What Is a Beacon in Minecraft

What Is a Beacon in Minecraft

What Is a Beacon in Minecraft

The beacon is a block in the Minecraft game. Minecraft is a sandbox building and exploration game. The play acts as a single player where you can create and destroy anything you want, as long as you accept the consequence of doing so. In multiplayer mode, players can teleport to exactly the same place as you, so beacons have the potential to greatly reduce the time required to build your creations.


Pyramids are the structures required to activate beacons. There are four possible pyramid heights. More pyramid levels make more powers available in a wider affected vicinity. The type of mineral block used to build the pyramid is entirely cosmetic and has no functional effect. Several different block types can be mixed without affecting functionality. If the pyramid is damaged so that the beacon deactivates, the previously-set powers resume their effects upon reactivation when the pyramid is repaired. This applies to piston-altered pyramids as well.

The color of the beam may be changed by placing blocks of stained glass (or stained glass panes) anywhere above the beacon block. The beam changes colors according to the colors of glass placed above it: the first block sets the beam color, while each additional block sets the color by averaging the red, green, and blue components of the current beam color and the block's color. The color values are the same as those for the corresponding dye. This also works using hardened stained glass and hardened stained glass panes.‌ (Source: minecraft.fandom.com)


You’ll need to create a pyramid for your beacon to sit atop. This is the only way to activate your Minecraft beacon, and it’s /still/ not as simple as plonking down some blocks. There are different levels of pyramids and you’ll need to use either iron, gold, emerald, or diamond to create your pyramid, it doesn’t matter which you use, or how you place these blocks, unless you’re going for a certain aesthetic.

If you don’t have enough blocks to make a Pyramid with 4 layers, you can remove the bottom layer to make it a slightly weaker Pyramid. For example, if you only have enough blocks for 3 layers, you can make the base layer the 7x7 square and then keep building up to make a 3-level Pyramid. However, this will remove some of the possible bonus effects. (Source: www.rockpapershotgun.com)


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