Where to Check in at Gatwick Airport

Where to Check in at Gatwick Airport


Where to Check in at Gatwick Airport

What terminal is check in at Gatwick Airport

Whether you need to find a car hire provider, transfer from a different terminal, or simply need to know where to check in at Gatwick Airport, the following information will be useful. If you are traveling with a connecting flight, the Gatwick Connect desk is located in the baggage claim hall of each terminal. The agent will be able to help you connect to your connecting flight. In addition, the Skybreaks travel agent is located in the South Terminal check-in area.

South Terminal

During the last decade, the Gatwick Airport has undergone several facility upgrades. These improvements include the installation of a brand-new security area, which features 19 lanes and a dedicated entrance for families with young children and people with special needs. A new premium lane has also been introduced to cater for the needs of first and business class passengers. While you are at the airport, take advantage of the many services offered at the South Terminal.

If you are planning to fly out of Gatwick Airport, make sure to arrive early to avoid crowded check-in areas and avoid unnecessary hassles. You will also want to know what to pack for security. This year, the airport has launched a massive recruitment drive, and while there are already 300 available, there are still many positions available.

You don't need to check in with immigration when connecting domestically, but you will have to check in for international flights. In order to get the most accurate flight information, use the flight information screens in South Terminal, which are located on all levels. These screens will display your flight destination, flight number, and gate number. Generally, boarding begins 45 minutes before departure. Checking in can be done online, or by visiting Arrivals on the left side of the terminal.

In addition to the check-in desks, there is also a large range of retail stores and cafes in the South Terminal. There are 15 stores on the ground floor before security, and a further 27 stores after security. You can find everything from clothes and sports equipment, to toiletries and entertainment. You can also enjoy a coffee or a snack at one of the 17 restaurants or cafes in the terminal. There are also bureaux de change, which accept over fifty currencies.


The NT terminal is located on the ground level of the airport. It houses the international and domestic arrivals gates, as well as a lounge and charging station for your electronics. You will also find restaurants, shops, and currency exchange facilities here. The NT also features a monorail that runs to and from the international terminal.

Check-in at the NT terminal is easy and quick. Many airlines that operate from Gatwick offer self-service check-in kiosks. These kiosks are convenient and safe, and they help the airport control the flow of passengers. Guests can check-in for their flights online or at the airport's North Terminal.

The NT terminal includes the international terminal, as well as the NT Express terminal. The NT terminal features access to departures and arrivals, and exits for the train station and the Sofitel and Hampton by Hilton hotels. During the day, the NT is open 24/7 to passengers. The NT terminal also houses a departure lounge, which houses assistance and family care services. There are also shops and restaurants, as well as a VAT refund office.

The NT terminal has many amenities and services for travelers of all ages. It offers secure check-in, 'The Avenue', the Departure Lounge, and Piers 5 and 6. The NT terminal is home to Virgin Atlantic and EasyJet. For additional amenities and services, passengers can choose to stay in a nearby hotel.

The NT terminal is connected to the South terminal by a monorail. The NT is on the right side of the South terminal and is accessible by a free monorail. You can find food and drink at the airport's restaurant and shops on the upper level. However, gate numbers 101 and above will require a long walk. Gates 101-113 are on Pier 6, which is connected to the South terminal by the world's longest air passenger bridge.

Work Pods

The Gatwick Airport's new work pods are designed to offer business travellers a secluded space to complete their work in a quiet environment. The pods feature a computer screen, secure Wi-Fi, and an ergonomic chair. The pods are scheduled to open in the northern terminal in the coming months.

Work pods are located between the terminal's departure gates. They can be reserved on-site or in advance via the Regus website. The cost is about $A23 per half-hour block. Unlike other airport lounges, Workpods are available for as long as you need.

The lockable pods have a long leather mattress and breathable screens. They are located in the north terminal and the south terminal, making it easy for travelers to find a comfortable spot to work. However, travelers should note that they may have to pay an overstay charge if their flights are significantly delayed.

The Regus Express Business Lounge is another way to spend time at Gatwick Airport. You can enjoy fast WiFi in this lounge, private meeting rooms, and shower facilities, and delectable refreshments. The lounge is accessible to travelers and businesses around the world. The Regus Express Business Lounge at Gatwick Airport offers a relaxing atmosphere with a convenient location.

The Gatwick Airport work experience programme is an invaluable opportunity to gain insight into a variety of airport roles. The work experience program also includes the opportunity to study a nationally recognised qualification such as the Level 4 Leadership and Management Diploma. For example, project manager Miss O'Hara, who lives in Crowborough, went on holiday with her family and partner to Fuerteventura for five days last week.

Car rental providers

Gatwick Airport offers a range of car hire services. Both the South and North terminals have car hire desks, making it easy to find a rental car that suits your needs. There are also a variety of low-cost car hire services available, including Cars for Less. These car hire services are conveniently located at the airport, past the check-in counters.

Gatwick Airport is a popular destination for travelers. It is located just an hour south of London and is well connected by the M25 and M23 highways. The M25, which runs 100 miles around London, is also accessible from the airport. The airport is also accessible via the A237 and A217. Rental cars are not exempt from the congestion charge. If you are worried about paying the charge, you can pay it online before you pick up your car.

Whether you're looking for an executive car, a family car, or an economy car, you'll find what you need at Gatwick Airport. Gatwick Airport has 24 hour information desks that provide helpful travel information. Many of the employees speak English, and can help you navigate to the car rental counter.

Gatwick Airport is the second busiest airport in the UK, servicing more than 20 million passengers every year. Located just 45 kilometers south of the city, the airport provides easy access to the city center and surrounding areas. Many car rental providers at Gatwick Airport also offer chauffeur services. With their affordable car rental prices and high-quality service, you can enjoy the convenience of one-stop travel.

Prices for Small car rentals at London Gatwick Airport are typically under $50 per day. The cheapest time of year to rent a Small car is November, while June is the most expensive month. Renting a Small car in November will save you up to 69% from the average rental price. However, prices will vary based on vehicle availability and the demand.

Accessible toilets

Gatwick Airport has recently updated the signage in its accessible toilets to highlight the fact that some health conditions are invisible and should not be hidden. The campaign was launched by Crohn's & Colitis UK as part of Crohn's and Colitis Awareness Week. The new signage uses the slogan 'Not every disability is visible' to promote the importance of accessible toilets.

The new toilets are equipped to meet the changing needs of people with disabilities. They are larger than conventional accessible toilets and feature a height-adjustable changing bench. At London Gatwick, there is also a new wash and dry toilet that comes with an in-built douche and eliminates the need to wipe with toilet paper.

Changing Places toilets are also available in the Departure Lounge. These are accessible and spacious, giving disabled passengers more independence and not having to rely on staff to assist them. These facilities are often located near exit doors. The Departure Lounge is another location where Gatwick should consider providing this type of toilet.

In addition to the standard disabled toilets, Gatwick is also investing in two specialist hoist assisted toilet facilities to help passengers with disabilities. These will include height-adjustable changing benches for adults. The new facilities will enhance the airport experience for passengers with disabilities, such as autism and brain injuries.

Where is London Gatwick Airport?

Where is London Gatwick Airport located

If you are planning a trip to London, you will want to know where is London Gatwick Airport. The airport is conveniently connected to over 100 towns and cities in the UK. The main coach station is located in the South Terminal, although many routes also stop at the North Terminal. Both terminals have information desks where you can get further information on coaches and fares.


There are many ways to get around the airport, and one way is to use taxis. Taxis are available at both the South and North terminals. A shuttle service runs between these two terminals. You can also take a train to the airport. Check the airport website for the latest services and prices. To book a taxi, just provide your flight number and details.

Taxis at London Gatwick Airport are available 24/7 and offer fast and reliable transfers to and from the city. They offer low rates, top-class vehicles, and experienced drivers. When booking your taxi, make sure you book well in advance. You can even pre-book up to three months in advance.

London Gatwick Airport is the second-busiest airport in the UK after Heathrow. Even in busy times, it shouldn't take more than 60 minutes for you to get from the airport to your hotel. The driver will take the M23 motorway, exiting onto Queenstown road. From there, he'll follow local roads to your hotel.

While a standard taxi to central London costs PS60-100, many private hire services offer a cheaper quote. In addition, some private hire services require advance booking. Furthermore, many of these services offer additional transfers, such as children's seats, bottled water, or meet and greet services.

Depending on your flight time, you can choose between a shuttle service or a taxi. In the latter case, you will have to wait a short period of time for your taxi to arrive, but the taxi will wait in the Arrivals Hall while you take the shuttle bus or board a delayed flight. Luckily, many of the Gatwick Airport cabs will also wait for delayed flights for up to 45 minutes, so you don't have to worry about parking or finding a shuttle bus.


Minicabs at London Gatwick Airport are a fast, reliable, and comfortable way to get to your destination from the airport. They are available 24 hours a day and can take you anywhere in London and the Home Counties. In addition, they eliminate the need to take public transport, which can be incredibly stressful.

The Minicabs at London Gatwick Airport are clean on the inside, and you'll love the fact that they're available all year round and operate seven days a week. They also have several different transfer vehicles available for you to choose from. This means that you're sure to find one that suits your needs and budget.

Gatwick airport has two main terminals, and there is a shuttle service between the North and South terminals. The airport also has a train service. You can check the current schedule on the Gatwick airport website. Prices for Gatwick minicabs vary depending on the taxi company and the time of day. In addition, the distance of your trip will determine how much you pay.

There are many benefits to using private hire services, including a lower quoted price than using a standard airport taxi company. Private hire services often have better rates and can offer a wide range of additional services. Some of them include meet and greet services, children seats, and bottled water. If you have a specific requirement, you can even make a request before the journey to ensure you get the right service.

When traveling with a family, you have to think about small details. You need to get up early in order to make sure that you're prepared and have your documents at hand. You don't want to be caught in a rush. There's no reason to add additional stress to your trip by driving yourself or leaving your car at the airport. With a professional driver, you can rest assured that your travel is safe and hassle-free.

Car rental providers

There are a number of car rental providers at London Gatwick Airport. Located a half hour from the city, Gatwick is easily accessible via the M23 and M25. The airport is also accessible via the A217, A236 and A237. Those who are unfamiliar with the area can find assistance at the airport's information desk. They can assist travelers with directions to car rental counters.

When selecting a car to hire, choose a vehicle that best fits your needs. A sedan is a convenient choice for short trips around England, while a minibus or 4x4 is a good option for small groups or long distance trips. Sports cars are also available, though they're pricey. These vehicles are suitable for driving on small country roads or around racetracks in southern England. Convertibles are also a popular choice, but they tend to draw more attention than a sedan. They're also more expensive and not suitable for highway driving.

At the London Gatwick Airport, there are several car rental providers available. Both the main terminal and the South Terminal have car rental desks. Depending on which rental provider you choose, you'll need to collect your car from the terminal to drive it home. Fortunately, there are shuttle services available to transport you back and forth to your vehicle.

When comparing the various car rental providers at London Gatwick Airport, compare their prices. Many rental providers offer deals for less than $50 per day. If you're going on a trip to London or the surrounding areas, renting a car will save you money in the long run.

Children's play areas

There are a number of play areas for children at London Gatwick Airport. According to the airport's website, these play areas include educational elements and fun activities. They are free to use and provide a great way to pass time before your flight. There are play areas in both the South and North terminals. The South Terminal has an area located on the upper level opposite Dixons Travel and the North Terminal has one near Gates 1-6.

In the South Terminal, there is a large soft play area, which is located near the lifts. The soft play area is located near the food court and is a great spot for children. There is also a children's television area, which used to be a separate play area, at Terminal 1. There is also a toddler area in Terminal 2 with toys, crayons, and an adventure play area for children aged three to eight.

The airport has recently updated its facilities for families, including more children's play areas and more changing facilities. There is also a dedicated security lane that is specially designed to help families with children who need extra assistance. Another new addition to the airport is a super-lounge, which provides space for children and features a mini-cinema. The lounge also offers complimentary drinks, magazines, and Wi-Fi.

Another popular play area is the Sky Zone, which offers interactive games for toddlers and young children. Parents can also purchase a drink in the departure lounge and enjoy their time playing in the Sky Zone. Parents can also use the pushchairs provided by the airport to take their children through the airport. However, the pushchairs are coin-operated and require a PS1 deposit.

Shopping options

During your travels, you may want to take advantage of the many shopping opportunities available at Gatwick airport. The airport's shops range from airport staples to international boutiques. Many famous London brands have outposts here, including Fatface, Superdry, and Snow + Rock. Duty Free shops also offer a wide range of goods. Many of these stores are open 24 hours.

Gatwick Airport has two terminals, with shops and restaurants. There are also bureaux de change and help desks. Both terminals are connected via an automated people mover. There are also bars, restaurants, and cafés in the arrivals hall. In addition, Gatwick airport is also home to a train station.

Whether you need to buy groceries, a souvenir, or a gift for your loved one, Gatwick Airport has everything you need. After you've cleared security, don't forget to check out the duty free area. This is where millions of shoppers pass through and a variety of big name stores can be found. The department store Harrods is also located here.

If you're traveling on a budget, you can also stay at a hotel near the airport. The Bloc Gatwick, located in the South Terminal, offers affordable rooms for a low room rate. There are several other hotels located on the premises as well. When you're flying out of London Gatwick Airport, you'll be able to take advantage of the airport's excellent rail connections. You can reach the airport in just a few minutes by taking a train.

Gatwick Airport Flight Info

Flight Info  Gatwick Airport

If you're flying from London Gatwick Airport, you might be wondering how to get around. Luckily, you don't have to travel through the entire airport; just use these tips. First, you need to know which terminals you'll be using. Terminal 5 is the international terminal, and Terminals D and 4S are for domestic flights. In case you're flying into Terminal 1, you can get to the train station by transferring to Terminal 2.

Arrivals hall

The Arrivals Hall at Gatwick Airport offers travelers a wide array of facilities to ease their travel needs. From bureaux de change to currency exchange, the hall offers everything you could need to prepare for your trip, whether you're traveling alone, with children, or need special assistance. The hall also has wireless internet, games, and other work-related amenities. There are also showers and baby-changing facilities.

Gatwick Airport has two main hotel chains: the Sofitel London Gatwick and the Gatwick Hilton. Both of these hotels are located near the railway station, making them convenient for Gatwick Airport travellers. In addition, both hotels offer a free shuttle to and from the airport.

The arrivals hall at Gatwick Airport is comprised of three levels. Check-in is on the first floor, while the second floor houses three blocks of check-in counters. There is also a baggage-drop area. Additionally, there is a convenient 'Airportr' ticket desk, a bank, customer service, and a special assistance point.

Gatwick Airport is currently considering building a second runway. However, this is not expected to happen before the year 2019. It is run by the Global Infrastructure Partners, which owns 42 percent of the airport. The other shareholders are the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, National Pension Service of Korea, the California Public Employees' Retirement System, and the Future Fund of Australia.

Car parks

Gatwick Airport has a range of car parks. Some of these are on-airport and others are off-airport. Both offer a variety of amenities and can be booked online to save time and money. Many also have on-demand shuttle buses to take you to and from the terminal.

Gatwick Airport has two types of parking facilities - long-term and short-term. In the long-term parking facility, you can reserve a space for a week or more. These are conveniently located near the airport and are a short drive from either terminal. Short-term parking is free for up to two hours.

If you're travelling on a budget, it's best to opt for an off-airport car park that offers frequent transfers and cheaper parking. The transfer time is about ten minutes, depending on the type of car park you choose. Gatwick Airport offers two main terminals - Gatwick North and Gatwick South. The Gatwick monorail is available to connect the two terminals. Some car parks are closer to the terminal entrances than others, but the shuttle bus service to the terminals is available at any time of the day or night.

If you prefer to park for only a few hours, consider the Meet and Greet service. This service offers two hours of free parking and free transfer to and from the terminal.


Gatwick Airport has two terminals: the South and the North. The South Terminal is easily accessible from the motorway via a spur to the airport. The South Terminal exit has a large arch with an advertising board while the North Terminal's exit does not have any signs or advertising. There is a free shuttle bus that connects the two terminals.

Both terminals offer many options for dining and snacks. In addition, the airport has a lost and found office and luggage machines. If you need assistance locating your lost luggage, you can visit the Gatwick airport's lost and found office. There are also many shops and bars in the airport, and currency exchange services are available at the airport.

Parking is available at the airport's short-stay car parks. The 2 South Terminal car park is located in the right-hand lane, while the 3 North Terminal car park is on the left. Alternatively, you can park your car at a premium parking garage, which is nearer to the terminals.

In addition to these two terminals, the airport also has a train station. The train station is located on the Avenue shopping floor. The entrance to the station is next to a WH Smith news outlet. The station is connected to the South Terminal by a monorail. The service is available every three minutes during peak times and every six minutes at other times.

Train station

The train station at Gatwick Airport is currently closed due to a power outage. There is no word on when the service will resume. The outage has affected thousands of homes in the surrounding Sussex area. In addition, the inter-terminal shuttle has been shut down and buses are taking passengers to and from the airport. Until the problem is resolved, passengers should check flight status before departing.

The train station at Gatwick Airport is located in the South Terminal, a short walk from arrivals and departures. It is also accessible from the North Terminal via a free shuttle. The railway station is serviced by Gatwick Express and the Southern and Great Western Railway. It operates services throughout London and the South-East.

A number of buses are available at the train station, and there are several companies operating at the airport. The Metrobus and National Express offer information on routes and fares. The airport also has its own taxi service. The shuttle stops are located near the train station. A ride takes just a few minutes.

The Gatwick Express service operates frequently from the airport to Central London. This train service takes about 30 minutes and offers air conditioning and spacious carriages. The Southern Railway also provides services throughout South-East England, including London Victoria, London Bridge, Brighton, Southampton, and Portsmouth.


The shopping opportunities at Gatwick Airport are numerous. Whether you're looking for designer brands or bargain goods, there's plenty of choice at affordable prices. The two terminals each feature a range of shops. The Gatwick airport website also features an interactive map showing where all the shops are located.

While the shopping at Gatwick Airport may not be as extensive as at some airports, there's still plenty to choose from. One of the new shopping concepts at Gatwick Airport is Tesco's virtual grocery store. Visitors can choose from 80 different products and scan a barcode with their smartphones. They can then pick up a basket full of essentials to take home.

One of the biggest attractions at Gatwick is the duty-free section. There are plenty of high-end labels in the Duty Free area, with the prices comparable to what you'd pay in a high street shop. There's also a vast selection of alcohol, tobacco and perfumes at low airport prices. The airport also features a range of designer sunglasses and watches. Whisky fans should check out the World of Whiskies, which offers 350 fine spirits.

There are many dining options at Gatwick Airport. No matter what you're looking for, there's a choice to suit your taste, budget, and dietary requirements. From continental sit-down meals to freshly grilled paninis, Gatwick's airport dining options cover a wide range of preferences. You can even find a restaurant offering Jamie Oliver's Italian cuisine or a chicken-themed Nando's.

Gatwick Airport - Everything You Need to Know

If you're traveling to the United Kingdom soon, you should know a few things about Gatwick Airport. Read on to learn about the airport's railway station, shops, and terminals. You'll also be able to find out more about its history. The airport has been around since the 19th century.

Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport is a British airport that serves London. The airport has two terminals. There are a wide range of facilities at the airport. Gatwick is also known as one of the slowest airports in the United Kingdom. Its average flight time is 46 minutes. However, Gatwick has been expanding its capacity to accommodate more passengers.

In the early twentieth century, Gatwick became a hub for airline operations. It served many airlines from a variety of destinations around the world. In the early 1930s, it was home to several regional carriers, including the British Airways airline. US Airways ceased its service between Charlotte, North Carolina, and Gatwick in late March 2013, leaving the airport without a US airline for 35 years.

Gatwick Airport is located in the south of London. It was the first airport in the United Kingdom to connect rail and air travel. It has a railway station, which is attached to the South Terminal. Several companies offer train service to Gatwick. The service is also available 24 hours a day.

Gatwick Airport was recently the target of an attempted drone attack. The drone was spotted flying close to the runway, which caused hundreds of flights to be cancelled. The British Army has been called to the scene and is working to identify the drone operator. The airport authorities have stepped up their drone prevention efforts in response to the incident.

Its terminals

There are two main terminals at Gatwick Airport: the North and the South. Both have about 65 gates, and both have shops and restaurants. There are a variety of services for disabled passengers and parents. There are also specialised lounges for business travellers. Both terminals are connected by an elevated, automated people mover.

The original Terminal at Gatwick was built in the 1950s. It was circular and constructed of concrete. It featured six piers and was connected to the railway station by an underground tube link. The first terminal ceased to be used for passengers in the 1950s, but is still in use as an airline base and airport office space. While the airport has since added two new terminals, the original South Terminal is still a 1950s-style building.

In addition to restaurants, Gatwick has a diverse selection of cafés and bars. Visitors can relax at the South Terminal's Terrace, where they can enjoy complimentary tea and coffee. The South Terminal also houses Regus Express lounges, which offer wi-fi and workpods. There are also on-site hotels and conference facilities.

Gatwick Airport is also linked to the London-Brighton railway line. Gatwick was the first airport in the UK to combine rail and air travel, and it now has its own railway station attached to the South Terminal.

Its railway station

Gatwick Airport's railway station is a terminus of the Gatwick Express railway service. It runs between central London and Gatwick Airport. It also serves other towns and cities south of the airport, including Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill, Hassocks, and Brighton.

With a capacity of around 20 million passengers per year, the railway station is the second busiest station outside of London. The rail station's design hasn't kept pace with increasing passenger numbers and the need for a more modern platform is necessary. A new station will provide more space and help to move people in and out of the airport.

The railway station at Gatwick Airport is connected to both the North and South Terminals and offers free rail service between both terminals. During peak hours, trains depart every three minutes. To make your journey more convenient, you can purchase your train ticket in advance online at the railway information desk. Booking online will save you both time and money.

The railway station at Gatwick Airport has six platforms and a ticket office located in the main concourse. It was built on the site of the former racecourse and opened in 1958. Major reconstruction and renovation works were carried out in 1967 and 1968 and further work was done in the 1980s. The concourse deck on the upper level of the station was designed by the British Rail Southern regional office. The station offers northbound services and a Gatwick Express service that departs every 15 minutes to London Victoria station.

Its shops

Gatwick Airport's shops are a great place to buy cheap souvenirs and designer goods. There are several shops to choose from in both the north and south terminals. You can browse through the website to find out where each store is located and what they have to offer. There are also interactive maps that allow you to see what's available in each shop.

If you're in need of some cash, Gatwick has 19 bureaux de change located throughout the airport. The WHSmith flagship store at Gatwick has a modern layout, thanks to the design work of Wanda Creative. Using luminaires as graphic elements, the new store is easy to navigate.

Duty-Free shopping is another option available at Gatwick Airport. You can buy a wide range of products from designer brands to everyday necessities. Tax-free shops are also available for international travellers. The airport also offers a selection of tobaccos and alcohol, as well as many high-end brands.

Whether you're a casual shopper or a shopper on a budget, duty-free shopping at Gatwick airport offers great value and quality items. You'll find everything from perfumes to cigarettes and alcohol to skincare products and confectionary. Designer sunglasses and watches are also available. And whisky lovers will love the World of Whiskies, a retail shop with over 350 of the world's finest whiskies.

Its restaurants

One of the most underrated Gatwick Airport restaurants is the Japanese restaurant Wagamama. This casual Japanese restaurant serves everything from a full English to a Japanese-style omelette. It also offers a view of the runway. It also promises to serve food within 15 minutes. You can even get a bento box to take with you, which is a great idea if you need to eat on the go.

Another restaurant that is open in the airport is the Grain Store Cafe & Bar, located in the South Terminal. This is the first new incarnation of the famous London restaurant. The menu highlights locally sourced vegetables. The chef says that most of the produce used in the menu is within 30 miles of the airport. The Grain Store also serves a full English breakfast. The restaurant also offers daily specials, as well as children's menus.

The quality of the food served at airports is very important. Restaurants must be able to serve different cuisines, and must be able to accommodate all dietary needs. Plane food is not generally gourmet, but Gatwick Airport offers a wide selection of cafes, bars, and restaurants to suit all tastes and budgets.

Its car parking

If you're flying into Gatwick Airport, you'll need to get a parking space. The airport has several long-stay parking options, located five to 10 minutes away from each terminal. These facilities have regular or on-demand shuttle buses to the terminal. Some of these parking facilities belong to Gatwick Airport's Approved Off-Airport Parking Scheme. These operators follow the ParkMark and Buy with Confidence approval processes. They may also run Meet & Greet schemes for customers.

The Gatwick Long Stay car park offers free parking for two hours. It serves both the South and North terminals. Apart from on-site car parks, the airport also has affordable Park and Ride facilities and convenient Meet and Greet services. You can book your car parking in advance to get the best rates.

You can also use Meet and Greet services at Gatwick Airport. In this option, you meet a professional driver at the terminal building. The chauffeur will park the car in a secure location near the airport. Afterwards, you can walk to the departures area. If you wish, you can even pay extra for a car wash.

The CAME car parking solution was designed to meet the airport's specific requirements, which include its high traffic volume and constantly changing environment. This solution is managed by robust PKE hardware installed on an internal remote station within the airport facility. It is able to handle up to eight parking zones and individual tariff requirements.

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