Where is 5 Minute Crafts From?

Where is 5 Minute Crafts From?


In June of 2019, the five-minute crafts videos on YouTube alone surpassed 550 million views. The videos have also been popular on Facebook, where they have 1.8 billion views. If you're looking for craft ideas for children, 5-Minute Crafts is a great choice. Not only are the crafts easy to make, but they also encourage creativity and imagination.

TheSoul Publishing

TheSoul Publishing creates content geared towards people who enjoy crafting. Their most successful brand is 5-Minute Crafts, which consistently ranks in the Top-10 among YouTube channels and Facebook pages. This success is due to a number of factors. Here are some of them:-

TheSoul Publishing is known for its positive message and quirky brand. It aims to ignite and inspire creativity in viewers. The company's other brands include 7-Second Riddles, Bright Side, and 123 Go! All of these brands focus on feel-good content. However, the company has also tried to diversify beyond its core business by expanding into new areas.

TheSoul Publishing began life as a company called AdMe, which focused on digital advertising and content distribution. Its original headquarters were in Kazan, Russia. However, in 2016, it relocated to Cyprus. The company then launched 5 Minute Crafts on Facebook. Today, it has over 1,700 employees in over 70 countries. Its main office is in Cyprus, and it has studios in the United Kingdom and Latvia. About 80% of employees work remotely.

5-Minute Crafts has become a global phenomenon, with over a hundred million fans on Facebook. The company has also achieved over seventy million subscribers on YouTube. It is the fifth most subscribed channel on the site. Additionally, the brand has over eight million followers on TikTok, where its content has received over 130 million likes.

TheSoul Publishing is a digital studio that creates fun, useful, and entertaining content. The content is created by Sam and Sue, who craft and cook wacky DIYs and food. And they bicker endlessly to reach a common ground. It is important to note that the company is still young, but has a bright future.

5-Minute Crafts is a DIY-style YouTube channel owned by TheSoul Publishing. TheSoul has a staff of 550 people, employs over 400 people, and operates 40 Facebook pages in 10 languages. The company is responsible for popular YouTube channels like Bright Side and Avocado Couple. They also own a Facebook page with eight million fans called You're Gorgeous.

Jarvis Johnson

The creator of 5 Minute Crafts, Jarvis Johnson, is a YouTuber who has become one of the most popular content creators of all time. He is an engineer and software engineer who specializes in making silly videos. His content has gained millions of views. Originally, he started out making videos about software engineering. However, the success of Mayuko's video led him to make a similar video. After all, Johnson enjoyed comedy, and it was a way to keep the audience entertained.

Now, Johnson is a huge YouTube sensation, with 18 million subscribers. His videos are a mix of personal vlogging, challenges, and tech commentary. He once even put 100 million orbeez in a friend's backyard. He is a prolific creator, and has been featured on a Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

Johnson has made over a dozen video series based on 5-Minute Crafts. His videos are popular with both audiences and advertisers. The creator of 5 Minute Crafts has teamed up with several major brands to distribute his videos. One such brand is Patreon, which is a platform that connects people who want to make money from their YouTube content.

Jarvis Johnson has a background as a software engineer. Prior to creating 5 Minute Crafts, he worked for Google, Yelp, and Patreon. Today, he has a successful YouTube channel and is an entrepreneur. Follow him on Twitter at @jarvisjohnson.

Though some may view 5-Minute Crafts videos as a nonsense channel filled with videos that are completely useless, it is important to consider the fact that the creator of the videos is trying to earn money from the audience. While this channel has some funny videos, it's important to think about the safety of kids before watching any of the videos.

While YouTube is an amazing resource for learning new crafts, it doesn't mean that you should stop making your own. Jarvis Johnson's success is based on his vision and listening to people's needs. He has made 5 Minute Crafts an immensely popular content creator that inspires people to make their own crafts. The videos are great for beginners and even those who have no previous experience.

Ann Reardon

If you've ever wondered what Ann Reardon does for a living, you're not alone. Her YouTube channel is a popular resource for DIY-style crafts. It's the 12th most subscribed channel on YouTube, and her Facebook page is the fifth most popular. Ann Reardon's humorous and light-hearted approach makes it a joy to watch.

The content of her videos is clickbaity, which increases the chances that they will get views and money. The videos, which feature outlandish ideas, are not intended to provide a comprehensive education on the subject. Nonetheless, the videos can be entertaining and educational for kids.

The YouTube algorithm is a mysterious beast, but it's possible to take advantage of it to boost your YouTube channel's reach. The 5-Minute Crafts channel utilizes keywords and wacky thumbnails to attract viewers. This approach has earned the channel an estimated $11.7 million in annual advertising revenue. Its videos have more than 100 million Facebook fans and are consistently in the top 15 most-watched pages on YouTube. The website also boasts 44 million Instagram followers, proving its popularity.

Ann Reardon is a YouTube celebrity. Her videos range from creative desserts to cake rescues. She has nearly 5 million subscribers on YouTube. She is a food scientist and has a lively personality. Many of her videos feature her family. In the process, she also debunks viral recipes and hacks found on the Internet. She also explains why some of these hacks don't work and offers alternatives.

A recent post on the site 5-Minute Crafts shows a life hack that's too simple to be believed. In the video, a young woman liquefied clear soap cubes and added green food coloring. She then poured the mixture into a latex glove and stuck a suction cup in it. The soap then solidified, holding the suction cup in place. Then, she peels off the glove to reveal a green soap hand, which she stuck to her bathroom wall.

5-Minute Crafts

Five-Minute Crafts is a popular YouTube channel that focuses on DIY and life hacks. The channel has over a million subscribers and is owned by TheSoul Publishing. The channel has also expanded to other platforms, such as Facebook, where it has over 8 million fans.

One of the most interesting things about this YouTube channel is the way it analyses the risks associated with life hacks. The video shows how dangerous it is to put hot glue on a toothbrush, for example. As a result, children are advised to be careful when watching such videos. The channel is also very informative and aims to educate people about different crafts.

According to YouTube, 5-Minute Crafts' videos have been viewed over 19 trillion times. The channel has over 71 million subscribers and earns over $11.7 million in ad revenue each year. The channel has a website and a mobile app. In June 2019, five-minute Crafts' videos were viewed over 550 million times on YouTube. In addition, the channel has 44 million followers on Instagram.

TheSoul Publishing was founded by Radaev and Mukhametov in 2003. The company started off making ad-focused sites, including AdMe, but soon transitioned into more entertainment-style content, such as the five-minute craft videos. It has offices in Latvia, Cyprus, the United Kingdom, and the United States, and employs more than 1,700 people worldwide. The majority of these employees work remotely.

Five-Minute Crafts is a YouTube channel that focuses on quick and inexpensive crafts. The website also has an active Facebook page. While TheSoul Publishing's YouTube channel isn't connected with Bright Side, it is owned by the same company that owns other popular YouTube channels.

Best Breakfast Ideas For Kids


For breakfast, give your kids a variety of choices. You can let them pick a mix of fruits and nuts. They can also choose Greek yogurt with honey drizzled on top. Another popular choice is hummus on toast. Hard-boiled eggs are also a delicious option. They can be served with fruit and oatmeal, or you can even add cereal bars.

Healthy breakfast ideas

Smoothies are a delicious and healthy breakfast idea for kids, and they're quick and easy to make. Try a green smoothie - it only has four ingredients and tastes delicious! You can also try a smoothie made with a mixture of nuts and seeds, such as sunflower seeds or wow butter. Certified GF oats work well for this recipe, too.

Whole grain muffins are another easy, portable breakfast idea for kids. They can be eaten as a snack at school or as a snack after school. You can also make them into deviled egg chicks or English muffin egg pizzas. Another fun idea for a healthy breakfast is a hard boiled egg grilled cheese sandwich, which your kids will love. Protein blueberry muffins are another great option. They're high in protein and are soft and fluffy.

Kids love colourful foods and creative presentations. Try presenting fruits and vegetables in a colourful way, and give them interesting names. This will inspire them to try new foods. A variety of fruits and vegetables will help them get the right balance of nutrients. Providing variety in the breakfast menu will make them more likely to eat it.

Eggs and whole grain toast are another healthy option. You can also add a few eggs or even a sliced fruit to your kid's favorite breakfast. They will love the variety and will soon be gravitating towards the healthier alternatives. They'll soon learn to be more adventurous and crave for fruits and vegetables that are high in nutrients and flavour.

A balanced breakfast is an important way to fuel your child and keep them focused during the day. It's a great way to improve your child's concentration, memory, and attention span. It also helps reduce their moodiness.

Adding food coloring to pancakes

Adding food coloring to pancakes is a great way to add fun color to your morning breakfast. Depending on the style of pancakes you make, you can add a wide variety of different colors. You can even go with the traditional rainbow colours. After preparing the batter, divide the batter into six small bowls and add the food coloring. Mix the batter thoroughly to combine all the ingredients.

For each color, stir in a few drops of food coloring. Using a small amount will give you a rainbow of colors! Just make sure you choose a color that will not overpower your pancakes. Then, let the batter sit for 20 minutes or until small bubbles form in the center.

For this recipe, you can use a liquid food coloring, such as Wilton's. It won't thin the batter and won't affect the taste. This is a great way to introduce your children to color mixing and learn about different color combinations. Adding green food coloring to your pancake batter can make them appear a bit more vibrant than you had expected!

To ensure your pancakes will turn out well and have the right consistency, make sure you heat the pan well. If the pan is too hot, you can end up with burnt pancakes. To avoid burning your pancakes, cook them on a medium-low heat setting. You should also check the temperature of the pan to make sure that it is not too hot.

Making a smoothie

Smoothies are a great way to start the day, because they're convenient to prepare and are packed with nutritious ingredients. For example, papaya has loads of vitamin A and C, as well as fiber and antioxidants. It's also a great source of energy and can help your children stay healthy. Just dice the papaya, add the other ingredients, and blend everything for about a minute until smooth. If needed, add water to achieve the right consistency for the smoothie.

Another great benefit to making a smoothie with kids is that it is a great bonding activity. You can also teach them about color, measurement units, and the process of solids turning to liquid. Kids can also learn about the science of making smoothies, which is fun for them.

Making a smoothie for your kids is a great way to sneak extra fruits and vegetables into their diet. A variety of fruits and vegetables are kid-friendly superfoods that can help their bodies function well. But be careful not to use too many ingredients or you risk confusing their taste buds.

One of the best breakfast ideas for kids is to mix and match ingredients. Try to find an unusual combination that your child will enjoy. For instance, if your kid isn't a fan of milk, add a tablespoon of peanut butter or a scoop of cream of coconut to entice him or her. Another fun idea is to serve sliced fruit alongside a smoothie. This will allow your child to have their own breakfast, and it will teach them to gravitate towards the healthier items.

A smoothie is a healthy alternative to sugary drinks. You can include spinach, bananas, strawberries, and almond butter in a smoothie. You can also serve some protein or fat-rich food on the side. Try a smoothie recipe from the Minimalist Baker.

Making a breakfast casserole

Making a breakfast casserole is a great way to include the kids in the morning's meal. They'll love the variety of flavors that this dish has to offer. This casserole is made with ham and cheese. To make it even better, you can top it with salsa, sour cream, hollandaise sauce, or even sliced avocado. It's also good paired with southwest mini breakfast braids.

A breakfast casserole is a great way to serve a healthy, make-ahead breakfast. It's a simple recipe that features a variety of healthy ingredients. A typical breakfast casserole includes sausage, potatoes, fresh vegetables, and greens, as well as cream cheese. The best part about it is that it doesn't require a lot of dairy!

If you don't want to spend a lot of time on the recipe, you can also freeze it. To freeze the casserole, you'll want to place it in a ziplock bag or airtight container. It will keep for at least five days. To reheat the casserole, heat it up to 350 degrees.

A breakfast casserole is a great choice for a family meal. It's easy to prepare and full of nutrients, so it makes for a great holiday brunch or weekday treat. A breakfast casserole is also great for taking to a potluck and is sure to disappear from the table.

Make a breakfast casserole the night before and store it in the fridge. This way, you can easily bake it when you're ready to eat. You can also freeze leftovers - they'll keep in an airtight container in the fridge for three to four days or in the freezer for two to four months. Once the leftover casserole is ready to eat, you can just pop it into the oven and crisp up the tater tots.

Making a yogurt parfait

Besides being a delicious treat, yogurt parfaits are healthy and great for kids. They are also easy to make and can be used as a healthy snack, dessert or meal prep item. Make them in a mason jar or small glass cup.

To make yogurt parfaits, you should use a glass with a spout that will fit in it. You can also use a drinking glass. Just make sure that the glass is clear, and that the spoon can reach the bottom of the dish.

Whether you make a parfait for breakfast or as a snack, it will be nutritious and filling. You can make it with fresh fruit and berries to make it more appealing for kids. You can also top it with graham cracker crumbs.

Besides yogurt, you can also use any other fruit or toppings. A layer of coconut or seeds will keep the toppings from getting soggy. Kids will love the look of the parfaits, and you can even let them compete with you to make the prettiest one!

A yogurt parfait is a healthy choice for breakfast. It is rich in protein, calcium and phytonutrients. You can even prepare it the night before and keep it in the refrigerator. Greek yogurt is a good choice because it is rich in protein and calcium. Chobani, for example, offers a lower sugar version. For a sweeter taste, add maple syrup or dried cranberries.



If you want to try your hand at a variety of DIY and ART CRAFT projects, you've come to the right place! In this article, you'll find 25 DIY craft ideas and 50+ ART HACKS.


These DIY projects are inexpensive and easy to do. You will only need a few supplies to complete these projects. You can also paint them for a more rustic look. These craft projects are perfect gifts for mom or dad. Many of them can be done with items found at Dollar Tree. There are tons of cool ideas to get you started, and you can even find tutorials at the Dollar Tree to get you started.


If you're looking for easy craft projects for kids, you've come to the right place. You can easily make 75 fun, unique items for any occasion using inexpensive materials. These projects are the perfect way to celebrate the holidays while keeping costs down. Crafts like these make great gifts for parents and grandparents. Some of these projects are even profitable. All you need is a few inexpensive materials, such as rocks and wire. The rest of the materials are available for free or very cheap.


If you are looking for easy, inexpensive crafts to make, then you've come to the right place. These simple projects require little to no material and can be sold for a good profit! They are also an excellent gift for mom and dad. And best of all, they can be found at your local dollar store.

Viral Family Gadgets! Smart Tips For Parents

VIRAL FAMILY GADGETS Smart Tips For Parents  YouTube

If you have children, you may be curious about the latest viral family gadgets. These gadgets are not only entertaining but they can also help you raise a happier and more educated child. You can find these gadgets on YouTube or other sites that offer parenting advice.

Smart Tips For Parents

It's not always easy to keep your child safe on the internet, and there are several things that you can do to help keep your child safe. For example, you can make sure that your child doesn't give out his or her real name or address to strangers. Also, you should never allow your child to click on links that a stranger sends. It's also important that your child doesn't send photos of themselves to strangers.

If you have kids using smart devices, consider limiting the data they access. Many smart devices come with privacy policies that allow parents to control how much information their children can access. For example, some smart home devices allow you to set parental controls for your children. For those who are apprehensive about smart devices, we offer a guide that can help you make the best choice for your family.

When choosing a parental control software, make sure to look for a product that offers different profiles for each child. This way, you can control what each child can access, including websites that contain pornographic material. Many of these software programs also allow you to block certain content or limit screen time for the whole family. While these parental control options are useful, not every family needs total control.

Another great option is the Norton App. This free app for Android and ios lets you monitor your child's screen time and manage in-app purchases. It also gives you access to your child's location, and lets you monitor web browsing from afar. The app can be downloaded from Google Play or Apple's App Store.

Trends in parenting

Technology has changed how children interact with their parents. Children now hold devices, listen to music, and chat with their friends. While this keeps children engaged, it's also a cause for concern, as too much screen time can cause health problems such as sleep disorders and obesity. Therefore, parents are trying to limit the amount of time their children spend on electronic devices. Parental control apps can help parents manage their children's screen time. Many parents are also looking into homeschooling as an option for their children. Ultimately, they want to be able to control what information their kids are learning and how they learn it.

One trend that has grown in recent years is the popularity of sharing baby milestones on social media. Some parents do this with true love, while others do it to raise awareness of certain baby-centric topics. This trend will probably continue into the future. While some of these trends may seem out of place now, there are plenty of things to look forward to in the next few years.

Eco-friendly parenting is another trend that is becoming increasingly popular. This movement encourages families to be environmentally conscious, which is good for their children and for the environment. Furthermore, it's encouraging more fathers to be more involved in child care. This is a significant change from the old days, when mothers were expected to take care of their newborns alone.

There are also smartphone apps that track the development of your child. Some of these apps include Nurturey, ParentPal, and Owlet, which monitors the baby's vital signs and lets you know if he or she is experiencing any health problems. These apps may not be 100% safe, though, and some may share sensitive data with advertisers.

As more millennial parents enter parenthood, they are confident in their parenting skills. In a Pew survey, 57% of Millennial parents felt they were doing a good or excellent job as parents, while only 41% of Gen X, Boomers, and other parents reported feeling the same way.

Parenting gadgets

Parents today are facing new challenges with the advent of technology, and new gadgets have emerged to make their lives easier. A smart baby monitor is an excellent example of this. Some models have built-in lullabies, video cameras, and night vision. Some even have the ability to connect to a smartphone for remote monitoring and parental control.

As with any other area of life, technology has improved and streamlined our lives, including parenting. The latest parenting gadgets are designed to ease your daily life by making it easier to plan ahead and keep track of daily activities. They make life easier for parents and offer comfort to children. These modern gadgets also map out a child's day so that parents don't have to think about their schedules each day. Life is going to be full of challenges, but parents need to be smart to overcome them and make it work for everyone.

Parenting is a tough job, and it becomes even tougher when your child is a newborn or infant. Parenting gadgets can make it easier by alerting you to issues and solving small problems in a pinch. More parents are entering the tech space, and these tools are a great way to help you get through tough times.

The baby shusher mimics sounds that babies hear inside the womb, which can help put them to sleep. The pacifier thermometer allows you to check your baby's temperature without disturbing them or waking them up. It is safe to use anywhere, and has no hidden charges. It's also HSA/FSA-approved.

Another useful gadget is a portable baby potty. It makes it easier for parents to provide their child with a potty break when there's no bathroom nearby. This portable potty also helps with the cleaning of messes. It is dishwasher-safe and requires just two fingers to use. It helps parents clean up the mess quickly, and it can be very convenient when a child is crying.

How to Find the Perfect Pet Gadgets to Make Your Life Easier

If you want to make life easier for your pet, you may want to consider buying the perfect pet gadget. Here are a few ideas: Smart collars, self-cleaning litter boxes, Remote treat dispensers, and automatic ball launchers.

Smart collars

Smart collars for pets can make your life easier in a variety of ways. The Fi collar, for example, lets you track your dog's location in real-time. It works by connecting to the Fi app, available on both the iOS and Google Play stores. The app shows you your dog's location as well as the time and distance traveled. You can also see a map of the route your dog took.

The Findster Duo+ is one such collar, designed for pet parents who are afraid of losing their dog. This collar is not a complete solution for finding lost pets, but it does help you locate your dog even when it's far away from you. However, it can't do everything that you need it to do.

While some collars use electric shocks to train your dog, others deliver negative reinforcement when boundaries are crossed. This Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar forgoes the use of electric shocks and offers humane corrections. It also lets you set geofences for your dog and integrates Alexa voice recognition technology.

The Fi collar uses a rechargeable battery and lasts for up to three months. It is meant for pets 25 pounds and up, so it's not suitable for smaller dogs. Some users have complained about the lack of real-time GPS tracking. If you're on a budget and want your pet to stay safe at all times, this affordable GPS collar will be an excellent choice.

Another smart pet collar, Fitbark, keeps track of your dog's sleep. This collar allows you to monitor your dog's sleep quality and track its activity levels. Poor sleeping habits can affect the health of a dog over a long period of time. This collar can help you identify the cause of poor sleeping habits and find a way to correct them before they become a huge issue.

Self-cleaning litter boxes

Whether you are a new pet owner or have had a pet for years, there are many things you will want to consider when it comes to caring for your pet. Having a pet is a huge responsibility and can take up a lot of time. From feeding and grooming to taking care of poop, there are many things to worry about. Luckily, there are many different products available to help make the job easier.

A self-cleaning litter box is another convenient option. Some models are self-cleaning and rake away clumps to make the job a little easier. Some even come with hoods that allow you to monitor your cat's usage. These gadgets can be a huge help in making your life easier while maintaining the cleanliness of your home.

A variety of high-tech pet products have recently been released in the market and more are currently in the works. From simple single-part devices to more complex devices, pet gadgets range from air-conditioned dog houses to self-cleaning litter boxes. These products can make your life easier and help your pet live a healthier, happier life.

A smart pet door is another convenient tool. It allows you to program the release time so that your pet does not disturb your daily routine. Another great gadget is an interactive pet camera. The Furbo interactive pet camera has many smart home features, including two-way communication, laser play mode, and a camera that lets your pet talk back to you.

Automatic ball launchers

The iFetch is a dog gadget that launches a tennis ball up to 30 feet and lets your dog fetch it for hours. It runs on batteries or mains power, and can be used indoors or outdoors. The device can store multiple balls and can be controlled via a smartphone app.

It also features a built-in laser toy and remote treat dispensing. This high-tech device can also be programmed to allow only authorized dogs to use it. It also features a timed access function so that you can limit the amount of time your dog can access the device.

The Petcube Bites 2 is another smart home gadget that pairs a camera and an automatic treat dispenser. Your pet can eat or drink a treat when they go to retrieve it. It also lets you see what your pet is up to from anywhere in the world, and you can monitor him or her from a mobile device. Other features include night vision and two-way audio.

Remote treat dispensers

Pets are wonderful family members, but caring for them can be a pain. Feeding, grooming, and cleaning up poop are just a few of the everyday tasks that pet owners face. For these reasons, pet owners are always on the lookout for the perfect products to make their lives easier.

Whether you live in an apartment or a house, there are a variety of products to help you care for your pet. Many pet technology devices can help you with this issue. These gadgets can help you keep your dog amused and entertained when you're away. Some are even set to do it automatically and hands-free.

Owning a pet is a responsibility that requires a lot of time and attention. Oftentimes, you worry about their welfare when you're out of the house. Many tech companies have developed pet gadgets to help make your life easier. Some of these products are useful for everyday chores, while others are more fun to play with.

A pet camera is a popular gadget that allows you to monitor your pet's activities. Some have night vision and microphones so you can speak to them through the app. Some cameras also come with laser toys that you can use to play with your pet remotely. If you're away for work or vacation, you can also take advantage of Petcam and other smart home devices to keep an eye on your pet.

Another great gadget is a waterproof pet tracker. These devices provide real-time tracking, long-lasting batteries, and nationwide pet tracking. They also allow you to view your pet's progress and activity graphs. You can also use them to monitor your dog's sleep pattern and get alerts if your dog is wandering off.

Subscription boxes

If you want to make life easier for your pet, you may want to invest in pet gadgets. These gadgets can help you keep your pets entertained and tidy. They can include remote-controlled pet-human toys or automatic pet-toilets. There are also several cool gadgets designed to monitor your pets, such as the PetCube Play 2. This gadget connects to your phone through an app and lets you communicate with your pet using a two-way radio.

This Bluetooth-enabled activity monitor monitors your pet's activity, age, breed, and size. It also sends updates to your phone in real time. The device is available in six different colors. If you want to keep track of your dog's activities, you can set alerts on the Activity Monitor to remind you.

Another great pet gadget is a food mat. It reduces bloating and barfing and is dishwasher-safe. It also comes with attached bags for easy storage. The food mat is also available in a non-slip version that's designed to reduce mess. If you want to shop for more pet products in Dubai, check out these categories.

Another fun gadget is the Playdate Smart Ball. This ball has a camera attached to it, which helps you track your pet's movements. It can also store waste, packaging it and sending it for disposal. This is one of the most innovative pet gadgets in recent years. It combines a mini camera and ROV with a sturdy plastic ball to make life easier for both pet owners and their pets. It can be set up anywhere in your home, and is controlled through a smartphone app.



Whether you're looking to make some money on YouTube or just want to increase your subscribers, you can easily improve your videos' ranking with a simple hack. There are many ways to do this, but some are true, others are false or just plain stupid. In this article, we'll explain how to recognize these hacks and whether or not they're worth your time.


There are many ways to get more out of YouTube, from simple tricks to more sophisticated features. These hacks can save you time, grow your audience, and optimize your marketing efforts. Some of the most common hacks include keyboard shortcuts, video-making tools, and subscriber-boosting features. Others are useful for sharing content with faraway friends and family.

Auto-generated transcripts on YouTube can help you rank for more queries. YouTube also allows you to edit content and pre-record videos. This makes your videos more indexable, and can increase your video views. To get this feature, you'll have to create a YouTube account. Luckily, the process is really easy, and it only takes a few minutes.

In addition to these tricks, YouTube has a feature called end screens that can offer a wealth of marketing opportunities. These screens appear after a video and last anywhere from five to twenty seconds. Depending on the video, they can show up to four elements that will encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel.

The title of your video is one of the most important elements that YouTube looks at. You need to use your target keywords in your title, as well as other keywords that describe the content of your video. While this can help with your rankings, you need to remember that ranking doesn't necessarily translate to clicks.

Once you have a YouTube account, you can add a watermark to your videos. This watermark will appear on all your videos, which can help your audience identify them when they are watching your videos. However, you must verify your account before you upload a watermark. And you'll have to ensure that it is in the correct position.


Did you know that there are several cool school hacks that you can use to help you study? These hacks include the Homework timer and Colorful drawing. You can use them to stay organized and get your work done faster.

Homework timer

If you have children in school, there are some school hacks that can help them stay on task and on time. One of these is a homework timer. The reason for this simple device is that it allows students to see how much time they are taking on a given assignment. Another is a homework planner. These are great tools to use if you are looking for a more organized homeschooling experience.

Colorful drawing

One of the many genius school hacks you should know is using a mesh pouch for your pencils. It can keep your pencils from slipping and help kids with their fine motor skills. Another genius hack is using a bottle cap to store paintbrushes. You can also use pom-poms as markers and clothespins as pencil grippers.

5-Minute Crafts PLAY - YouTube

5Minute Crafts PLAY  YouTube

Jarvis Johnson's videos expose the scams of 5-Minute Crafts

When it comes to online videos that claim to help you make things, 5-Minute Crafts PLAY has a lot going for it. The videos are packed with all of the before-and-after excitement of a home reno show, including bright colors, oddly emphatic acting, and simple solutions to problems. But it also contains some extremely weird elements.

Troom Troom's creators embrace absurdity

While the videos that appear on the 5-Minute Crafts PLAY YouTube channel are ripe for parody, the videos themselves are a welcome counterpoint to the jaded, cringe-worthy atmosphere that prevails on YouTube. In addition to the uncanny narration, the videos feature a rotating cast of thin white women who are referred to by their nicknames. Their seemingly ridiculous crafts are actually inspired by some sort of story, and they are often accompanied by a wacky soundtrack.

The creators of 5-Minute Crafts PLAY embrace the ridiculousness that has made the videos so popular. Their videos have garnered more than 550 million views on YouTube and over 1.8 billion on Facebook. While they may not have a lot of money, they are clearly doing something right.

The creators of 5-Minute Crafts PLAY are also known for their crazy life hacks and home science tricks. Despite the absurdity that is inherent in their work, the creators promote their videos as educational resources and as an effective way to learn new DIY skills. Despite the name, the videos typically last three to 15 minutes. The creators' aim to break the linear concept of time, despite the fact that many of their projects take more than five minutes to finish.

5-Minute Crafts' videos are aimed at children

The 5-Minute Crafts YouTube channel is one of the most popular and widely-subscribed channels on YouTube. The channel has over 70 million subscribers and is owned by TheSoul Publishing, a digital studio that has created hit kids shows such as 123 Go and Bright Side. While many other channels are struggling in the wake of YouTube's algorithm changes, 5-Minute Crafts has remained a top-rated channel. The channel has thousands of followers on social media and posts a lot of videos each week.

While the videos are aimed at children, they're also educational. The videos contain plenty of helpful information and instructions on how to create various projects. The videos are also packed with dopamine, the chemical responsible for making our brains feel good. The bright colors and oddly emphatic acting in these videos are also sure to appeal to our dopamine receptors. The videos are also very weird, and often include strange solutions to everyday problems.

5-Minute Crafts launched in 2016. According to its website, its videos have been watched over 19 trillion times. The company also has 71 million subscribers and is the 11th most-subscribed YouTube channel. It generates around $11.7 million in annual revenue from YouTube ads. It also has over 100 million fans on Facebook and is among the 15 most-followed Facebook pages.

The content of the 5-Minute Crafts videos is not always appropriate for children. Some of the videos are sexually explicit. Others are objectifying. Some even depict objectifying situations between a couple. One video even implies that an unmarried couple is sleeping together after only knowing each other for a month. This is a shocking example of inappropriate content on a website devoted to crafts.

TheSoul is a company founded by Radaev and Mukhametov in 2003. TheSoul started out as an ad-focused company before transitioning to an entertainment-style business model. They launched 5-Minute Crafts on Facebook in 2015. Today, the company has offices in Cyprus, Latvia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The majority of workers are freelancers.

Get More Done in Less Time With the 5-Minute Rule


If you're looking for a way to get more done in less time, you may want to try the 5-Minute rule. It's an excellent way to maximize the time you spend working on your projects, and it's also very flexible. This method works well for a variety of tasks, including creative ones. Using a ruled piece of paper, allocate every two lines to one hour and every five minutes to another. You can also add a few minutes to the time blocks to give yourself extra time to adjust your schedule.

5-Minute rule

The 5-Minute rule is a general rule in computer science that determines how much time to store a data item in memory or on disk. By applying this rule, you can determine whether a data item should be stored in memory or written to disk so that it can be read back into memory when needed.

The 5-Minute rule works by breaking a difficult task into manageable pieces. You commit to working for five minutes and stop when you are finished. This helps you to feel more motivated to take action. This rule works because it shifts the relationship between your energy and motivation. When you finish your small task, you have the energy and momentum to tackle a larger task later.

The 5-Minute rule can be abused in two ways. The first is when a member introduces an amendment and has five minutes to speak in favor or against it. During this time, other members may offer a pro forma amendment. Once that pro forma amendment has been approved by the majority, the member that offered it is no longer allowed to speak.

Another way to make use of the 5-Minute rule is to schedule your day in blocks of time, each one dedicated to one or several tasks. This method helps you to create a concrete schedule and eliminates random interruptions and time wasters. It can help you get more done and improve your work efficiency. A simple five-minute schedule can make a huge difference. You can set yourself up for success with this simple technique.

Another way to boost your productivity is to schedule regular work sessions. By scheduling time for five minutes each day, you can ensure that you are spending at least five minutes on each assignment. After a three-week baseline period, the 5-Minute rule was introduced. This technique promotes more frequent and satisfying work sessions. It can also help you increase the total amount of time you spend on each assignment.

Pomodoro method

The Pomodoro method is a time management technique that works by breaking work into small tasks and completing them within a set period of time. It is an effective method for increasing productivity, but it cannot be used in place of other productivity methodologies. This technique requires that you take regular breaks to boost your focus and mental agility. It also encourages you to be more organized and create more consistent working habits.

A pomodoro session lasts 25 minutes, with five minutes of rest between each interval. The pomodoro technique should be used with caution, as the breaks should be brief and not last forever. The breaks should be incorporated into the working day to ensure that the entire process is efficient and productive.

The Pomodoro technique is often used by students to improve their focus. It encourages discipline and helps students stay on top of their schoolwork. Each session begins with a focus point. A task must be selected and focused on in order to maximize the time. Focus is the key to getting results.

Ideally, the Pomodoro technique should be used with a kitchen timer. This will prevent you from being distracted by electronic gadgets. Moreover, it will help you create a blueprint of your productivity. This technique can also be used alongside other productivity techniques such as the to-do list or the calendar.

Francesco Cirillo, an Italian university student, developed the Pomodoro Technique in the 1980s. While studying at college, he struggled with getting distracted and wasting valuable time. After experimenting with various intervals, he eventually found that working until the timer rang was the most effective solution.

If you love DIY-style crafts, you might want to subscribe to 5-Minute Crafts on YouTube. The DIY channel is owned by TheSoul Publishing and has become the 12th most-subscribed channel on YouTube. It also has a large following on Facebook. It is based in Limassol, Cyprus.

The channel features videos from three to 15 minutes, depending on the craft. The creators of the series are not shy about using time-saving hacks and a variety of other techniques. They take a "do-it-yourself" approach to teaching crafts. They reject the idea that the crafts must be completed in a specific amount of time.

In addition to a unique approach to teaching kids how to make crafts, 5-Minute Crafts also encourages a creative spirit. The content is created by independent artists and is printed on high-quality products. This means that each purchase helps put money in the pockets of these artists. As a result, every time you watch or listen to a video, you are helping artists get the exposure they deserve.

While it is easy to dismiss 5-Minute Crafts as clickbait, this channel is all about entertainment and service. With videos like "20 banana hacks" and "How to pack hay in a backpack," 5-Minute Crafts videos are a welcome change from the usual YouTube cringe. But, be careful when viewing videos. While they are entertaining, they can also be dangerous.

Butterfly is another company that offers inexpensive, 5-minute craft kits for children. Children are often on a short attention span, so keeping them entertained and creative is essential. Butterfly aims to harness the child's natural creative streak and inspire them to think outside the box. Its kits help children focus on learning while giving them a fun break.

5-Minute Clinical Consults

The 5-Minute Clinical Consult 2021 is a practical and reliable resource for primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. The book is easy to navigate and organized, and provides valuable information for all stages of the medical consultation. It is especially useful for the physician assistant. Whether you are a new physician assistant or have been practicing for years, this book will help you learn how to conduct an effective clinical consultation.

The 5 Minute Clinical Consult is a comprehensive and highly organized reference guide that provides rapid access to information on more than 700 medical conditions. Its comprehensive index lists information alphabetically by diagnosis and presents bulleted points for each disease topic. The book is available in two versions, Standard and Premium, and includes online access. The online version offers a comprehensive decision support tool, including fully searchable diagnoses and lab tests, and patient handouts.

The 5Minute Clinical Consult is particularly helpful for family physicians, as the information is readily accessible and easy to use. It provides an accessible, synoptic approach to more than two thousand diseases and conditions, making it an invaluable resource for busy primary care providers. Its mobile-optimized interface allows for easy access to content, including a QR code.

5MCC features a simple menu system that makes it easy to navigate the various sections of the database. It also offers the option to search the Diagnosaurus by choosing specific conditions. Users can also search for conditions by using the A-Z index. The text is easy to read and navigate, and it even allows users to search for a subsection title by typing in the condition.

James Charles on YouTube and TikTok

james charles youtube  TikTok Search

If you have been following James Charles on YouTube or TikTok, you are well aware that his videos are incredibly popular, and he makes a lot of money doing it. However, he has been accused of compromising his videos and coercing men into doing things they would otherwise never do. He also has been accused of being abusive and attempting to force people into doing sex with him.

Youtube demonetization

In the wake of James Charles' YouTube demonetization, the social media entrepreneur has been under fire for his past behaviour. Charles has since apologized for his behavior in a video statement. He also lost his collaboration with Morphe and won't be appearing on the next season of "Instant Influencer." He also had to withdraw from a major YouTube beauty festival, and has been replaced by creator Zach Hsieh, who previously worked with Charles on a music video.

While YouTube has denied the accusations against James Charles, it is still unclear how much money the entrepreneur will lose from the demonetization. YouTube has said that the move is temporary. Many creators who are subject to demonetization move on to become more popular and have larger followings than before. In fact, Logan Paul, Shane Dawson, and David Dobrik have all seen their YouTube channels demonetized after controversies in the media. Despite the controversy, many of these demonetized creators are now running very profitable businesses.

After his YouTube demonetization, the controversial YouTuber has received backlash over allegations of pedophilia and solicitation of minors. He has since uploaded a 14-minute video in which he apologises for his past behavior. The YouTube Partner Program has also suspended ads on his videos.

YouTube has been cracking down on hate speech and harassment. Both categories are aimed at preventing content that attacks an individual. However, both categories overlap. If you're a YouTube creator who is subject to either of these punishments, it's imperative that you know the reasons behind the YouTube demonetization policy.

Instagram rants

James Charles has been posting rants about Instagram recently, which have garnered mixed reactions. He criticizes the company for making changes and says that they only care about money. He also posted a video on his Instagram story ranting about the new updates. Charles is not the only Instagram user who is upset about the changes. Many other users have also expressed their displeasure with the new changes, and they wonder why Instagram would make changes that make it less desirable for small creators.

One of the more recent James Charles Instagram rants has to do with a PR package he received. The makeup products were empty, but he made fun of them in his Instagram story. Later, it was revealed that they were actually Lauren Conrad's brand. Charles later apologised in his story and the two sides have reconciled.

Charles has faced backlash for the racist comments he's made on his social media pages. He apologized for the racist tweet, but CoverGirl has decided not to cut ties with him. However, he continued to post inflammatory and hateful posts on his Instagram and Twitter. Charles has not been shy about the backlash he received from his rants. He has also responded by releasing a video of his latest makeup tutorial on YouTube.

In one of the most recent James Charles Instagram rants, he tagged another Minecraft player in his story. In response to the backlash, Twitter users took to the social network to criticize his action.

Apology video

The James Charles Apology video is garnering mixed reviews online, but it received over 157,000 likes on YouTube. In his video, the YouTube vlogger apologized for the way he acted. He also promised to take some time off to reflect on the situation and to educate himself more about the issue of power imbalance. He has also said he does not intend to return as the host of Instant Influencer.

The controversy involving Charles began in February when a YouTube user accused him of inappropriate behavior. The man claimed that Charles had been pursuing the woman and demanding photos and FaceTime. Charles later released an apology video, claiming he did not realize that he was making such a big mistake. In response to the claims, YouTube demonetized his channel for the time being. A few days later, YouTube announced that the channel would be removed from the search results for videos featuring him.

In the video, James Charles apologizes for inappropriate behavior on social media. He acknowledges that he could have used background checks to check the age of the boys before sending messages to them. He promised to stop using social media sites as dating apps and will spend some time educating himself. He also promises to do better next time.

Despite his public apology, Charles is still under fire. The alleged abuse of underage boys led to his dismissal from the popular YouTube show Instant Influencer. However, the YouTuber has not been arrested yet. Many people have called for the police to take action against him.

Instagram Story

James Charles recently shared a video of himself singing on his Instagram Story. The video is a clip from a party. In the video, he sings Saweetie's song "My Type." This video quickly caused a stir on social media, and multiple people accused him of mouthing the N-word. Charles later apologized for the tweet and said he meant no harm.

James Charles also racked up a large number of unfollows after posting the video. Thousands of his followers were reportedly put off by the "tuck," a technique used by trans, nonbinary, and drag queens to hide their penis and testicles. In the following days, his followers unfollowed him in droves, according to Social Blade.

Charles's caption for the video has sparked backlash, and he has faced backlash over the sexiness of the caption. While many social media users criticized Charles' caption, others have pointed to the fact that he is an influencer, which is often an unfair comparison to others. After all, social media influencers make millions of dollars and wield power over their followers. In addition, Charles may have been experiencing oppression as a member of the LGBTQ community. Regardless, many people have said that his comment is ridiculous.

As a result of the recent backlash, Charles' Instagram account has reportedly lost more than 130,000 followers in less than 24 hours. Charles' Instagram story also received negative attention after he posted a video of himself in a swimsuit. In the video, Charles appeared in an orange swimsuit, giving the impression that he was missing genitalia.

James Charles has also been targeted by his fans. One fan even accused him of scripting the video. Several people have accused him of editing the video in order to get a reaction from fans. However, the comedian later issued an apology for the misunderstanding.

Merchandise enterprise

James Charles' merchandise enterprise has come under scrutiny this year due to allegations of grooming. While he is not directly responsible for the grooming allegations, his company Safety Pin has been selling merch to celebrities and influencers. The brand has also produced clothing for Charles' sister, Sisters Apparel. Charles also had plans to create his own beauty line but he has yet to do so.

While James Charles' merchandise enterprise has grown considerably over the past few years, he remains embroiled in several controversy-related incidents on the internet. He had a spat with a young woman named Tati Westbrook and has also been accused of grooming young males online. In December 2015, he created a YouTube channel and started posting beauty tips. In October 2016, he became the first male brand ambassador for CoverGirl.

What You Need to Know About James Charles

If you are looking for information about James Charles, you have come to the right place. Here you will find information about his life and career. James Charles is a British impressionist artist, YouTuber and make-up artist. He is also an 11 Life Path. He has been in the public eye for several years.

James Charles is an 11 Life Path

James Charles is an 11 Life Path who has a highly charged version of the number 2. This highly sensitive personality is patient, diplomatic, and cooperative. His talent for bringing harmony to a conflicted situation enables him to work with people from diverse backgrounds. He also has a keen eye for aesthetic beauty and a good sense of balance.

James' Sun is in his house of finances, which makes him an excellent communicator. He is also very practical and can be very hard-working. His work skills and wealth can be valuable to him, and he values these qualities highly.

He has a British impressionist art background

James Charles was a male artist who specialized in landscape and genre painting. Born in Warrington, Lancashire, he later studied in Paris and began a long association with the Royal Academy of Arts. He later moved to Chichester, where he continued to paint. He was active in the British impressionist movement and exhibited regularly in Britain. He also won medals at the Paris Exposition Universelle and the World's Fair in Chicago.

After a career in the military, Charles decided to pursue art as a career. He joined the New English Art Club, a group of British artists who sought to promote the growth of British art. Despite his dislike for groups, he stayed on the club's membership records for two years. However, when the group split into smaller groups, he was forced to withdraw from internal politics. This did not stop him from exhibiting in smaller groups. He exhibited with artists such as John Felix Arnold III and Charles Frederick Worth.

He is a YouTuber

James Charles is a famous YouTuber who has been a target of sex controversies. He is known for uploading videos that talk about various controversies and he has received millions of views on his videos. His recent controversy has hampered his deals with companies, but he has continued to make YouTube videos.

While James Charles is an entertaining and funny YouTuber, some of his fans have criticized his behavior. Some of the most notable criticisms came from Tati Westbrook who claims to have lost over 1 million subscribers. She has criticized Charles's marital status and his relationship with another YouTuber, Dobrik. Although this criticism has caused some to unfollow James, the overall audience of James Charles remains large and his videos are still popular.

The rumors started on TikTok. Some people shared videos of James with captions like "bye sisters." Others commented on the rumors and posted their own reactions to them. Some people believed that James had been murdered. Many people also expressed their concerns on Twitter.

He is a make-up artist

James Charles is a make-up artist who runs a YouTube channel. Before starting the channel, he worked as a local makeup artist in Bethlehem, New York. He now posts videos on his channel where he shows people how to do their makeup. His videos are quite popular and have garnered quite a following.

Charles has an amazing range of talents and has worked with some of the biggest names in the internet. His personal wardrobe is quite fun, and he uses the catchphrase 'hi sisters' to refer to his fans. He also often takes part in fun challenges. He has even posted videos of himself singing with an angelic voice.

Although James Charles is mostly known for his YouTube videos, his fans can also find him on social media. His videos include samples of his work and tutorial videos. He has worked with famous celebrities including Rihanna and Kim Kardashian. He has also created his own Halloween makeup look based on the works of Stephen King. Besides working on celebrities, he has also made music videos.

He is a beauty guru

James Charles is one of the most popular beauty YouTubers and is the first to break the 25 million subscriber barrier. He is also a multi-award winner. He is the first male to win the Streamy Award for Creator of the Year and has also won the category of Beauty. However, this does not mean that Charles is without controversy. The beauty community has a history of feuds, and Charles has been involved in a number of these.

James Charles' popularity has soared over the past few years. He became the first male brand ambassador for CoverGirl, and was featured on the cover of Vogue Portugal. In addition, he hosted his own series on YouTube called Instant Influencer. His goal is to give other beauty enthusiasts the confidence to pursue their dreams and become successful. Charles has a younger brother named Ian, who is an internet personality and model and has helped him with the creation of merchandising for his clothing line.

He is a cancer survivor

James Charles is a cancer survivor, and he's not the only one. The star and his mom, Christie Dickinson, are fighting the battle against online trolls. A year ago, James was involved in a public feud with another cancer survivor, Tati Westbrook. They had been close friends, but Tati saw James' public support of the rival company as betrayal.

James Charles is a cancer survivor and a YouTube star who's also a makeup mogul. His fans have been known to fake things in order to gain attention, including faking their own death or terminal illness. Those who want to be noticed will do whatever it takes to gain attention.

He is a TikTok star

James Charles is a TikTok sensation, who has garnered millions of followers and a significant following online. His content includes selfies, reels, and photos of events. He has accumulated over 24 million subscribers and has received over 3.6 billion views on his channel. Charles has received negative attention after posting a photo of himself in a bathrobe, declaring he was playing bedwars. As a result, fans have taken to social media to demand that he be removed from TikTok.

Although James has more than 35 million followers on TikTok, his behavior has upset many of his fans. His TikTok videos had a lot of true cosmetic inspiration, but the scandal has now sullied all of that. Morph, the cosmetic company that he had partnered with, rescinded their partnership with him to protect James's name. Meanwhile, YouTube has temporarily demonetized his account.

He is a makeup artist

James Charles is a YouTuber and a makeup artist in the US. He worked as a local makeup artist in Bethlehem, New York before starting his YouTube channel. His videos on the popular video platform are filled with tips and tricks for applying makeup. His goal is to inspire women to learn more about the art of beauty.

James Charles' first job was as a hairstylist, where he realized that he loved doing makeup and wished to do it professionally. He was inspired by an Instagram photo of a friend and soon began to receive requests from people for makeup and hairstyles. He shared his works online, posting covers and making video tutorials for his followers.

He has had botox injections

James Charles isn't the first famous person to get botox injections. He's a former model who starred in a controversial Vogue cover in 2007. He also appeared on the cover of People in 2007 and was interviewed by Naomi Campbell for her No Filter show.

Despite the scrutiny surrounding his plastic surgery, James Charles has not lied about his procedures. He's admitted to using Photoshop and Faces Tune to manipulate his images. He has also admitted to having Botox injections and lip fillers. Some people are surprised by his candidness, but many believe it is a positive step for the fashion industry.

James Charles has also acknowledged getting lip fillers, Botox injections, and BBL surgery. He's also denied other rumors regarding his appearance. He also denies the rest of the claims about his cosmetic surgery. Although he's denials, many fans believe Charles has undergone cosmetic surgery in order to achieve the look he's achieved. His makeup brush is so colorful and eye-catching, many people believe that he's had plastic surgery.

What is James Charles' Most Famous Video?

What is James Charles most famous video

James Charles' most famous videos include "No More Lies," "Bye Sister," and "Apartment Tour." Each one racked up 45 million views and garnered him a lot of publicity. His rivalry with Kylie Jenner is well known, and his videos feature the sister of the 'Hotline Bling' star.

No More Lies

After a feud with Tati Westbrook went public, James Charles decided to post a video to address the issue. It's titled "No More Lies," and it went viral with over 3 million views in three days. In it, James apologizes for his recent actions and shares some receipts that show that he was honest.

The video is an apology to those affected by Charles' behavior. The video features the artist's voice acting out his own words. The video shows James in a white background, with minimal makeup. It also shows him apologizing to fans for his actions, as well as to the young boys who were hurt by the video.

After the video's release, Charles faced a backlash from Westbrook. The singer accused Charles of orchestrating a deal with a beauty company called SugarBearHair. He was accused of manipulating men by using his celebrity to coerce them into making inappropriate advances. Charles' response video has since garnered over 48 million views.

James Charles' most famous video, "No More Lies," was released on May 17, 2013. The video has over a million views and has become one of YouTube's most watched videos. It also features Tati Westbrook. The singer recently released two more music videos. No More Lies has received several awards, including a Grammy and an Emmy nomination.

James Charles' videos have received widespread criticism for their controversial content. He recently worked with the controversial beauty influencer, Jeffree Star. After being called out for his comments, James apologized for his actions. Jeffree Star, who has supported Tati, also called James a "threat" to society.

"No More Lies" also gained media attention in the past few days. He has also been accused of grooming a teenage boy. The 16-year-old boy claimed that the singer groomed him. Although James Charles denied the accusations, the teenager allegedly shared screenshots of their conversations and photos with him. He also alleged that Charles blocked him after sharing those messages.

Bye Sister

James Charles is an Australian singer-songwriter and YouTube sensation who has over 46 million subscribers. The title of his most famous video is Bye Sister, and the video has become one of the most popular videos on YouTube. However, the controversy surrounding the video has caused a lot of controversy. It was not long before Tati Westbrook posted a video exposing James' underworld, and the accusations surrounding his sexual behavior toward straight men.

After James Charles' video was posted, Tati Westbrook came forward with her own video titled "Bye Sister". In the video, she claimed that Charles had stolen her ideas, sexually abused straight men and threatened them. In response to the allegations, James Charles released an apology video and lost over 3 million subscribers. Afterwards, another woman named Zara Larsson came forward with her story about the video.

In the 41-minute video, James Charles addresses the allegations made by Tati Westbrook in the BYE SISTER video. In the video, Tati claims that James Charles was not loyal to her and was manipulating her sexuality to gain attention. Throughout the video, James talks about his broken relationships with Tati and Jeffree Star.

Several celebrities have called out James Charles in recent days. Tati Westbrook has gained millions of subscribers. Other YouTubers have unfollowed James, including Demi Lovato, Kylie Jenner, and Shawn Mendes. Tati also tweeted for the first time since the "Bye Sister" video went viral, urging trolls to cool it.

James Charles' most famous video, "Bye Sister", has caused a lot of controversy. The controversy surrounding the singer has centered around his sexuality. The video went viral, garnering over 50 million views and 3.3 million likes in a week. However, it was soon canceled due to the controversy surrounding the singer. The singer has now declared himself gay and apologised.

Tati helped Charles secure more favorable YouTube advertising rates and monetised his videos. Charles is now earning up to $2500 per day, compared to $90 a day before.

Kylie Jenner

James Charles and Kylie Jenner are no strangers to each other, as they have collaborated on two videos together, one of which was never uploaded due to technical problems. In this video, James used liquid latex to make Kylie look like a mauled jungle cat. He also got Kylie to spill a bunch of Kardashian/Jenner secrets, including rumored fling Fai Khadra and future kids.

James Charles and Kylie Jenner are both famous YouTubers who love to get glammed up. Both stars have teamed up on various videos and even appeared in matching outfits in some of them. During the recent controversy, James Charles was reportedly unfollowed by some of his friends on social media. However, he is now back on track and even joined Kylie Jenner at her Kylie Skin launch event on Tuesday.

Since the release of the Tati video, James Charles has lost nearly two million YouTube subscribers. Several popular celebs, including Miley Cyrus and Kylie Jenner, have unfollowed James, and a 43-minute video posted by Tati Westbrook slamming James Charles' past has gone viral.

Earlier this year, James Charles and Kylie Jenner reunited for another YouTube video. They filmed a Halloween-themed video together. The first video was a colorful, half-skull makeup tutorial, and they both looked glamorous. Their second Halloween video showed bloodier special effects makeup. They also filmed a Halloween video for Kylie Cosmetics' Wild Side line.

James Charles and Kylie Jenner have become the face of the beauty industry. The two filmed a three-hour video in 2016, which later had to be reshot due to technical problems. The video also got Charles a new job as a spokesmodel for CoverGirl. However, Charles has had his fair share of hiccups in his career, including a controversy involving a tone-deaf joke about Africans. As of 2017, Charles has over nine million YouTube subscribers and more than seven hundred million lifetime views.

James Charles and Kylie Jenner also share some of their personal lives. The two are friends and he posed as Stormi in the video. The two also discussed the birth of their daughter, Stormi, and their future plans to have more children.

Apartment tour

James Charles is a YouTube sensation with over 21 million subscribers. His larger-than-life personality is evident in his new house, which is situated on a half-acre lot with three levels of living space. The tour takes viewers through the various rooms, including the wine cellar, snack pantry, and fashion fitting room. The home even has an oversized bathroom with heated towel rack. Another unique feature of James Charles' home is the fact that he has two closets, one for everyday clothes and the other for more formal ones.

James' apartment features a black and white color scheme. He worked with YouTuber and designer Mr. Kate to create a stylish look for his apartment, which has a mix of designer pieces and items from Target, Home Goods, IKEA, and Target. His home is a haven for interior design lovers.

After making his name as a beauty YouTuber, James Charles is finally realizing his dream of owning his own home. He shared the news with his fans on Instagram in late August of 2020. The home was the result of nine months of renovations. While it has not yet been fully completed, James Charles has already been busy revealing the interior of his new house.

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