What Is a Duvet Coversor

What Is a Duvet Coversor

What Is a Duvet Covers

What is a duvet cover? A duvet cover is a type of decorative blanket that is placed over a duvet.


The shell of a duvet is designed to keep the fill in place and to reduce bunching. The shell can be stitched with a variety of patterns to keep pockets of fill evenly distributed throughout the duvet. A duvet cover is used to protect the shell and fill of the duvet. A complete duvet set typically consists of a duvet insert, duvet cover, and pillow shams to match the duvet cover.

While choosing the type of fill you want in a duvet is important, remember to consider the duvet cover as well. Lightweight, breathable fabrics like cotton tend to be the most common option. However, there are many other options as well. Typically, fabrics made from natural materials are more breathable than synthetic fabrics, but they also tend to be more expensive. Here are a few fabric options available for duvet covers: (Source: www.sleepfoundation.org)


Flannel can help sleepers feel warm on a cold night. The fabric feels soft and is made to be durable. Most flannel duvet covers are easy to clean and machine-washable. The downside of flannel is that it can be quite warm on a warm night, so you may need to purchase multiple duvet covers in order to switch them out for the seasons.

Silk duvet covers are lightweight and breathable. As a natural product, silk is known to regulate body temperature more effectively than most synthetic materials. The cool, smooth fabric can be used year-round. Silk has many benefits, but it typically comes at a higher price-point. You do not need to wash silk as often as other fabrics, but when you do, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s care instructions. If the silk duvet cover is machine-washable, it is best to wash it in a protective bag and then hang it to dry. (Source: www.sleepfoundation.org)


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