Wild Strawberry Leaves test

Wild Strawberry Leaves test


Wild Strawberry Leaves


Virginia strawberry, also called Wild strawberry, is a low-growing, perennial, herbaceous (i.e. not woody) plant growing less than 1 foot tall. It is a creeping plant, producing new plants along runners (stolons) that extend sideways along the surface of the soil, rooting as they grow. They provide food for many small animals and birds. Wild strawberry is a native plant found in much of the US and Canada.


Wild strawberry leaves are small to medium in size and are flat and oblong in shape, averaging 4-5 centimeters in width. The dark green leaves are matte, have silky hairs on the underside, and have toothed or serrated edges. The leaves grow in groups of three on hairy stems that can reach up to 10-15 centimeters in height. Wild strawberry leaves grow on a trailing plant that spreads out low to the ground on horizontal runners which turn into roots to create new plants. The plants are also identified by their small white flowers and red fruits. Wild strawberry leaves have a mild, fruity flavor with fresh grassy, herbal notes and a mildly astringent finish. (Source: specialtyproduce.com Wild strawberry leaves, botanically classified as Fragaria vesca, grow on a perennial plant that can reach up to twenty centimeters in height and are members of the Rosaceae, or rose family. Wild strawberry plants are often found growing along sidewalks, fields, and edges of wooded areas. There are over twenty different species of strawberries, and all parts of the plant including the leaves, fruit, and stem can be used medicinally. Wild strawberry leaves are often overshadowed by the bright red fruit. Strawberry leaves are highly nutritious and are an important ingredient in natural medicines and cosmetics. (Source:specialtyproduce.com))




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