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Landscaper Resulandscaper Resu

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Landscaper Resume Sample

Your resume is a critical piece of collateral when you are first starting out in your field. . . Many activities go into writing a resume, but this is just one example.


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A Landscaper will take charge of cultivating and providing care to landscapes and grounds that surround the buildings or business. The job description includes planting flowers, mowing, pulling weeds, repairing structures, and maintaining the building exteriors. The most common work activities included on the Landscaper Resume are the following – performing ground keeping tasks, mowing the lawn using hand or by riding lawnmower, cutting lawns using power tools; landscaping by planting flowers, grass and bushes; applying fertilizers to enhance growth, spraying pesticides to prevent bug and pest attacks; trimming shrubs, pulling weeds and performing related maintenance tasks as required. (Source: www.qwikresume.com)


The landscaping skills sections should include soft, hard, and technical skills such as use of gardening equipment, operating company vehicles, power mowers and your ability to work in a team environment. However, ensure you only include skills that are relevant to the job description as a landscape worker. Additionally, you can include vital sets of skills in your job description and education section. You can also include part-time jobs or any personal achievements. In this section, you can include any of your published works in websites, journals, or magazines. However, the publications must be closely related to landscaping and should not conflict with the organization’s beliefs. (Source:resume-example.com))



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