Wikipedia can find a lot of information on Tayana Yachts

Wikipedia can find a lot of information on Tayana Yachts


Tayana Yachts

Tayana Yachts Wikipedia

Those who like to read Wikipedia can find a lot of information on Tayana Yachts. These luxury yachts were created by Bob Berg, who previously owned Flying Dutchman Yachts. He conceived the design of the Tayana 37 and took it to Robert Perry, who did the final design. In Chinese lingo, Bob Berg was known as BaBa.

Robert Perry

Robert Perry, a Seattle-based yacht designer, is known for designing a number of modern cruising yachts. These include the Tatoosh 42, Tayana 37, and Valiant 40. Aside from the Tayana 37, Perry has also designed a variety of other yachts.

Perry's original vision for the Tayana 37 was to create a traditional above-water cruising yacht with a streamlined hull. To achieve this, he ditched the traditional long keel and replaced it with a Constellation-style rudder. This, in turn, improved the performance of the Tayana 37. Perry also opted for a double-ended hull to capitalize on the popularity of double-ended sailboats. However, his boat struggled to make good speed in moderate gales.

In his early twenties, Perry moved to Vancouver with his family and became interested in yacht design. He met famous designer William Garden while he was a student at Mercer Island High School. He also joined the local yacht club, which exposed him to yacht design.

Tayana 37

Tayana 37 Yachts are made in Taiwan and were first built in 1976. The design was created by American Robert Perry. Its streamlined lines and comfortable deck spaces make the Tayana a desirable yacht to own. It's also available in various versions, ranging from a small racing version to a larger version.

The Tayana 37 is a super-popular cutter rigged ketch that first hit the water in the early 1970s. She has a double-ended hull, a cutter rig, and a traditional wood panelled interior. Her owners have taken care of her over the years, and she has sailed the Atlantic and Pacific. She is also fitted with teak decks and a Featherstream prop.

In mid-1970s, the Tayana 37 was designed following the success of the Westsail 32. It is a heavy boat, but it sails well and is ideal for long passages in testing conditions. It also has plenty of living space, and is comfortable under way.

Robert Perry design

The Robert Perry design for Tayana Yachts is a classic double-ended cruising yacht. Its tall rig and extensive weight above vertical center of gravity create a stable but surprisingly tender ride. The rig also incorporates heavy joinerwork and glasswork above the waterline. Perry feels that this initial tenderness actually improves the boat's performance, because it reduces the snappiness of roll.

Perry had a passion for yacht design even as a young boy. His first design was the CT54, a custom yacht built in Taiwan for John Edwards, the founder of Hans Christian Yachts. This connection led to more double-ended cruising yachts for Taiwanese yards. In the 1970s, more people were looking to sail to a tropical paradise, and Perry has made a name for himself as one of the most successful designers of cruising boats. His designs include both traditional full keel designs, such as the Tayana 37, and more modern, fin-keel cruising yachts.

Robert Perry's work has been recognized globally. He has published many articles in sailing magazines and given numerous lectures. He also mentors young sailboat designers at the Evergreen College in Olympia, Washington.

Tayana 37's performance

The Tayana 37 is the most popular Taiwanese-built double-ended full-keel cruiser. Designed by Bob Perry and first introduced in 1976, this model has sold over 600 units worldwide. Though the Tayana 37 is no longer in production, the Ta Yang Yacht Building Co. still supplies new boats on a spot basis.

While the Tayana 37 has a traditional stern design, its hull design is very modern. The stern design borrows heavily from the Aage Nielsen-designed ketch that won the 1980 Bermuda Race. The stern of the Tayana 37 is considered one of the most handsome Baltic-type sterns.

Perry aimed to maintain the traditional double-ended hull style, while injecting modern performance into the design. For this reason, the rudder and forefoot of the Tayana 37 were modified to reduce drag. In addition to this, the keel is separate from the hull, giving the boat a modern-day efficient profile.


Tayana Yachts are known for their high-quality interiors and semi-custom styling. However, not all Tayana yachts feature the same interiors. There are some that did not fit the needs of blue-water sailors, and you will have to look for the right one for your preferences. Check out what Blue Water Sailing magazine had to say about the Tayana interiors.

The Tayana 37 is a traditional double-ender hull yacht, with oodles of teak and a gorgeous custom interior. Despite its size, the Tayana 37 sails very well, and is also a great choice for coastal cruising. It also offers the low maintenance of a teak exterior.

One of the Tayana 37's main drawbacks is its narrow sidedecks, but you can still find them with full-length handrails for added safety. The Tayana 37's cockpit is small, but it is equipped with seacocks and cockpit scuppers.


The interior of Tayana yachts is often a talking point, with a wide range of options. The Tayana 37 is a great example, with a large V-berth in the forward stateroom, a U-shaped galley to port, and a straight settee to starboard. These boats are typically fitted with teak, which can be oppressively dark for some sailors but exquisitely cool for others. However, the teak interior does require a high level of maintenance.

The construction of Tayana yachts is logical and well-defined. Wire chases, plumbing runs, and thru-hulls are all clearly marked. The boats are also easy to service, with everything located logically. There are few hidden areas where maintenance could go wrong. With this quality, Tayana yachts are an excellent choice for cruising and sailing.

The Tayana 37 is a heavy sailboat, but it sails well. It's also a versatile boat that can be used as a coastal or bluewater cruiser. In fact, it's more popular in the bluewater market than any other sailboat.


A long-standing reputation for reliability has made Tayana Yachts one of the most reliable manufactures of luxury yachts. While the company does not produce large numbers of models, they are known for their exceptional quality. They are also renowned for the quality of their interior joinery, which is often synonymous with yachts made in the Far East.

The company's reliability is proven by their many awards and certifications. In fact, one Tayana 37 yacht was even awarded the World Sail Award in 2005 for her performance and reliability. This yacht's stern design takes inspiration from the Aage Nielsen-designed ketch Holger Danske, which won the 1980 Bermuda Race. This design is one of the most beautiful Baltic-type sterns available.

The interior of a Tayana yacht is impressive, with quality semi-custom work. While not every model has the same interior, the majority of Tayana yachts offer a comfortable interior. The main cabin has a V-berth forward and a head and lockers aft. There is also a forward nav station and a quarterberth.


Tayana Yachts is a semi-custom boat manufacturer in Taiwan. It produces boats that are 32 feet to 72 feet long, with a variety of configurations, including center cockpit and aft models. These boats use fine exotic woods, top-of-the-line electronic equipment, and powerful Yanmar engines to deliver a smooth, comfortable ride.

The boat's stern design borrows heavily from the ketch-type stern of the 1980 Bermuda Race winner Holger Danske. The Tayana 37 stern is one of the most attractive Baltic-style sterns on the market. However, the Tayana 37 has some drawbacks. Its aft mast position can be difficult for windward helm, so early owners raked it forward.

The interior design of the Tayana 37 is what sells most of the boats. It has a custom teak interior, which can be oppressively dark for some people, but exquisitely cool for others. The teak interior also requires a lot of maintenance.

Inside TATIANA Yacht Bilgin Yachts 2021 Value 100M

Inside TATIANA Yacht  Bilgin Yachts  2021  Value 100M

The Tatiana is Bilgin's flagship superyacht. She was delivered in the year 2021, and was built of aluminium and steel. The yacht is a unique design with a "bullet-like" bow and sweeping sheer lines. She has six suites for up to 12 guests, Wi-Fi connectivity, and a beach club on the aft deck.

Interior design by Winch Design

The interior design of TATIANA Yacht Bilgin Yachts' 2021 Value 100M is the first yacht from Winch Design to feature a full-fledged cinema. The yacht's design pays attention to practical details as well as aesthetics. The vessel features two service doors for anchor operations and a door for loading supplies. The luxury yacht is also fitted with 10 shell doors. Her impressive aft saloon boasts a Porsche-designed pool table and a Yamaha piano, and features embossed leather details, glass panels, and white onyx.

Bilgin Yachts is a family-owned shipyard in Turkey. The TATIANA yacht is the company's elegant flagship. It is expected to be one of the largest yachts ever built in Turkey. She will accommodate up to fourteen guests in eight suites. The main deck features four guest cabins, while the lower deck is home to three VIP cabins. The yacht also has space for up to 25 crew members.

Tatiana is the first of Bilgin's 80-metre superyachts. She features a modern exterior design and a state-of-the-art spa. She has eight staterooms, including the owner's cabin. Four guest staterooms are on the main deck, while the eighth is on the lower deck. A staircase connects the main saloon to the yacht's centre area. It features a nine-meter swimming pool, a bar, a hammam, and a massage room. She also has a balanced superstructure and is capable of speeds of 19 knots without dynamic trim.

The interiors of TATIANA Yacht Bilgin Yachts are equally impressive. Winch Design's design incorporates contemporary materials, including marble and Macassar ebony. The yacht also features Wi-Fi connectivity, air conditioning, and an elevator.

Accommodation for up to 12 guests in 6 suites

The Tatiana is a luxurious, 80-meter superyacht built by Bilgin Yachts and designed by Unique Yacht Design. She is capable of cruising more than 3000 nautical miles and has room for 16 guests and 21 crew. It also has an indoor nine-metre swimming pool and a beach club.

This luxury yacht was built by Bilgin Yachts and delivered to its owner in 2011. She underwent a refit in 2022. She has a distinctive, modern exterior design and is outfitted with deluxe amenities throughout. The interior is finished with leather and features custom-made carpets. There are 6 staterooms on board, including a master suite with a king-sized bed. In addition to her stateroom, Tatiana has a gym and beach club, plus two twin cabins.

The TATIANA is a beautiful vessel that is sure to impress you. Its sleek lines and dark blue hull make her stand out among other yachts of the same size. She also has a modern interior designed by Kinder. The colour scheme is light and balanced and the windows allow plenty of natural light to filter into the space.

Accommodation for up to 12 guests in 6 suite rooms includes a master suite, a VIP suite and four double staterooms. The Master suite is located on the upper deck and boasts 180-degree views. It also features a spa room and an en-suite bathroom. There are four further staterooms on the lower deck. Each stateroom has a king-size bed, an ensuite bathroom and a flat-screen television.

Wi-Fi connectivity

Wi-Fi connectivity is available inside TATIANA Yacht. This yacht features air conditioning and Wi-Fi connectivity. It is also equipped with elevators so any part of the yacht can be accessed easily. This yacht is expected to be delivered in 2021.

This superyacht is capable of accommodating 16 guests in eight staterooms, including a master suite, three VIP cabins, and four double cabins. She also has quarters for a crew of twenty-four. She was launched in February 2020 and delivered to her owner in 2022. She is the third Bilgin 80-metre model. She features sharp exterior lines and a modern interior. The yachts are equipped with plenty of marble.

The owner of this yacht has been a long-time client of Bilgin Yachts. She first purchased a Tatiana in 2006 and ordered a second one in 2011. After taking delivery of the second Tatiana, the owner wanted to commission a bigger project.

Bilgin Yachts' TATIANA yacht boasts the highest standard of luxury. Her design features a steel hull and aluminium superstructure. It features H2 Yacht Design interiors and naval architecture and a huge deck area. TATIANA has eight deluxe staterooms and a crew of twenty.

Beach club on aft deck

The newest addition to the Bilgin Yachts fleet is the TATIANA Yacht. The 80-metre superyacht will be delivered in 2021. The yacht was designed to be functional, easy to build, and elegant. Its interiors are decorated in rich materials, including marble and Macassar ebony.

One of the yachts' main features is a 110-square-metre beach club with two pools and a bar. It is connected to the main saloon through a dramatic staircase. There are also two bars and a gym.

The TATIANA Yacht is a luxury motor yacht, with 12 staterooms and a 20-member crew. Her crew is dedicated to your comfort and wants to make sure you have an unforgettable vacation. The yacht has dedicated spa areas for its guests, including a master stateroom with a private jacuzzi. A home cinema room is also available on the main deck. The TATIANA Yacht also has a beach club on the lower deck aft, with a swimming pool, private bar, and lounge spaces on hydraulic balconies. The aft deck also has an additional swimming pool and a massive alfresco dining area.

The interior of TATIANA Yacht is stunning, with touches of macassar ebony and Eucalyptus throughout. It has a total of 12 cabins and 20 crew cabins, and features an extensive amount of marble. It also has a helipad.

Contemporary exterior lines

The design for the Tatiana yacht was created by H2 Yacht Design in collaboration with the owner. The owner is an avid yachting fan who loves to entertain his friends and family while cruising the Mediterranean. He wanted a vessel that would be comfortable for his guests and allow him to relax and unwind on board. He wanted a yacht with generous living spaces and luxurious amenities, including a lavish spa, as well as a beach club on the aft deck. The interior designers at H2 translated the owner's wishes into a design that is classic yet timeless.

The interior of TATIANA Yacht was designed with an emphasis on attention to detail. The interior features rich materials such as marble and Macassar ebony. The luxury yacht offers accommodation for up to twelve guests, as well as twenty crew members. She can reach a range of 11.0/5000 nautical miles at 12.0 kn and carries 155,000 litres of fuel and 45,000 litres of water.

Bilgin Yachts has a long-standing relationship with the owner. He took delivery of the first Tatiana in 2006, and the second one in 2011. After he took delivery of the second yacht, the owner expressed an interest in a larger project. The interior design of the Tatiana Yacht focuses on multiple entertainment areas, including a formal dining room for up to 16 guests, a cinema, and a private owner's space.

Bilgin Yachts is building three 80-metre units. These yachts will feature a special exhaust system that emits 100% clean air. Furthermore, they are designed with contemporary interiors for a modern feel.

Cyrus Pallonji Mistry and His Tatiana Yacht

The Mistry family regularly holiday on a yacht. As such, Mistry has placed several of his vessels on the charter market. Mistry is believed to have obtained funds for the purchase of his $100 million superyacht Tatiana from Indian banks, financial institutions, and retail shareholders. As such, the Mistry's purchase may be the subject of scrutiny.

Acquired by the Mistry family

The Mistry family's acquisition of a $100 million superyacht is being scrutinised. While the acquisition is not illegal, it looks like a sensitive deal on paper. Mistry is the younger son of Indian-born Irish businessman Ratan Tata. The Mistry family is reportedly linked to a number of Indian banks and financial institutions. It's unclear whether the Mistrys financed the purchase from their own money or borrowed from retail shareholders.

Cyrus Mistry worked in the family business after leaving Tata Sons. He joined the board of Shapoorji Pallonji in 1991 and was appointed managing director in 1994. Under his leadership, the group's construction business grew from twenty million to over $1 billion. Mistry was also instrumental in developing the group's infrastructure business from the mid-90s onward. He took over the business from his father, who was getting older.

Cyrus Mistry became the deputy chairman of the Tata Group in 2011. He had hoped to take over the chairmanship of the Tata Group in a year after his father, Ratan Tata, had retired. The Mistrys have a long history of relationship with the Tatas, and a close one has been developed over three generations.

Cyrus Mistry's stake in Tata Sons is 18.5%. He was chosen by a five-member selection committee. He is a distant relative of Noel Tata, Ratan Tata's half-brother. Mistry's tenure was marked by success - his company's shares outperformed the Sensex by 5% annually and saw profits grow by 35 percent annually.

Mistry was born in India and was an entrepreneur who built factories, stadiums, luxury hotels, and palaces in Asia. They had a battle with the Tata Group, but in the end, they triumphed and the Shapoorji Pallonji Group has a global presence, employing over 50,000 people in 50 countries. Mistry also built the iconic blue-and-gold Al Alam palace for the Sultan of Oman.

Built by Turkish shipyard Bilgin Yachts

Bilgin Yachts is a family business that builds superyachts from 50 to 120 meters. The company has facilities covering 60,000 square meters in several locations across Turkey, including its main headquarters in West Istanbul Marina. It also operates a marine furniture factory, a comprehensive mechanic workshop, and an upholstery workshop. At its Yalova facility, five projects are currently in development. This complex has the capacity to build two 85-120 m yachts and three 50-65m yachts.

Bilgin Yachts has also opened a new production facility in West Istanbul Marina. This facility features more space for wintering and building larger superyachts. It also has its own furniture and marine stainless steel facilities. These facilities enable Bilgin Yachts to offer high-quality materials for constructing yachts.

Bilgin Yachts is currently building three 80-meter yachts. They will feature MTU IMO III propulsion systems. They will be the largest yachts to be built in Turkey. The Bilgin 263 yacht, for example, is fitted with twin MTU Series 4000 V16 engines that can achieve 20 knots. It also features a MTU SCR system, which ensures that emissions remain within the limits of IMO Tier III.

Bilgin Yachts is a family business that has been building luxury yachts for five generations. It makes almost everything in-house and has four facilities spread over more than 40,000 square meters. Bilgin is known for its quality craftsmanship and its commitment to sustainability. The name Bilgin translates as "know how." Bilgin employs 350 skilled craftsmen and utilizes sustainably grown woods to build its luxury yachts.

Bilgin Yachts is the Turkish shipyard that produces a large number of superyachts. The company is based in Istanbul and has recently launched its first completed 80-meter motor yacht. This yacht will be outfitted before being delivered to its owner in the spring/summer of 2020.

Bilgin Yachts has built three units of its 80-metre Bilgin 263 series, the third of which is slated to be delivered in 2022. The 263 series emphasizes eco-friendliness and is certified to IMO Tier III. Its two 2,560 kW engines will achieve 19 knots and have fuel consumption of 250 l/h.

Looking for a new owner

Cyrus Pallonji Mistry, a billionaire from India, is looking for a new owner for his Tatiana 100M superyacht. He is said to have acquired the yacht earlier this year. The purchase, which is thought to have cost him approximately Rs 700 crore, may have been a sensitive one on paper. However, Mistry is not suspected of breaking any laws by buying the superyacht.

Mistry acquired the vessel from Bilgin, Turkey, where she sailed in the Marmara Sea. The vessel was built in a luxury style that made it a relaxing haven for its guests. It features eight cabins and a movie theater, as well as a fully equipped gym, a classic swimming pool, a jacuzzi, and plenty of water toys. The yacht has an elevator to make accessing it easy and safe.

In addition to being 262 feet long, the Mistry yacht also features a special exhaust system that prevents foul air emissions. Moreover, the luxury yacht is also equipped with an electronic onboard medical system. Its luxurious interior was created by H2 Yacht Design, while its exterior was created by Unique Yacht Design.

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