Walking a Caneor

Walking a Caneor

Walking With a Cane

Maybe you'll be different. Maybe you'll have been living your life better for over a decade and you'll. Not walk with a cane. But there is a chance that one day you'll feel a sudden stab of pain in your leg. There's that chance.


Many people have disabilities that require an ambulatory assistive device in order to ambulate independently. Some people are prone to self-treat as canes are easily accessible and do not require a prescription before being purchased. This increases the risks of falls, especially in elderly patients, and risk of musculoskeletal injuries or adaptations due to bad posture from incorrect way of using or holding the assistive devices.

Make sure this fits by entering your model number. 👨‍🦯 Take Safer Steps with Walk Buddy: It's not just the non-slip four prong cane base that makes these all-terrain walking canes safe for elderly, disabled and those recovering from injury or surgery; but also the bright headlight that guides your path and SOS alarm letting everyone know you're there! 🔦 Be Seen & Heard, Day & Night! Walk Buddy Walking Stick Cane is fitted with a bright headlight to see in dim lighting, a noisy SOS alarm, and dazzling red light to catch people's attention with urgency! This heavy duty cane also features an FM radio for news, sports or entertainment while walking. ❄️ All-Terrain Canes For Men and Women: The end of this cane with 4 prongs is 4" wide with a Rubbery Grip, 60Deg Pivot and 75Deg Incline. As far as canes for seniors, injured or disabled go, this makes the Walk Buddy 4 prong cane smooth for walking, stable for sand, grass and snow and self-standing! 📏 Adjustable Walking Sticks: The Walk Buddy Walking Cane for Men and Women is a telescoping cane, expanding from 28" to 37". With your arm hanging at your side, the top of your cane should line up with your wrist. Measure that now, and seeing this adjustable cane is perfect, order with confidence. 🔋 Easy To Use, No Batteries Reqd: Walk Buddy Adjustable Cane for Women and Men is USB Rechargeable (*Cord Included) and takes 5-6hrs to charge. Gadgets last 8+/- hrs depending on use. Simple walk cane instructions are also included to get you started! Take a safer step now and try Walk Buddy today. (Source: www.amazon.com)



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