Galaxy Wallpaper:

Galaxy Wallpaper:

Wallpaper: M82, the Cigar Galaxy

Wallpaper: M82, the Cigar Galaxy The Hubble Space Telescope captured this enormous mosaic of M82, located in Ursa Major, in 2006. The galaxy is remarkable for its bright blue disk, webs of shredded clouds, and fiery-looking plumes of glowing hydrogen blasting out of its central regions. Click for different-size wallpaper download options. NASA, ESA, and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

Galaxy Wallpape

Explore the universe and admire the beauty of distant galaxies located millions of light-years from the Sun. "Galaxy Wallpaper" is a real time visualization of giant spiral disk of stars, dust and glowing gases. See the exceptionally colorful galaxy as it's slowly rotates on your screen. Touch the screen to change the perspective and watch the galaxy from different angles. See hundreds of stars orbiting around the galaxy core.

Galaxy Wallpaper

Forget the galaxy far, far away and create one nearby with our spectacular collection of galaxy wallpaper murals. The combination of brilliant, swirling colors mixed with the black of space will bring a bold, dramatic feel to any room. No matter which design you choose, galaxy theme wallpapers let you marvel at the vastness and beauty of the universe!

For anyone who is curious about the universe and what lies beyond, galaxy wallpaper murals are a perfect design choice. With mesmerizing designs and vivid colors, galaxy wall murals truly encapsulate the wonders of the cosmos. Within our curated collection of galaxy theme wallpaper, you'll find a variety of galaxies such as the Messier 81 Galaxy, a marble galaxy and spiral galaxies all in a variety of colors and shapes. (Source: www.muralsyourway.com)


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