The You_Tube service is a video-sharing website and an online video platform founded by three former PayPal employees. It was created to be a single online location where people could share their videos, organized into channels.

In the second quarter of 2020, YouTube’s ad revenue 289657 amounted to over 3.8 billion U.S. dollars. Through its Partner Program, YouTube also rewards uploaders of popular videos with a share of the advertising revenues the content generates. This, paired with the fact that many users of the video sharing platform tend to have favorite channels that they revisit regularly, has given rise to another phenomenon: YouTube celebrities. Although some of these well-known figures were discovered on the website but then carved a successful career outside of YouTube, for many others the site is their primary platform for delivering content and staying in contact with fans, all while signing lucrative deals or promotional partnerships. (Source: www.statista.com)


We all know what you mean when you say, "YouTube". It's the site that offers a mirror to everything; a reflection of friends, experiences, and videos that tell others what they should be seeing. The site hosts hours of uploaded content, and it grows. The comments are often just as engaging as the content.

Google, thank you for making this amazing and work well app. But I have 4 issues. It takes some time to load, when I watch a video, and now I get almost 5 adds at the same time. Another issue is, I post it says to many strikes. I hate that! Because I had 1K but, then I got a strike, and I decided to quit since I couldn’t post anymore, please fix it. The last reason is, when I’m watching a vid, and I go to there channel. I tap videos but, then it takes me back to home page. Please fix this app google! It’s good in many ways, but I don’t like how it can effect our account. Or even email, this made me scared and sad, please google! Fix this! I don’t want to have to keep retrying after getting 3 strikes, and I have 1 idea, that google didn’t do, maybe you could put an content tab, and you answer what you want and ur youtuber can do that type of content. BUT! GOOGLE PLEASE FIX THIS APP WHEN I RESTARTED I ONLY GOT 14 subs back! I’m really sad about this. I want this problem fixed. (Source:apps.apple.com)


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