What to Use 6 Star Selector Future Fight

What to Use 6 Star Selector Future Fight

What to Use 6 Star Selector Future Fight

This is a selection of what to use when in a first-person shooter game. We made this tutorial to help you choose the best tools in order to win the battle. Are you curious to find out more? Check out the tutorial. Player 1 Weapons This guide shows you which weapons you should use in Player 1 hit animations. So, let’s get started!


Regardless of whether or not you’re a fan of the Marvel Universe (But who are we kidding? Everyone’s a fan), Marvel Future Fight is an exceptionally-made action role-playing mobile game with surprises for everyone. Once you get accustomed to the game mechanics, there’s plenty to do to keep you busy for hours each day, while the competition between players is more alive than ever.

Normally, we would recommend that you obtain Sharon Rogers with one of your Selectors, but this is actually not necessary. You get her at Rank 6, Mastery 6, Level 60 just by completing the first 5 stages of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy quests. No more than a couple of hours in the game, you can parade your gorgeous (and deadly) Captain America through story stages, special missions, and epic quests. (Source: www.bluestacks.com)


Captain America (Sharon Rogers) is arguably one of the best heroes in Marvel Future Fight, even when judged against characters that can only be bought with real currency! Especially if you can obtain the Starlight Armor uniform for her, she becomes unstoppable during missions. This shouldn’t be too difficult to do, provided that you don’t spend your Crystals on other purchases. In addition, if you buy Starlight Armor before any other uniform, you can get it for as little as 500 Crystals.

Ask any player who’s spent a couple of weeks on Marvel Future Fight and they will all tell you the same thing: Luna Snow is an OP character. When you get your “Selector: 6* Premium Character” on day 7 from starting the account, there is no better way to use it than on this hero. Not only is Luna Snow super powerful, but to get her at 6* directly – for free – is an offer no one should pass on. In fact, it’s a great idea to save the 6* Mega Mastery Ticket you get on day 6 for her, as well. You’ll never regret this use of resources, especially once you get to see her in action. (Source: www.bluestacks.com)


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