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Because we love our city – is what we say #miami. An endless assortment of ocean views, urban jungles, historic neighborhoods and tantalizing cuisine. It's hard to find a better city to call home, provide content and live.


Eaten here twice now and very surprised with how good the food was. First time just ordered Greek spinach pie and it was really good. Second time ordered the iraqui kebab and it was ammmazing. Hummus was excellent. We received stellar service from waitstaff. Such a great place right by the beach. Excellent drink specials. Im sad I don't live close by anymore! In order to compile this year’s list, Yelp first solicited suggestions from users. The submissions were then ranked by their ratings, their number of reviews, and the number of times they were suggested by Yelp users. The rankings were further narrowed down with the help of Yelp’s own Community Managers (i.e., Yelp team members from different regions of the country) and a “Trend Expert.”I am a 21-year-old Peruvian boy and I’ve been a movie fan practically all my life. However, I can remember perfectly the moment when I could witness the multicolored magic of my favorite film. It taught me about the fools who dream have certain craziness inside their hearts that ache and break in order to see...I am a 21-year-old Peruvian boy and I’ve been a movie fan practically all my life. However, I can remember perfectly the moment when I could witness the multicolored magic of my favorite film. It taught me about the fools who dream have certain craziness inside their hearts that ache and break in order to see the world not the way it is but the way it should be, and how this exceptional point of view can take us toward spectacular places and chances. This lesson I got from “La La Land” may be the only resource I have to try summarizing my experience in Florence.

NYFA Florence is a new branch of this renowned institution that not only offers knowledge, but also personal growth, real feelings and ideas to tell stories using the diversity of its students to its advantage. A branch that started knocking down barriers and usual conventions where there’s only room for dreams and art. Florence gave me the necessary tools to start developing my own projects in my country, to tell stories about the context that is around me in order to improve the society I live in, for everybody, without any difference. Each and every teacher encouraged me to trust myself more, and I think this has something to do with the success that they have already experienced in their lives. There is something about people who have already experienced legitimate success in their careers -- they don't need to put you down in order to get a sense of significance. I think because they had already experienced professional fulfillment, their teaching process was free of the subconscious agendas I find many teachers in the arts have. I speak as an individual who has grown up in the arts and has been in the arts for 15 years."When I was younger, learning filmmaking was a problem and no one could tell me what I needed to do in order to become a film director. It was as if you needed to be chosen by God to be behind the camera. One night, 10 years ago, as I was walking in my university campus trying desperately to solve this major issue, I came across a flyer that literally said: 'Learn Filmmaking at the New York Film Academy.' I do not believe in miracles, but in order to cast any doubt, I packed my bags and went to New York. (Source: www.nyfa.edu)


My short time at the New York Film Academy was worth every penny, every drop of sweat that went into getting there -- and then some. I would recommend a course at the New York Film Academy, at any of their campuses, to any individual who considers themselves serious about being a storyteller in any field. They source the best of the best, they give you their absolute best every day, and all they ask for in return is that you give your best. There is a culture of excellence coupled with a culture of respect. There is absolutely no way one can walk away from such an experience without being deeply enriched.I could not have fathomed how much I would gain from attending NYFA. I never thought that anyone beyond my classmates and family would see my final project, a 13-minute documentary called "The Triumvirate" (made in four days during my final week). But at the encouragement of Matt Arnold and Gordie Haakstad, I submitted it to a couple of film festivals. It received the runner-up audience award for Best Documentary at the Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films (selected out of 2300 entries, also being named to the top 20 Best of Fest), and went on to win Best Documentary at the Smogdance Film Festival.

After attending the screening of the film in Palm Springs, Andrew Crane from American Cinematheque approached me about including the film in his organization's annual celebration of women directors of short films (it screened with six other films at the Egyptian in December). Then the Cinema Society of San Diego approached me to have the film included in their annual Award Winning Shorts program (a one-time screening to 800 members). The films in both of those programs were half international, half American -- and each had a film that went on to win an Oscar (“Wasp,” which won for Best Short Narrative, and “Ryan,” which won for best short animated film). That my little NYFA film would be included in such company is a credit to the instruction and encouragement that I received from your staff.Within the last three years, I have had the great experience of becoming a DP on several features such as "Chez Risque" and "Nebbish," as well as various shorts, commercials, and documentaries. I have recently been chosen to DP James Ronald Whitney's next project. This director won the Vancouver Film Festival for Best Documentary, and an Independent Spirit Award. His last films appeared on HBO.My screenwriting instructors have provided me with priceless information regarding screenwriting and the industry around it. The one-year program leaves you well-rounded and confident about your skills as a writer. I could not have asked for better instructors. Not only were they extremely knowledgeable about the subject, they also devoted so much time and genuine effort to help one produce the best possible result. (Source: www.nyfa.edu)



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