Wwe 2k17 Future Stars Pack Xbox 360

Wwe 2k17 Future Stars Pack Xbox 360

Wwe 2k17 Future Stars Pack Xbox 360

If you love WWE then this is one Pack Xbox 360 you just cannot miss out on. It features current stars and the future stars of the WWE and the best selling video game in history. Download now and get ready to start off the best Sunday ever.


That’s an interesting foursome right there. Elias has been on Raw for most of this year and is struggling to get over to that next level, but he sure does like to play his guitar. Drew McIntyre had a really good run in NXT this year although now he’s dealing with a biceps injury that may need surgery. Ruby Riot is trying to break through the pack in NXT’s tough women’s division. Lars Sullivan is clearly a star on the rise that will continue to be featured more in NXT in the weeks and months to come.

We knew since release that the pack would include Tye Dillinger, Austin Aries, Mojo Rawley and Anderson & Gallows. It looks legitimate. It would take some badass graphics and video editing skills to mockup a fake trailer video as good as the one released. 2K Sports shouldn’t keep us waiting too much longer to announce a date. Once they do we’ll let you know. (Source: www.a90skid.com)


WWE 2K18 was released in October with a roster of 172 names that wrestling fans can use to play the game. If there’s one thing we know about wrestling fans, it’s that they are never satisfied. They want more names, because they want to take different wrestlers to the promised land, and we’re not just talking about created superstars like Fancy Dad and Snake God either.

While there is plenty to keep gamers occupied for the foreseeable future, the upcoming DLC is already generating a ton of excitement due to the availability of new characters, matches, moves and more, while the Creation Suite allows players to add Superstars, belts and arenas to a game that is already jam-packed with them. (Source: bleacherreport.com)


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