Zillow Charlotte Nc - Find Homes For Sale and Rent in Charlotte, NC

Zillow Charlotte Nc - Find Homes For Sale and Rent in Charlotte, NC

Zillow Charlotte Nc - Find Homes For Sale and Rent in Charlotte, NC

Zillow Charlotte Nc is a popular name in the real estate market. The website provides real estate listings in the Charlotte area. The site also includes data on the prices of homes and the sales history of each property. The company has over 44 million home listings. In the city of Charlotte, NC, there are currently 44 homes on Zillow. The following are the best neighborhoods for buying a home: Yorkmount, Montclaire South, Eagle Lake, Clanton Park - Roseland, and York Road.

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A single-family home with four bedrooms and two bathrooms can be found for just $189,725 on Zillow. For renters, a three-bed, two-bath townhouse costs about $2,250 a month. Listed on Trulia for $1,795 per month, this property is a great value at $218,354. The median price of a home in 28217 is $445,390.

For those interested in purchasing a home in Charlotte, NC, you might want to start by looking at the homes for sale in the city. The average price of a home in 28217 has increased by 18.0% in the past year. A three-bedroom townhouse built by Pulte Homes has a Zestimate(r) of $218,354. On Zillow, the home value in 28217 is predicted to rise by 7.9% over the next year.

A 3 bed, two-bath apartment in Charlotte, NC, listed for $1,795 per month, has a Zestimate(r) of $218,354, making it 30.4% higher than the average home in 28217. A four-bed, two-bath townhouse in The Pringle Towns is priced at $311,040. Listed at $1.995 per month, this home is currently for rent.

The average price of a single-family home in Charlotte, NC is $392,940. For the same location, you can find 62 single-family homes for rent in 28217. Whether you are searching for a house for sale or a rental property, Zillow is the best place to start your search. For more information, contact Zillow today. These sites have a number of information about the Charlotte area.

The average Zestimate for a three-bedroom, two-bath house in Charlotte, NC is $1,795 per month. A three-bedroom, two-bath townhome in this ZIP code is priced at $392,940. The typical Zestimate for a single-family home in 28217 is $211,889, which is 14.8% more than the average in the ZIP code.

Using Zillow Charlotte, NC, you can find a new home in the same zip code. The average price for a one-bedroom home in 28217 is $211,889, while a two-bedroom home is $210,390. If you need a room, you can look for a furnished property, too. Those looking for apartments in Charlotte, NC can find an average rent of $1,395 per month.

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