Would You Sit In Snakes For $10,000?

Would You Sit In Snakes For $10,000?


Would You Sit In Snakes For 10000

Earlier this week a viral video of a television host, MrBeast, giving away lakhs of rupees to contestants was posted on the Internet. It's quite an interesting challenge, but can you do it?


Earlier this week, MrBeast posted a video on YouTube with the following claim: "Would you sit in snakes for $10,000?" That is a challenge, and one that has got a lot of people talking. MrBeast is a YouTuber known for his bizarre challenges. His latest video has gone viral on social media. In the video, MrBeast challenges his friends to participate in bizarre stunts. One challenge in particular involves a bathtub filled with snakes. Another involves a tarantula crawling on a person for 30 seconds.

In addition to the tub full of snakes, MrBeast's challenge also involved a room full of rats. MrBeast then gave a prize to the lucky winner, who also won the video's grand prize. The video has received a total of about 30 million views. The video has also received 1.2 million likes on YouTube.

MrBeast's challenge has spawned an entire franchise of similar challenges. In fact, MrBeast has done a lot of free giveaways. He has also challenged friends to compete in bizarre stunts, such as burying himself alive for 50 hours. He has also thrown the big bucks at them, with tens of thousands of dollars in cash being handed out to the winners.

MrBeast's challenge has gotten people talking on social media and on YouTube. The video has received a lot of attention, and has also garnered more than 29 million views. The video features several funny challenges and has gotten the YouTube faithful spooked. The video has also got the 'worst' award for generating the most buzz on Twitter.

MrBeast has gotten a lot of attention on social media for his bizarre challenges, which are often accompanied by free giveaways. MrBeast's newest challenge has already garnered more than a million views on YouTube and a lot of attention on Twitter. MrBeast has a lot of crazy challenges to choose from, but the best is a tub full of snakes and a tarantula. MrBeast will probably have a lot more challenges in store, and fans are anxious to see what he has in store next.

The MrBeast challenge has gotten the YouTube community talking, and it's unlikely we'll see MrBeast pull the plug on his challenges any time soon.

Prize money available

Earlier this week, YouTuber MrBeast released a video announcing a new challenge. He offered his followers the chance to sit in a bathtub filled with snakes and claim a cash prize. His video has racked up nearly 29 million views, and has generated a fair amount of buzz on social media. MrBeast also announced that he was giving away an extra $10k to one lucky fan, who would have to answer a series of trivia questions to qualify. This competition was announced in conjunction with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, which is part of the South Florida Water Management District.

The challenge entailed sitting in a tub full of snakes for thirty seconds, while performing a plethora of other sexy feats. The biggest enigma was how he decided who would be eligible for the prize. He enlisted the help of a professional snake handler, who decided that two participants would suffice.

The big question was, which python would be lucky enough to be pipped by the snake that would win the competition? The answer is a big fat yes, and the prize money will be awarded on February 16th at Zoo Miami.

The competition has been dubbed the Snake in the Grass. The show, which is the brainchild of South Florida Water Management District Board member "Alligator" Ron Bergeron, combines the viral viral viral game "Among Us" with the Survivor saga to create a contest that has players competing in grueling challenges over the course of a month. The winners will be crowned the kings of Snake in the Grass. Among Us was also the subject of a similar competition. In fact, this show has already donated more than two million dollars to charities.

The show has also tapped into the popularity of social media and reality television shows in the past, which is why it made the list of the top 25 most viewed YouTube videos of 2018. The competition has attracted a who's who of reality television stars, including Matthew Concepcion, a 19 year old from South Florida who has been hunting pythons for five years.

Video of MrBeast giving away lakhs of rupees to contestants

Having over 50 million subscribers, MrBeast is a huge YouTube personality. He's known for his elaborate videos, over-the-top stunts and big giveaways. MrBeast is also a philanthropist, who's donated tens of millions of dollars to a variety of charities. He's also been nominated for the Creator of the Year award at the Shorty Awards, and received a Breakout Creator award at the Streamy Awards.

In fact, MrBeast is one of the most successful YouTubers in the world. He has earned over 54 million dollars from various sources, and he has a net worth of $25 million.

MrBeast's videos usually include cash giveaways. In one video, MrBeast gave away $10,000 to a contestant. The contestant had to complete a series of challenges in order to win. The first level was Red Light, Green Light, and the second was a marble game.

MrBeast's latest video, "Finger on the App," has gone viral. The video features four men attempting a series of bizarre challenges. The first was to keep a finger on the screen of their phone for two days straight. It was a grueling task, and one of the men was unemployed. However, he says the experience changed his life.

In another video, MrBeast's contestants had to perform a series of challenges in order to win cash prizes. The first challenge was to place hands on a plane. The next level was a tug of war, and the final level was a musical chair competition.

MrBeast's videos often feature money, and the giveaways are tax-deductible as business expenses. He's even opened a bank for strangers.

MrBeast's latest video has sparked controversy. Some netizens are skeptical of the stunts and challenges he's done. Others think MrBeast is just an entrepreneur who doesn't care about structural inequities. And yet, there's something to be said about a YouTuber who gives away lakhs of rupees to contestants.

MrBeast has been donating items to homeless shelters, and has also donated items to the Veterans Army Wounded Warrior Program. He's also donated money to the Saint Jude Children's Research Hospital. He's also partnered with brands to promote their products, and has even bought billboards for PewDiePie during the sub war.

Viral video

Earlier this week, YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson (aka MrBeast) posted a video entitled 'Would You Sit In Snakes For $10,000?' on his YouTube channel. The challenge has gone viral on social media, earning over 30 million views and 1.2 million likes.

Donaldson asked a few friends to take part in the challenge, but two of them declined to take part. The third friend agreed to the challenge, and won $10,000. Donaldson also promised to give the money to the mothers of the winners.

MrBeast has a series of challenge videos on his YouTube channel, including sitting in a bathtub filled with a variety of dangerous and dangerous-looking creatures. In addition to the challenge video, he also offers cash prizes for completing some of the challenges. The challenge video has over 29 million views and 1.2 million likes, and has received a lot of comments from netizens about the bizarre challenges.

One of the most interesting challenges on MrBeast's channel is the one in which he sits in a bathtub full of snakes. He gives the money to the mothers of the boys who are winners.

Another interesting challenge is the one wherein he tries to pull currency notes from a box filled with giant cockroaches. One of his competitors successfully pulls the money out of the box, earning him $10,000.

Another challenge MrBeast did on his channel was to sit in a bathtub full of pickles. This challenge also involved letting a tarantula crawl on you for 30 seconds.

MrBeast has also given away thousands of dollars in prizes to contestants who participate in the challenges. He has also given away thousands of dollars to people who sit in a bathtub filled with rats.

MrBeast also does free giveaways on his YouTube channel. He has also done challenges in which he buried himself alive for 50 hours, giving away money in exchange for his time. He has also done brand deals on giveaway videos, earning over $50 million in YouTube revenue. Using live snakes for entertainment purposes is unethical, as it promotes animal cruelty. It is also illegal in some countries to hunt venomous snakes.

Investing For the Long Term

If You Can Carry 1000000 You Keep It

Investing for the long term can be an important part of building a solid financial foundation. To reach a $1 million dollar mark, it is important to have a mix of investments that fit your risk tolerance and investment capacity. This article will cover some of the main factors you need to take into account to ensure your investment plan is solid and will pay off over the long term.

Diversify your funds to reach the $1 million mark

Whether or not you have the financial means to do it, there is no excuse not to try your hand at this game of life. A bit of forward thinking will go a long way, and you can start with a small deposit and work your way up. As long as you do it the right way, you'll have the retirement of your dreams before you know it. That is the best kind of retirement, you'll be able to do it on your own schedule, not just a government appointed one. There are many ways to earn money and save money, so you can make a difference and still retire at your desired age. If you are lucky, you'll find a way to do it and you'll be able to do it big.

Risk tolerance vs risk capacity

Whether you are a new investor or a seasoned veteran, it is important to know your risk tolerance and risk capacity. Not understanding either one can lead to investment failure. These two concepts are used in financial planning to assess how much risk an investor is willing to take. The two concepts are not mutually exclusive, but it is important to know both before making investment decisions.

Risk tolerance is a measure of how much risk you are willing to take to reach your goals. For example, a person with a high risk tolerance may be excited to invest, but may worry about losing everything if the market goes down. However, a person with a high risk tolerance may also be a good candidate for a high-risk investment. This is because a person with a high risk tolerance is willing to take more risk and invest in higher-risk investments.

Often, a person will think that risk tolerance and risk capacity are synonymous. However, they are actually different concepts. While risk tolerance is a measure of how much risk an investor is willing to take, risk capacity is a measurement of how much risk an investor can take while still reaching his or her goals. Risk capacity can be based on your financial resources, financial assets, and time horizon. It is important to understand these concepts because they can greatly affect your investment portfolio.

Risk capacity can be measured directly or by using an objective measure. In general, the lower the income potential of the investor, the lower his or her risk capacity. Also, the more assets an investor has, the higher his or her risk capacity. Regardless of how much assets an investor has, however, he or she may not be able to take on as much risk as an aggressive investor.

Risk capacity can also be measured by using return estimates. For example, a person with fewer assets may be more interested in investing in a stock that will provide a high return. On the other hand, a person with a large portfolio might not be interested in investing in a stock that will only provide a low return.

Investing in a stock is a great idea for retirement. However, it is important to take a long-term strategy to achieve this goal. Investing in stocks is not only risky, it is also expensive. Typically, a retirement fund will have a fixed amount of money, which makes it important to know your risk capacity.

Taking a risk is important, but it is not always necessary. Taking unnecessary risks can cause a major impact on your financial planning goals. For example, a person with high income and little debt may not be able to afford to ride out a bear market.

Investing for the long term

Investing for the long term is a way of securing your financial future. This is an investment strategy which has the potential to produce high returns. However, it does require a certain level of investment and patience. Moreover, it involves a lot of research and study in order to make the right investment decision.

There are several benefits of investing for the long term. For example, a long-term investment strategy allows you to enjoy the compound interest which is a result of reinvesting your capital gains or dividends. Another benefit is that investing for the long term is tax-deferred, so you don't have to worry about paying taxes on your investment returns. However, investing for the long term involves a lot of risk, so you must be careful. It is also important to be aware of the short-term volatility of the market.

One of the best ways to invest for the long term is through stocks. They offer you ownership of a company, which can enhance your capital appreciation. Stocks also offer a higher average rate of return, compared to CDs or bonds. However, investing in stocks requires more risk than other investment options. It also requires a significant amount of capital to get started. You may want to consider growth stock funds as an alternative. These funds are geared towards investors with a long-term time horizon.

Investing for the long term allows you to enjoy the benefits of compound interest, which can make your investments grow exponentially. It also helps you to avoid short-term noise and impulsive decisions. In fact, long-term investing is one of the best ways to build wealth. It can also save you a lot of time and energy, which can be used for other things.

It is important to remember that investing for the long term is not for everyone. While there are plenty of people who enjoy this type of investing, there are also some who have trouble sticking with the strategy. This is because short-term market movements can be stressful and frustrating, and can even lead to reactive decisions. You also need to be prepared to weather temporary market declines, even when the stock market is strong.

Another benefit of investing for the long term is that you don't have to worry about making daily share price changes. This means that you don't have to constantly monitor the price of your assets, which can be a pain. You can also get access to a large portfolio through investment in a diversified mix of stocks and bonds. You can also choose to make investments on an automatic basis, so you don't have to worry about monitoring your assets.

Finally, investing for the long term is an excellent way to avoid paying high fees for trading shares. Some investors also choose to lock in their profits by selling their shares when the prices are high. But you can also choose to invest in stocks at a discounted price if the market is not as hot as it was in the past.

I Ate The Worlds Largest Slice Of Pizza

I Ate The Worlds Largest Slice Of Pizza

Whether you're a foodie, a pizza lover, or just someone who likes to eat, you've probably heard of the Monster Slice Challenge. This challenge is the ultimate contest to eat the biggest slice of pizza in the world. The rules are simple. You can participate by posting photos of yourself eating the biggest slice of pizza on Facebook.

Nonna's Good Life Pizza For All

Located on South Cicero Avenue in Oak Lawn, this is a long running ole' fashioned pizza joint that isn't afraid to serve up a slice of the American pie. Its no wonder that the area is jam packed on weekends. In a pinch, you can order your food and go. For those who are more comfortable with their smartphones, you can order your grub via the aforementioned Uber eats mobile app. While the restaurant doesn't offer much in the way of customer service, it does have a solid delivery policy. Among the offerings is no-contact delivery. The restaurant does have a notable snob factor though.

This isn't to say that the restaurant isn't up to the task. While you won't have to wait for the staff to deliver your meal, it's still a good idea to give them a ring before heading out to the curb. Similarly, be sure to check out the restaurant's other amenities. You'll be hard pressed to find a better deal in this area.

Nonna's Good Life Pizza for All embodies the trifecta of quality food, a convenient location, and a reasonably priced wine list. Its also a great place to bring the family for some quality time. From the tasty pastas to the sexiest burgers, the food is a solid bet. You'll also be hard pressed to find a better place to refuel.

Fat Boy's Pizza

Among the greatest eaters in the world, Joey Chestnut has held many world records in many different eating disciplines. He holds the record for fastest two-foot pizza eating, and has also set the world record for the most hot dogs eaten in ten minutes. He is also the current holder of the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Last year, Chestnut held a world record for consuming a two-foot slice of pizza in Metairie, LA. He also held the record for the most people tossing pizza dough at once. He was joined by 250 chefs, who cooked the pizza in five motorized wood-burning ovens.

Chestnut finished the two-foot slice in just over seven minutes. In the process, he gained 21 pounds. The pizza had over 1,440 grams of carbohydrates, which is the average amount of carbohydrates in a slice of pizza.

Chestnut will be joined by several other top competitive eaters in the Fat Boy's Pizza Eating Championship. It will take place on the campus of LSU in Baton Rouge. The competition will be held before the game between LSU and Arkansas.

The challenge for the Fat Boy's Pizza challenge is to eat a two-foot slice in seven minutes or less. The winner will receive a $2,500 prize and a T-shirt. The challenge is open to both students and the public. People who beat the current time record will receive a $20 gift card.

Fat Boy's Pizza is known for their delectable appetizers and big slices. The company is also known for its community involvement and commitment to family and friends. The company has three locations in Louisiana, including one in Metairie and one in Baton Rouge.


'MrBeast' is a name that is synonymous with large scale feats and grandiose claims. He's claimed a host of feats including planting 20 million trees and adopting every dog in a shelter.

He's also tipped thousands of waiters and bought all his cars from a dealership. He's also built a small financial institution for the unwashed masses. The MrBeast has certainly made a name for himself in the world of YouTube. His YouTube channel has more than 6 billion views. And he has a pretty impressive number of subscribers.

He's also made the claim of being the world's biggest YouTuber - not sure that's entirely true. A quick check of his Facebook page reveals that he's got 39 million followers. His most recent video was uploaded in March. His most recent video features the aforementioned world's largest slice of pizza.

MrBeast's most recent challenge is not your typical pizza eating contest. He's taken on the challenge of beating World Record Competitive Eater Joey Chestnut in the name of YouTube. In addition to Chestnut, MrBeast's team included Chris Tyson and Chandler Hallow. Their combined weights were 243 kilograms or 537 pounds.

MrBeast's latest video does not feature a life changing prize like the previous challenge. He's given out cash prizes for the best of the challenges he's done in the past. He's even tipped waiters for his many victories. He's even shopped billboards for PewDiePie. He's been a tad shady on the matter of the number one prize in the food and beverage industry. Nonetheless, he's been a stalwart in the YouTube world, and has recently made a return to the video game. Nevertheless, MrBeast's latest escapade is not for the faint of heart.


Earlier this year, MrBeast, the YouTube sensation, challenged friends to eat pizza for a chance to win $100,000. MrBeast teamed up with two friends - Chris and Chandler - to battle it out in a pizza eating contest. They each weighed about 537 pounds and had to beat Chestnut's 299-pound weight.

After 20 minutes of eating, MrBeast's team was exhausted. They were tagged to finish the pizza, and MrBeast said that he felt confident that they could beat Chestnut. But Chestnut didn't give up. He finished the pizza in 31 minutes and a few seconds, which is not enough time for the body to digest the food.

MrBeast's latest challenge involved eating an 18-pound pizza. The ingredients included nearly 50 gallons of olive oil, and close to 70 pounds of basil. The pizza was cooked in a special oven. The slices were sold for 1 euro each, and all the money was donated to a local charity.

MrBeast's video features the world's largest pepperoni pizza, which weighs 18 pounds. The pizza was cooked in a special oven, and it was cut into slices. Its base was 14 ounces, and the sauce and cheese were 4 to 6 ounces. The pizza was cooked in a wood-burning oven and was donated to needy people.

MrBeast has a YouTube channel with over 6 billion views. He has also bought all of his cars at a dealership and has planted over 20 million trees in the woods. He has also adopted a lot of dogs at a local shelter.

MrBeast is known for his unique challenges, and he has often come out victorious. He has also opened a financial institution for people who don't have access to banks or other financial institutions.

Monster Slice Challenge rules

Despite being one of the boroughs oldest pizzerias, Benny Tudinos has become a Hoboken institution in its own right. Not only has the storied establishment served high-profile names such as former Vice President Joe Biden, it has also been featured in several social media videos. Not to mention it's still open until 3 am. In addition to its legendary pizzas, Benny Tudinos has a robust beer menu and a slew of perks for its ardent patrons.

While the restaurant certainly has its share of petty drama, it's no secret that the establishment has one of the cheapest Happy Hours in town. Luckily for the patrons of the pizzeria, the price of a pitcher of beer goes down by a few bucks after 5pm. The aforementioned happy hour also boasts a slew of trivial giveaways, including a pizza swag bag stuffed with all the paraphernalia a true pizza fiend could want. Not only that, the establishment also offers a cash prize to the lucky winner. The aforementioned prize is a hefty sum, but that's the price of admission.

A quick survey of the establishment revealed that the most popular order was a classic margarita, followed by the usual suspects of pizza, wings and salad. The restaurant was also the recipient of a slew of high-powered corporate lunches and dinners. Of course, if you're on a strict budget, the restaurant has a special pizza of the day menu. The establishment's standard fare is an impressive ten-to-six footer, but you can get a more intimate experience by splitting a slab of pizza with other like-minded patrons. The establishment also offers specials on pizza and wings during lunchtime and early evening, including a "Tea for Two" special on Sundays.

The LHC - The World's Largest Experiment

Worlds Largest Experiment

Among the biggest experiments in the world is the LHC, the Large Hadron Collider, in which a huge beam of particles is being fired at a central control centre, causing a high degree of excitement among scientists and researchers alike. It is believed that the LHC may be able to help us understand how matter works and what the universe is made of. It may also help us explore physics at shorter distances and at higher energies.

Pitch Drop

Despite its name, the World's Largest Pitch Drop experiment has never actually seen a drop drop. This experiment started in 1927 and is based at the University of Queensland in Brisbane.

The goal of the experiment is to demonstrate that solid objects can behave like liquids. In this experiment, a hunk of pitch is placed inside a funnel. The funnel is then surrounded by a glass dome. As the funnel warms and cools, the pitch becomes viscous. This makes the pitch look solid but it really feels like a liquid.

The experiment was set up in 1927 by Professor Thomas Parnell. He poured a sample of pitch into a glass funnel, allowing it to cool for three years. The pitch then cooled to a solid form and the funnel was re-sealed.

The funnel was then stored in a physics department cupboard. Then, in 1988, air conditioning was installed to maintain the temperature of the experiment. As the pitch was heated and cooled, the volume increased to a tenth of a cubic centimetre.

The pitch drop experiment is now housed in a display cabinet. A web camera was set up to record the drops as they fell. However, a number of glitches have prevented people from seeing the pitch drop. One of these glitches occurred in 2000 when a storm caused the webcam to malfunction.

In 2013, the pitch drop experiment will record a tenth drop. During the day, the volume of the drop will increase, and then it will fall over a period of time. The timing of this drop is dependent on the ambient temperature and the composition of the pitch.

Higgs boson discovery

Physicists at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) have announced the discovery of a new subatomic particle called the Higgs boson. This discovery fills in the missing keystone of the standard model of particle physics. It also may lead to other discoveries.

The discovery of the Higgs boson is the culmination of years of investigation by physicists. The Large Hadron Collider, located near the Swiss-French border, collides protons with detectors at high speeds. The particles interact with one another, and scientists can use the information to study the interactions of other particles. This can reveal clues to particles beyond the standard model, and it could lead to discoveries such as dark matter.

The discovery of the Higgs boson follows the completion of two other major particle experiments: ATLAS and CMS. In both experiments, physicists used giant detectors to detect hints of the Higgs decaying into other particles. The two groups presented their latest data for the Higgs search at a special seminar at CERN on December 13, 2011.

The Higgs boson has a mass of 125 giga-electron volts (GeV), about 133 times the mass of a proton. This means that it decays into two W bosons (W + W), two Z bosons (Z + Z), two photons (P + P) and two bottom (b) quarks (b + b).

The CMS team has seen evidence of Higgs decaying into two W bosons (W + W) and two Z bosons (Z + Z). The ATLAS team also sees evidence of Higgs decaying into two photons (P + P) as well as two bottom (b) quarks (b+b).

The particles that interact with the Higgs boson include fermions, such as six types of leptons (neutrinos, electrons, muons, tau, photons, and positrons), and other particles with antiparticle partners. The mass of the particles also contributes to their behavior, as they convey fundamental forces, such as the electromagnetic force and the weak nuclear force.

Exploring physics at shorter distances and higher energies

Physicists have been exploring higher energies for longer than anyone could have guessed. In fact, the Large Hadron Collider, or LHC for short, produces head on collisions at a whopping 13 TeV. The best part is, these colliders have been around for almost 20 years. The LHC is not only the largest particle collider in the world, it is also the most powerful.

The LHC has an array of high-powered accelerators spherically dispersed across a 27-kilometer loop. Taking advantage of these mega-spots, scientists are teasing out the secrets of the universe. A good example of this is the study of particle collisions, which was the subject of a recent paper in Science. The LHC has also been used to investigate particle properties such as quarks and supersymmetry. These experiments have yielded a host of new insights, not the least of which is that the universe is not as big as we all thought it was.

The LHC has also been the source of one of the largest energy discoveries in the history of the universe. It's a matter of time before we discover the true nature of the universe and its constituent parts. The most interesting discovery is that the equator of the universe contains a large concentration of antimatter, which has been dubbed the holy grail of particle physics. This has spawned an entire gambit of new experiments, ranging from particle collisions to antimatter particles. This has also been the subject of a recent paper in Nature. Lastly, the LHC has been the subject of a number of controversies over the years.

Detectors at the LHC

Detectors at the LHC, World's Largest Experiment, measure the direction and energy of subatomic particles. They are part of a large array of sensors that gather data and send it to a grid of computer systems. Data is then analysed to learn more about the particle collisions.

There are several detectors that are used at the LHC, and each one is designed for a different purpose. One is a general-purpose detector, while others are specifically designed to measure neutrinos. These detectors are key to cross-confirmation of new discoveries.

There are a few specialized detectors at the LHC, including the Forward Search Experiment (FASER) and the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS). The latter is a general-purpose detector, but it's designed specifically to detect neutrinos.

The ATLAS detector, however, is the largest particle detector ever built. The device comprises eight superconducting toroids, each of which is roughly the length of a soccer field. The device is located in an underground cavern at a depth of 328 feet near the main CERN site.

ATLAS is also home to one of the largest science collaborations in the world. Over five thousand scientists work at the project. Two hundred and forty-five institutes in forty-two countries are involved in the project.

The LHC is an underground machine, built in a ring around the Earth. It consists of superconducting magnets and accelerating structures. Protons travel in the cavity and collide with one another, creating a cascade of new particles.

ATLAS is also home to a unique detector, the spectrometer, which is used to measure the energy of the particle collisions. The device is made up of millions of sensors that track the paths of charged particles as they travel through the detector. The data is then sent to a supercomputer for analysis.

CERN Control Centre

Located 100 m underground, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the world's largest particle accelerator. It is composed of a 27 km ring of superconducting magnets. It uses a stochastic cooling technique to accelerate intense beams of antiprotons.

The LHC straddles the Franco-Swiss border, with the majority of the tunnel on the French side. It is located between the Jura mountains and Geneva International Airport.

The LHC started operating on 1 February 2008. The first particle beam was injected into the LHC in August 2008. It is the world's largest particle accelerator and is also the world's largest particle collision facility. It will address the matter-antimatter asymmetry of the universe, as well as the mass of matter, and address the evolution of matter. The facility is surrounded by a complex network of beam lines.

The LHC is controlled from the CERN Control Centre (CCC). The CCC consists of four islands, each containing circular arrangements of consoles. The operators of these islands are physicists and engineers. They are responsible for overseeing safety and ventilation systems, as well as the electrical network. They will be in charge of the Large Hadron Collider when it starts running in 2008.

The CERN Control Centre will also oversee the operation of the injector chain for the LHC. The injector chain is composed of a series of accelerators that pre-accelerate protons. Once the pre-acceleration is complete, the particles will zip through a series of other accelerators before reaching the Large Hadron Collider. The performance of the LHC depends on the quality of the injector chain.

CERN's mission is to understand the Universe and to preserve the results of physics analysis. CERN Analysis Preservation is a series of services that address the entire physics analysis lifecycle.

1000 Tanks Vs Titan Enderman!

1000 Tanks Vs Titan Enderman

During the Battle for Terra, there was a fight between 1000 Tanks and the Titan Enderman. I haven't seen this fight in the game, but I have heard of it. So, let's see what we can learn about it.

Tip for battling the Ender Colossus

Defeating the Titan Enderman can be challenging. You have to make sure you use your time wisely. Don't race through the fight, you might make a mistake. Also, you have to use your strategy.

When you are battling the Enderman, make sure you have a full Adminium Armor. He's strong, but he can easily be killed. You'll also need plenty of food, and golden food will revive your absorption health. You can use the Sharpness enchantment or Infinity enchantment to fight him. You can also use a bow, lots of arrows, and spare dirt blocks.

If you want to battle the Titan Enderman quickly, you can gang up with the Wither Skeleton Titan. This titan will distract Ender Colossus, but it doesn't do enough damage to prevent regeneration. You can also use the Ultimate Blade to hit Ender Colossus. The Wither Skeleton Titan also regenerates after the battle.

Another Titan to consider is the Ghast Titan. He does little damage to Ender Colossus, but he can do damage when he brings down crystals. You can also use the snow golem titan to nail Ender colossus from afar.

Ender Colossus is also very difficult to hit with Adminium swords, so you'll need a lot of golden food to destroy him. You'll also need two more titans to complete the fight.

Armour is essential

Defeating the Ender Colossus is a feat of arms. If you have the right armour, and the right monsters, then you're in for a fight. A few lucky players can take out the beast in less than three minutes, but the odds are against you. Its a good idea to have a backup plan if the titan tries to attack you from the distance.

One good way to do it is to wear the Ender Armor, which is a set of EPICArmor items with the best drop rate at The End. The set has a 1% chance to drop from the Enderman. It can also be used in conjunction with the Void Sword, which provides a +160 Strength bonus.

Another useful trick is to get some spare dirt blocks. With this in hand, you can fight the colossus while avoiding the ire of his minions. It's a good idea to keep your cooldowns low, as you can always pop one of the titan's heads later on. If you're lucky, you might even have some slushy stomp on the colossus's tummy. Another trick is to use a Snow Golem Titan to nail it from afar.

The Ender Colossus is probably the best titan you'll face in the game, but it's not the only challenger.

He uses Wither Skeleton Titan

Basically, you have to pick a team of tanks and get them to do battle with the enderman. The winner gets the grand prize of a 10,000 Feastables chocolate bar. This game is a blast, especially in Blitz mode. It is also a good family-friendly game.

There are a number of different titans to choose from. The big question is which is the best choice. The best titan to choose from is probably the uber-powerful Wither Skeleton Titan. The other titans to consider include the Blaze Titan and Zombie Pigman Titan. For a good comparison, look at the strength of the two titans and then decide which one is best for you.

The best way to deal with the Ender Colossus is to use the right combination of titans. For example, the withered skeleton titan is best used for the task of snagging the ender from a distance. For a more direct approach, the snow golem titan is a good choice.

The Wither Skeleton Titan is also the first titan to be elevated. It makes a number of impressive sounds and can control Withers. It also has the ability to use the Ultimate Blade. It is also the most nimble of all titans.

He is tough to attack with an Adminium sword

Besides the ol' fashioned Adminium armour, there is a newer and better way to kill the Enderman. The new Adminium sword is much more powerful than the older one and a tad easier to wield. It also has a more interesting health regen system.

The Enderman has a relatively large health pool. Its natural regen effect is impressive, and the horns on its forehead are a funky mutation. In the 0.5 beta version of the titans mod, the Enderman has 16 sextillion health. The best time to kill it is during the middle of the night, when the other titans are more active.

The Enderman isn't the only lufftical titan in the game, there are some other good-looking monsters to contend with. These include the Spider Titan, which is the largest and strongest of the weak Titans. It can shoot a lightning bolt, and its jumps are deadly. It also happens to be one of the best and most dangerous Titans to gang up with.

The Adminium sword's main strength is its adroitness at slicing through the mighty Enderman's health. Luckily, it can be fended off by a combination of a good buff and a few lucky hits.

He roars a modified version of Godzilla's (Zilla's) roar

Generally viewed as an enormous sea monster, Godzilla's appearance has evolved over the years. He's been given several powers and weapons, including superhuman speed, magnetism, and an electromagnetic pulse-producing organ. In addition to the usual weaponry, Godzilla has possessed the ability to breathe underwater, as well as convert shed blood into a temporary tentacle limb.

The 'biggest' sea monster has faced off against a number of opponents, including King Kong. It's also had to contend with the human condition, as well as natural disasters. In a number of films, Godzilla has faced off against human enemies. He's also had allies and offspring. He's also had to contend with his own nemesis, Destoroyah. He's been given a number of other powers, including magnetism and precognition.

Godzilla has also fought other monsters, including a Mecha King Ghidorah and a monster sized octopus. In some cases, Godzilla has been seen as a superhero, while other times he's been depicted as an antihero. He's also been shown to be capable of flying.

Godzilla has been given a number of other powers and weapons, including atomic breath, fireballs, magnetism, and precognition. He's also been shown to have great physical strength. He's also been shown to have a robust build, a long tail, and three rows of serrated plates along his back.

His attacks are similar to Godzilla's (Zilla's) roar

Several kaiju have been given modified roars. For instance, Varan, the Three-Headed Monster, Gamera, and Zekka use roars taken from the Toho series. The roar is usually used when the monster fires atomic breath rings.

Godzilla's roar was initially created by composer Akira Ifukube. He manipulated the sound, slowed it down, and changed the pitch. In The Return of Godzilla, it was given a deeper voice and a guttural tone at the end.

The roar was sampled into Godzilla's vocals in The Millennium series and in the Godzilla Amphibia anime. It was also used in Godzilla Final Wars. It was also reused with growling effects in the Godzilla Earth anime trilogy.

The roar was also modified in The Return of Godzilla to include a higher pitch. The roar can be heard as far away as 10 miles. In the American version of Godzilla Raids Again (1955), the roar was replaced with Anguirus's roar.

Godzilla has also been given various powers and abilities. His signature weapon is his Atomic Breath. This atomic breath vaporizes anything in its path. Godzilla can also convert shed blood into temporary tentacle limbs. He also has an electromagnetic pulse-producing organ that generates an asymmetric permeable shield. He also has the ability to breathe underwater. He can also convert electromagnetic energy into intense body heat.

He uses a modified version of Godzilla's (Zilla's) roar

During the World's Largest Challenge!, Chandler and Nolan were pitted against a team of golems and tanks. Chandler got 7 points while Nolan got 5 points. The winner of the match would receive a 10,000 Feastables chocolate bar. In the end, it was a close battle, but Chandler came out on top.

The golems have more health, more armor, and better teamwork. They also do more damage and easily win 2v2 battles. However, their slow attack can be countered by the Ender Colossus, which is capable of inflicting 2000 damage on the golems.

The Ender Colossus is the third biggest titan in the game. He has sixteen sextillion health in the 0.5 beta titans mod update. The roar he makes is a modified version of Godzilla's roar from 1998. It is also the third most powerful titan in the game. It is 60 blocks tall and spawns buffed Ender Dragons with 12000 health. When it is charged by a creeper titan, it yells. The Ender Colossus can be killed in three minutes by a team of golems.

I Spent 50 Hours In Solitary Confinement

I Spent 50 Hours In Solitary Confinement

Whether you've spent some time in solitary confinement or not, you probably have a lot of questions about it. You might wonder why it is so bad, or what the effects are on the people who are put in it. This article will provide you with some answers to those questions.

Peoples settlement agreement reforms solitary confinement

Earlier this year, the New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU) announced that it has entered into a settlement agreement with New York State. The agreement will reform the state's solitary confinement practices. It will eliminate the practice of solitary confinement for most minor violations, and will limit the duration of solitary confinement sentences in certain cases.

The settlement is the result of a class-action lawsuit brought by the NYCLU and other plaintiffs. The lawsuit challenged the New York State Department of Corrections' solitary confinement practices. The plaintiffs claimed that the system is cruel and unusual punishment. They argued that extended periods of solitary confinement worsened illnesses.

The class-action lawsuit was brought by Morrison & Foerster and the New York Civil Liberties Union. It was filed on behalf of several individuals who had been placed in solitary confinement, including Leroy Peoples and Dewayne Richardson. It was also brought by Tonja Fenton as a pro se litigant.

The settlement will significantly reduce the number of people placed in solitary confinement in New York State prisons. Nearly one quarter of the state's current solitary population will be placed in less isolating conditions. It will also provide substantial relief to class members. For example, it requires that inmates suffering from severe mental illness be housed in cells with working sinks and toilets. It also requires that they be allowed at least four hours a day outside of their cells.

The settlement also includes an alternative program to provide social and recreational activities. The program will provide 28 hours a week of recreation time in a precautionary supervision unit. It will also provide access to the law library, as well as recreational and educational activities. It will also provide more contact between prison personnel and prisoners.

In addition, the Settlement Agreement requires the state to conduct a quarterly report on its solitary confinement practices. It also requires the state to spend $62 million on implementing the terms of the settlement. It is also expected that the state will conduct an independent review of solitary confinement practices.

In addition, the settlement addresses the most dehumanizing features of solitary confinement. For example, it requires the county to operate a precautionary supervision unit, which will provide in-unit programming and less restrictive security measures.

It also requires that the state and the county conduct a rigorous mental health screening process to ensure that inmates are not placed in solitary confinement because of psychological problems. This is an important step in reforming solitary confinement practices. The director of mental health will be able to stop a placement in solitary confinement if he or she believes it is unwarranted.

The settlement agreement also contains numerous other reforms to reduce solitary confinement. For example, it will no longer be used for drug possession or one-time violations of rules. It will also limit the length of solitary confinement sentences to no longer than 15 days, and it will no longer be used for offenses that fall under the enumerated offenses.

Mental health effects of solitary confinement

Approximately 80,000 inmates are placed in solitary confinement every year in the United States. This practice has received increased attention in recent years, with several studies examining the mental health effects of isolation. However, research on the physical health effects of isolation has not been extensive.

Isolation is a highly restrictive environment, limiting meaningful social contact. It also exacerbates the symptoms of mental illness. It is particularly damaging to people of color, who are disproportionately incarcerated. In addition, people with impaired mental health are more likely to be isolated than their peers. A recent study found that the rate of self-harm in isolated inmates was 10 times higher than in the general prison population.

Inmates who are in solitary confinement may experience a range of psychological and physical symptoms. These symptoms may include increased levels of hypertension, depression, and anxiety. They also may experience symptoms similar to post-traumatic stress disorder. In addition, they may have symptoms of chronic headaches and lethargy. They may also experience paranoia and hallucinations.

Solitary confinement is an extreme environment that can be harmful to the health of both prisoners and staff. Researchers are concerned about the long-term effects of solitary confinement on individuals. People with mental health disorders, especially those who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, are particularly vulnerable to the effects of isolation. However, people without these disorders may also experience health problems in isolation.

Studies have shown that people who have spent time in solitary confinement have higher rates of mortality within the first five years after release. However, there is not much research on how the physical health effects of isolation may differ from the physical health effects of incarceration in general.

Solitary confinement is often used to punish a criminal for their misconduct within the prison. During the first year of release, the rate of mortality was 24% higher among people who had spent time in solitary confinement than among those who had not. In addition, the mental health effects of solitary confinement were associated with longer stays in isolation.

A study of solitary confinement in New York City found that those who had been in solitary for a year had higher rates of self-harm. These rates included cutting and banging their heads against the cell wall. This rate was co-morbid with other health problems, such as skin irritations.

Behavioral changes that occur during solitary confinement can increase assaults on other incarcerated individuals and staff. These changes can also exacerbate isolation-related adjustment problems when a person reenters society. In addition, a large proportion of prisoners who have been in solitary confinement will likely return to prison. Moreover, if a person has been in solitary for several days, they may experience acute anxiety and depression.

Solitary confinement may be an effective short-term solution for people who commit violent outbursts. However, it is likely that the long-term effects of isolation on people with mental health conditions will have negative consequences.

NYCLU support for the HALT Solitary Confinement Act

Earlier this year, State Senator Luis Sepulveda introduced the HALT Solitary Confinement Act to the New York State Legislature. The bill would address several problematic aspects of solitary confinement and would limit the use of segregated confinement to 15 days. The legislation also includes guidelines for humane conditions in segregated confinement. The legislation would also ban the use of segregation for pregnant women, people over 55, and inmates with chronic mental illness. In addition, the bill would increase training for staff working in special housing units and increase dispute resolution services for prisoners.

The New York Civil Liberties Union released a new report on solitary confinement in state prisons. The report uses never before released data to assess the impact of the HALT Solitary Confinement Act. It also finds that the number of solitary confinement sanctions in state prisons increased by nearly a third in just one year.

The NYCLU's report shows that the number of adults in solitary increased by almost eight percent in 2018. However, the report does not show which prisons are complying with the law's requirements. In fact, the report shows that the average person in solitary held for more than 23 hours in September of this year.

The HALT Solitary Confinement Act would also ban the use of segregation in special housing units for people with disabilities, pregnant women, and people over 55. It also includes new guidelines on how to provide trauma-informed care in segregated confinement. The law would also increase training in de-escalation techniques and increase the number of staff working in special housing units. The bill also includes guidelines for how to handle disruptive or dangerous behavior in segregated confinement.

The NYCLU is calling on state lawmakers to pass the HALT Solitary Confinement Act this year. The agency's report shows that the bill would cut the number of special housing units in state prisons by more than eight percent. In addition, the report shows that the bill would reduce the number of inmates under keeplock sanctions by nearly four percent. Moreover, it would ban the use of solitary for children under the age of 22. The report also says that the number of children held in solitary increased by nearly three percent last year.

The HALT Solitary Confinement act will be a major step towards ending the use of solitary confinement in New York. The law is expected to take effect within one year. However, the bill has been stalled in the legislative session so far. It is expected to return to the legislative session in 2020. The New York State Correctional Officers and Police Benevolent Association has also called on the state to pause the implementation of the law.

There is a lot of debate on how to reform solitary confinement in the New York State prison system. The HALT Solitary Confinement Act is the only legislative proposal that includes meaningful restrictions. Other proposals would simply let the state continue to abuse inmates. The HALT Solitary Confinement act would end the most egregious uses of solitary confinement in New York.

Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 10.15 - Jennifer Vs Margaret

RHONJ 1015 Jennifer vs Margaret

During this RHONJ season 10.15, viewers are going to see tensions between Jennifer Aydin and Margaret Josephs. The tensions are due to the fact that Marge is trying to defend herself against Jennifer's accusations of blowing up her "perfect life". She also has some complaints of the show's comments regarding the country show. These comments are said to be "socially inappropriate".

Tensions between Jennifer Aydin and Margaret Josephs

During season 10 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, there were a few moments that helped highlight the tension between Jennifer Aydin and Margaret Josephs. The two women have been feuding for months, and on the season's first big group event, they exchanged words over Bill's infidelity. During the episode, Aydin argued with Josephs about her revelation that she had once slept with her boss. Josephs responded by calling Aydin a hypocrite, and argued that Aydin pretends her marriage is perfect. Aydin later offered a new insight into her relationship with Bill, and assured fans that she still loves him.

The other big revelation of the season is the existence of Bill Aydin's infidelity. He had an affair with another woman just days before Jennifer Aydin gave birth to their son, Christian. While the affair was not big news in the beginning of the season, it eventually made its way into the season trailer.

The video that circulated on social media was particularly interesting, as it showed Luis "Louie" Ruelas apologizing to a former lover. It was also the first time a housewife has publicly acknowledged having an affair. Jennifer Aydin was not the only one who got the video's attention, and the rumors have continued to spread.

In the end, Aydin and Josephs both claimed that the video was the best of all time. In fact, the video is so infamous that it has even made its way into the show's trailer. When the show returns for its third season, there will be more controversies to tackle. So, keep watching for all the details. Until then, enjoy RHONJ on Tuesdays at 8/7c on Bravo. You can also catch new episodes on the Bravo app or Peacock.

Teresa's new fiance

During the season 12 premiere of Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice's new fiance was discussed. She told fans about how Ruelas proposed to her, and fans were able to watch the video online.

Teresa and Luis "Louie" Ruelas got engaged in November of 2020. The two met while Giudice was living in the Bahamas with her husband Joe Giudice and their four daughters. Ruelas later proposed to Giudice in Porto Heli, Greece. They tied the knot in August 2022. It's been confirmed that Ruelas and Giudice have purchased a home together.

Ruelas has previously been in a relationship with Vanessa Reiser, who filed a lawsuit against him after their relationship ended. Ruelas is also a co-founder of Digital Media Solutions, a company that specializes in online marketing. He previously spent months in custody of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. He was deported to Italy in October of 2019. His previous relationship with Vanessa ended in 2020.

Teresa Giudice recently teased about her new fiance via a photo on her Facebook page. She said "This guy's magic." The two met while Giudice was living in the Bahamas with her husband Joe Giudice and their four daughters. She later purchased a home with Ruelas.

It's unclear whether Teresa has any hard feelings towards Joe, who is currently serving a 41-month sentence for fraud. He has no problems with Teresa's new relationship. He said it would be silly to be upset by her new love. He is also a fan of Teresa's cooking show. He has followed her social media accounts, which are now public. He has more than 124,000 followers.

RHONJ's comments on the country show are "socially inappropriate"

During the RHONJ girls trip to Oklahoma, the ladies had some heated moments. The most notable was during a dinner where Teresa and Danielle went at each other's throats. The two squabbles began with a remark about how the other women's behavior is not the norm in Oklahoma. Apparently, Jennifer was at odds with local customs.

The other women were also not impressed with Jennifer's petty conduct, which led to a few heated exchanges. The night also included the famous table flip. While the table flip was the only notable gimmick of the night, the Real Housewives of New Jersey also had a number of other notable moments.

The most memorable of all was the table flip. In all, the table flip was the most memorable of all the RHONJ squabbles, and the most significant of all the other noteworthy occurrences. However, the Real Housewives of New Jersey has been known to have a bit of a temper. It's not uncommon for the ladies to get into a heated squabble over the most mundane of things. The biggest challenge is maintaining composure. After all, these women have no qualms about trash talking each other. This is especially true when they are in a state where they aren't allowed to talk back.

The most important aspect of the table flip is the fact that it was a fun and interesting way to get to know the RHONJ ladies better. While some of the ladies are not thrilled with the way they are treated, most aren't going to let one little incident derail their friendships.

Cheating rumors

During the premiere of the latest season of Real Housewives of New Jersey, it was revealed that Bill Aydin had an affair. It was a secret he has been keeping for eleven years. It is unclear why he chose to keep the secret from his family. A source claims he cheated on his wife at a party in Jersey last year. Bill's children have also been affected differently by their father's infidelity.

During a heated exchange, Jennifer Aydin and Margaret Josephs sparked a feud. The housewives took swipes at each other, claiming they were not being honest. They accused each other of hypocrisy, and even claimed they judge others in similar situations. The feud was a major blow to the Aydin family. It was also the first time the couple revealed their marital problems to the public.

Jennifer and Bill's marriage has been rumored to be in trouble in the past. However, this time around, it appears the couple is on ice. The couple never intended to bring up their marital issues on the show. But they have decided to weather the storm. The cast of RHONJ will see a lot of new drama in the coming months.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey has been rocked by rumors of Bill Aydin's affair. The scandal has rocked the Aydin family, and has even made its way to unintended audiences. This has not stopped the mean girls from trying to get Jennifer off the show.

Jennifer Aydin and Margaret Josephs both said they are not being honest, and have been shade throwing at each other in the wake of the scandal. They have both claimed that they are scared of the truth. However, Jennifer has a history of bringing up rumors about other cast members' marriages.

Bethenny Vs Ramona in RHONY 7.19

RHONY 719 Bethenny vs Ramona

During the seventh episode of RHONY, Bethenny and Ramona go head to head. They compete for the title of queen of the house. What does this mean for the upcoming season?


Throughout their time on the show, Bethenny and Ramona have had a number of fights. This season, they go back and forth over their friendship. They have gotten along well during seasons 8 and 9, but now they are going back and forth.

In episode 7, Bethenny and Ramona have a heated dinner. They talk about their friendship, but things get out of control. They have a fight, and both women get advice from their daughters. Then, the ladies go surfing. Then, Bethenny gets emotional talking about her personal life.

In the season 7 episode, Bethenny meets her friend Fredrik Eklund, a realtor. She learns about a new apartment that Bethenny is interested in, and she has to decide whether to keep her current apartment or upgrade to a larger one. She also learns about some new dirt on Tom.

In episode 7, Bethenny and Ramona get into a fight. Bethenny accuses Ramona of not returning the dress she borrowed from her. Ramona accuses Bethenny of trash talking. She also accuses Ramona of not being supportive of other women in the house.


During season 11 of Real Housewives of New York, there was a lot of tension between Bethenny Frankel and Ramona Singer. There were fights and accusations, and the duo had a rough season.

Bethenny and Ramona became friends during the third season of the show. They even went on an excursion to Tequila together. Bethenny gave Ramona a tour of her new apartment. Bethenny's daughter gives her advice about how to deal with Ramona. Bethenny and Ramona have fought over women over the years. They even got back together in the middle of season 10.

The two women have had a few ups and downs throughout the years. Bethenny was the sidekick to Jill and LuAnn in the first two seasons. But things changed after the show returned for season 3. Jill accused Bethenny of being jealous and not being there for Bobby Zarin during his cancer scare. Bethenny was also criticized for not being there for Bobby in the final months of his life.

Bethenny and Ramona have also had some good times over the years. The two got together for a wedding in 2013, where Ramona served as Bethenny's bridesmaid. In the season 10 finale, Ramona invited Bethenny to her skincare launch, but Bethenny turned it down.


During season 11, Ramona Singer and Bethenny Frankel had a rocky relationship. They went back and forth, causing the ladies to be thrown into a tizzy. Fortunately, they have made up many times over the years.

When Bethenny decided to leave the show, she shocked her co-stars. But when she returns, she's not sure whether she should invite Ramona to join her on her Mexico trip. The two have been battling it out throughout the season, and their fight reached a new level.

Bethenny and Ramona have been friends for many years, and they've had their ups and downs. They've made up and have even traveled together, but this season, things got pretty heated.

In the upcoming episode, Bethenny and Ramona get into a fight that will have to be resolved before they can return to their friendship. Bethenny's daughter offers some advice for the diva.

Bethenny and Ramona aren't the only ladies in the group that have had a rocky relationship. Candiace and Monique had some physical fights during season 5, and Porsha and Kenya fought during season 6. Both were accused of being whores, and Porsha pulled Kenya's hair in the reunion episode.


Countess Luann is not alone in the Real Housewives franchise. Former reality stars Kandi Burruss, Porsha Williams, Heather Dubrow, and Kyle Richards are also in the fray.

While the show's latest entrant, Bethenny, is not officially a part of the RHONY franchise, she's still in the know. Former RHONY alum Dorinda Medley is still in touch with Bethenny, and former reality star Tinsley Mortimer is also still around.

The show's other big star is the return of Ramona, and it's clear she's still reeling from her divorce. She hasn't exactly been the friendliest of all time, and she's even pushed back against Luann.

The Real Housewives franchise has become a veritable ecosystem. It's no secret that former reality stars have been re-hired for the show, and Kenya Mathis is arguably the show's biggest villain. She was paid a staggering sum of $1 million for a single season, and she received a massive pay cut in season 12.

The Real Housewives of Orange County is a franchise whose evolution is still ongoing. Fans are also excited about the upcoming All-Stars spinoff.


During the season 7.19 RHONY reunion, the ladies of the cast were asked questions about their friendships with their friends. Phaedra and Ramona have always had a rocky relationship. However, they have worked things out a few times over the years. Here are some of the ups and downs of their friendships, and what they think about each other now.

Phaedra and Ramona were close during season 3 of RHONY, but they have not been best friends since then. They have been in the middle of a number of arguments, including one over their skincare line and how they treat other women. They had a spat over a dress that Ramona borrowed from Bethenny for the Angel Ball. The two women have also made up during the last few seasons.

Teresa Giudice and Melissa Giudice had a huge feud during season 3. They fought about what each would get at Christmas, who would be at the Posche fashion show, and who would be a gold digger. They were also adamant that the other had cheated on Joe Gorga. They even got into a physical fight.

Sonja Morgan

Despite all of the drama surrounding Ramona Singer, Sonja Morgan in RHONY 7.19 seems to be doing OK. She's reunited with all of the ladies from Luann de Lesseps' engagement party and housewarming party. She's still hanging out in her backyard with her dog Marley, but she's also re-entering New York City life.

Sonja's love triangle with Rocco and "Frenchie" gets more complicated. She's also conflicted about whether or not she should take a trip to Atlantic City with her new boyfriend. She's also receiving an accusation about her French lover.

Dorinda Medley was there for the party. She compared Sonja to Mary Poppins and Zsa Zsa Gabor. She also questioned Sonja's happiness after Mario Singer's divorce.

Bethenny Frankel was also back in the "Housewives" drama. She was the one that put her on the hot seat in the last episode. Her visit ended with a trip down memory lane. She also met with Luann's fiance for the first time. She's still looking for a place to live, and has a hard time being a single parent. She also deals with the stress of renovating her new apartment.

Kyle Richards

During the RHONY 7.19 episode, the squad took a trip to Aspen. Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump were spotted enjoying the slopes and private plane rides. Kyle's thoughts on the ongoing ticket feud between Kathy Hilton and Sutton Stracke were shared as well.

There were plenty of highs and lows during the season. Kyle and Kim hit another hump at the reunion. There was also the fight between Teresa and Melissa at the christening. The two women argued over Jackie Goldschneider. The feud continued throughout season two.

Kyle and Lisa were close friends in the beginning. They also shared many memorable moments on trips. The two recently shared a weekend in Aspen. They also took a trip together to Puerto Rico during season four.

The Real Housewives of New York's newest spinoff will feature Bethenny Frankel. The show will also include Dorinda Medley and Heather Thomson. The series will air on Bravo on April 7. The Real Housewives of New York City will also be aired in a Beverly Hills spinoff.

There have been plenty of memorable moments on the Real Housewives of New York, but Bethenny and Ramona are some of the best. They have worked together on a number of occasions over the years, but they have also had their fair share of fights.

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