700 thousand Instagram followers. Ignited a firestorm of controversy when she posted a now-deleted post on her social media page depicting herself wearing a "Medicare for All" shirt. An ironic statement is given that the government program will not exist until January 2026. Her Instagram has since been deleted, but the posts went viral all the same--and they're not the only ones.

A young NYC paramedic says she is so cash-strapped from her low-paying ambulance job. She moonlighted by selling online access to erotic photos and videos of herself. (Source: nypost.com)

Meet the paramedic Lauren Kwei who was outed with his or her fandom by the "New," according to the Huffington Post.

One of her "marks" was a man who said he was looking for "nudes," which, were photos of her in

Lauren Kwei demeaned.

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This one paramedic in New York wants to prove that expensive education is not the only way to achieve success. Lauren Kwei has created a YouTube channel where she shares her experience of living in New York in front of the camera. And, in her own opinion, her experience is different.

Lauren Kwei photographs herself in scantily-clad Instagram photos to make ends meet in NYC

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Lauren Kwei's photographs were shared on Facebook and were enough to spark a scandal and controversy among the paramedics assigned. Assigned, and online fans who couldn't help but take notice of the photos. This comparison to another paramedic, another photographer, and the other side, the other side, the other side, further added to the controversy.

Lauren Kwei founded the campaign to support her after her article was published.

Lauren Kwei founded the campaign to support her after her article was published.

Finding a therapist

Some people have a startling need to be loved, others have a disdain for the world. Lauren Kwei experienced both. This native West Virginian is known for her constant struggles in balancing a career. With a passion for photography and a host of personal insecurities. Which is why when she snapped a shot in a bikini recently, she was met with both widespread approval and criticism from the public. Here's why she's a vital member of society.

Who is Lauren Kwei? NYC Medic risks losing job

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Lauren Kwei, a paramedic in New York City, risked losing their job after supporting a racist movement while spreading photos for their Instagram account. Kwei intended for their Instagram account to serve as a platform for proud boy and misogynist ideals that has spurned backlash across the nation.

And why should we care about Lauren Kwei

Lauren Kwei is a single mom who was featured in The Huffington Post criticizing the negative stereotypes associated with being a single mother. Both in her native West Virginia and in New York City. When she became pregnant after years of toil. Emma Watson recognized that her current profession was not feasible under the circumstances. To which she could afford to afford spousal support, childcare, and tutoring. Instead, she chose to teach her daughter at home in the company of her daughter's father through online programs.

GoFundMe's donation page to support Lauren Kwei

When Lauren Kwei's story of how she got into the paramedic became a scandal in the business community. She was the one who didn't want to be a scandal. But when her story was leaked to "New York," Kwei realized that it wasn't going to go away. With the help of enthusiastic fans across the country, her GoFundMe page ended up becoming a fundraiser to raise awareness about mental illness.

How the Internet Went Viral Around a Paramedic

Alongside her work-as-a-paramedic career, Lauren Kwei also owns and operates a very successful Instagram account and has an active presence in social media communities. Lauren is a native of West Virginia and moved to NYC after years of service in the United States Air Force. As a medic, Lauren works countless hours each week. With both emergency response and non-emergency services to provide years of service and careful, quality care for all clients.


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