Yung Miami Real Name OR

Yung Miami Real Name OR

Yung Miami Real Name:

Yung Miami is an artist and politician who’s bringing Miami into the zeitgeist of the world like never before.

City Girl


Yung Miami just went there. In her latest single, “RAP FREAKS,” the Florida rapper and one-half of hit-making duo The City Girls name-dropped fourteen celebs in less than two minutes. While capable of stirring up loads of drama, Miami says the tongue-in-cheek song is simply playful and not to be taken too seriously. Although both JT and Miami have released songs as solo artists — JT alongside Summer Walker on the R&B-trap single “Ex For A Reason” and Miami on fellow rap group member Quavo’s single “Strub Tha Ground” — the City Girls are still in full effect. “We can do outside features and still be a group,” she says. “We’ve been working on music for a while and really trying to take our time with [what’s] next.”The Lori Harvey line wasn’t a diss at all. Lori is very classy, she carries herself well, she don’t entertain anything on the internet. She’s very classy, everybody knows she’s a woman. Me, I’m more hood. I’m a City Girl, I’m outspoken, I’ll say how I feel. Anybody say something to me, I’ma clap back. So it wasn’t a diss. “Real hood b—h, I ain’t nothing like Lori,” because Lori is classy, me and her are just two different people but it wasn’t a diss.Yung Miami, is an American rapper who gained fame and recognition for her part in the girl band City Girls. She’s amassed a fortune as well as quite a following of fans who not only love the music of city girls, they also enjoy following her on social media. She’s a super star in the making from all appearances and we wanted to learn more about her. While investigating her history and career we made some interesting discoveries. Here are ten things about Yung Miami that you probably didn’t know.

Hazel E claimed that she has a beef with the City Girls because she believes that one of their songs is a rip off of her song “Girl code.” She even played a few notes of the song and compared i with the City Girls’ “Act Up” to prove her point. Yung Miami has refuted this claim denying that there is any truth to the accusations. Yung Miami is an American Singer, Rapper, and a member of the popular hip-hop group “City Girls”. The hip-hop group consists of Yung Miami and JT. Miami. Lately, Miami began trending after the clip of a conversation had between two of the rappers. On April 1st, 2021, Yung Miami and Lil Uzi Vert had a heated argument on Instagram live on some topic which is still unclear and Lil Uzi Vert kept on calling Miami the city girl member has “Caresha”, she felt awkward and tense on the Instagram live. Miami’s full legal name is “Caresha Romeka Brownlee”. JT and Miami are best friends for a long time. JT was also on Instagram live along with Yung Miami and Lil Uzi Vert and tried to calm down. Miami told Lil Uzi Vert is not her best friend and they both decided to talk offline. JT seemingly seen dated Lil Uzi Vert since late 2019, when Lil Uzi Vert shared their picture on Instagram, the fans thought they were a item but both of them confirmed it was a rumor in March 2021. (Source: biographydaily.com)



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