What Is a Quotient OR

What Is a Quotient OR

What Is a Quotient

This post is the next in a series of posts that help you understand the fundamentals of the quantitive journalism process and the Calculation of Quotient. Today we'll look at what the quotient is. And what it isn't. And, of course, how to calculate it.



The quotient is the number obtained by dividing one number by another. For example, if we divide the number 6 by 3, the result so obtained is 2, which is the quotient. It is the answer from the division process. The quotient can be an integer or a decimal number. For exact divisions such as 10 ÷ 5 = 2, we have an integer as a quotient, and for divisions such as 12 ÷ 5 = 2.4, the quotient is a decimal. In the division process with decimal quotient as the answer, the decimal part of the quotient is the remainder of the division. The division is the process of repetitive subtraction. The number of times of subtraction is equal to the quotient. The division is denoted by a mathematical symbol(÷) which consists of a short horizontal line with a dot each above and below the line. The quotient is the final answer of this division process. Let us explore with an example to understand the quotient in division. The example shows division as a method of grouping objects equally in groups. The box below contains 16 balls. Let us divide them into 4 equal groups. We can see that there are 4 balls placed in each group. The division statement for the picture below can be written as 16/4 = 4.

Imagine you have a chocolate bar with 12 pieces. You want to share it with your friend. Can the bar be divided equally between the two? Will there be any leftover pieces? As you can see here, we have divided this bar of chocolate into 2 parts. Both you and your friend will get 6 pieces of chocolate each. Did you notice? No piece of chocolate remains unshared. Hence, there is no remainder. We can write the division statement for the example above as 12 ÷ 2 = 6. Here each of the numbers in the division can be designated with special terms. Let us check the following terms closely related to the quotient. (Source: www.cuemath.com)


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