Worm on a String OR

Worm on a String OR

Worm on a String

While it's true that entrepreneurship is a hard business and the job market has its challenges, it's also easy to forget the good things. This list is to remind everyone the great things that are out there, waiting for someone (or a group) to appreciate them.



Whether you call them “Squirmles”, “Snoots”, “Magic Twisty Worms”, or “Worms on a String”, chances are you probably had one back in the 1960s or early 1970s that you bought straight off of the S.S. Adams practical jokes and magic tricks spinner rack (Adams called them “Magic Woolly Caterpillars”) during one of your family road trip Stuckey’s stops of your youth. Nevertheless, their official name was Squirmles and they were invented in 1958 by Pierre “Peyo” Culliford who was looking to design something cute and fun for children to play with.

stuckeys.com)You savvy social media users of apps like Tumblr, Amino, Pinterest, TikTok, and Instagram might know them as part of the more recent “Worm on a String” internet trend where they’re used for projects including door beads and earrings and even to accessories jackets. In fact, this new style has such a strong and creative following these days that the “Wormcore” aesthetic became an official internet subculture in 2019. (Source:


Life Cycle: The adult worms mate in fresh water or damp soil. The female lays up to several million eggs in water in long strings or slender broken cords. Eggs hatch in two weeks to three months, with the .01 inch larvae not resembling the adults. Some believe that within 24 hours after hatching, the larvae encyst on vegetation near the water's edge. After the water level drops, the exposed vegetation is eaten by a grasshopper or cricket. The cyst covering dissolves, permitting juvenile worms to bore through the gut wall and into the body cavity of the host. All nutrients are absorbed across the body wall of the worm, as no alimentary system is present.

Give your kitty the thrill of the chase with the Pet Fit For Life 5 Piece Squiggly Worm Wand Cat Toy. It’s made of high-quality carbon fiber with a break-resistant fiberglass pole so it can stand up to heavy duty use and rough play, even with the most energetic kitties. It comes with five squiggly wigglers that activate your pal’s hunting instinct to keep him engaged in play and add much-needed exercise to keep him healthy. The rope-like, woven nylon string ensures long-lasting play and the easy-to-use clasp makes it a cinch to swap wigglers. Plus, it even comes with a removable bell to add to the kitty-approved excitement. (Source: www.chewy.com)



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