Yung Miami Daughter

Yung Miami Daughter

Yung Miami Daughter:

Ever since his parents died, he’s had to support his two brothers and six sisters. So while other kids his age have been hanging out playing video games, Rodrigo has been hustling to help his family survive. He awoke at 5:30 a.m. to go to school and take a second shift at the market. He did this for five years, sometimes earning just $50 a week.



Yung Miami already has a son named Jai. Back in June, she decided to let the world in on the closely guarded secret that she was expecting her second child via a clip from the upcoming City Girls documentary. “I’ve been going back and forth to share this moment with my fans,” Yung Miami shared of her pregnancy. “But on MY TERMS! I want this journey to be nothing but positive going forward…”Yung Miami of City Girls (real name Caresha Romeka Brownlee) shared some joyous news with the group’s fans last night – she’s pregnant with her second child! The child’s father is reportedly a producer named Southside who is part of the production team 808 Mafia. We outside! Whenever Yung Miami is at a function, it’s guaranteed to be some fun moments! Yesterday her family and friends showed up to celebrate her daughter Summer Miami’s second birthday. It was indeed a family affair. Summer’s father, producer Southside, was in attendance along with JT, and the party was turnt up. The tutti-frutti themed birthday party was over the top in true celebrity fashion, but it seemed like the adults were having more fun than the children.

Rapper Yung Miami of the City Girls recently celebrated her beautiful daughter Summer Miami turning one. She marked the occasion by throwing the child a first birthday party, and as she revealed on Twitter on Tuesday, it was a very expensive affair. If you’re wondering what $70K looks like in a child’s birthday party, it includes some extravagant decor. There were pink butterfly chairs, swings, “SUMMER” in huge letters, a customized ball pit, coloring stations for the kids, plenty of sweets (including a cake with edible flowers inside of it), a barrage of balloons, a spray paint station for custom gear, and performers dressed as butterflies on stilts. And there were also theme park inspired rides, as well as a bounce house, trampoline bungee and more. As for one of probably many pricey gifts, the birthday girl was gifted a baby Lamborghini to ride around the house in.She also makes a lot of money through promotions and advertisements. In addition to the album, City Girls was featured in Drake’s “In My Feelings” music video. JT and Yung Miami are on the edge of empathizing R&B mastery. Miami seemed to be happy with Southside for the moment, and her children are doing well as well. Her career as a City Girl is also at its peak, and this is clearly everything that admirers had hoped for her. She is putting in a lot of effort to raise her fortune and live a luxury lifestyle. (Source: www.hollywoodsmagazine.com)



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