Can you sell Digital Products on Facebook

Can you sell Digital Products on Facebook


Can you sell Digital Products on Facebook

Sell on Facebook

To sell on Facebook, you must have a presence on the platform. First, you need a Facebook page. After your website has a Facebook page, you're ready to start uploading your products and selling on Facebook. Your website will be a natural place for Facebook users to visit and purchase the products that you sell on the social network.


It is possible to sell products on Facebook whether it is digital products like eBooks, software, or services like coaching, consulting, or web design. To be able to do so, you must understand how to set up sales pages, sell on Facebook, craft messages, and offer discounts or contests to customers. Check out Facebook’s help center to get started.

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For this final step, go back to the initial screen again and select Get Started under Payouts. Here, enter your bank account details where Facebook can send your payments to you. You’ll also need to fill in other required fields like the state you’re doing business in and tax information. (Source: blog.hootsuite.com)

Can you sell Digital Products on Facebook


Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms that allows its users to connect with friends, share photos, view videos, place ads, shop online, buy movie tickets, see events, create communities, post for jobs, post for business, and so much more. More importantly, Facebook gives users the ability to purchase digital products, or in other words, digital goods, or in Facebook lingo, digital services. These digital products are the lifeblood of the Facebook economy.

What’s more, Facebook Shops gives you the option to offer in-app checkout (currently only available in the US). On the flip side, shop pages direct users to your website for completing their orders. (Source: blog.hootsuite.com)


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