Waitress Resume Summary

Waitress Resume Summary

Waitress Resume Objective

She will make all the tables work as a team by sharing the knowledge of the kitchen, organizing deliveries, and determining the type of meal for a particular table. When the guests are delivering their meals, the waitress will speak with each of them and give them suggestions on what to eat from the different menus.


Seeking a Waitress job at Silver Slipper Casino Venture LLC with abilities to greet and serve guests in a friendly courteous manner; receive and understand beverage orders; know brands of liquor, beer and wine; carry and balance a full tray of beverages; as well as keep glasses picked up, area clear of paper and other debris as time permits. Also bringing licenses & certifications, and abilities to stay current on CARE training, be aware of intoxicated guests, and circulate throughout assigned work station on a continuous basis.

One of the first (and most common) jobs people get is a waitress or waiter at a restaurant. We all have some idea of the basic duties of wait staff: taking people’s orders and relaying them to the kitchen staff, bringing meals to tables, and collecting payment. Some restaurants may also use their wait staff to bus and clean tables or to seat customers as they enter the restaurant. However, just because the position is relatively common does not mean you can skip the interview process altogether. Becoming part of some restaurant teams can be just as competitive as other types of positions. (Source: futureofworking.com)


To embark on this service-oriented career as a Waiter, some key characteristics and skills are deemed necessary, such as strong people skills, excellent communication skills, service-oriented approach, friendly and amicable nature, patient approach towards elderly customers and kids, a pleasing personality, a happy disposition, etc. The minimum education required for this role is a Bachelor’s Degree in the hospitality field. A Master’s Degree in the relevant field is considered as an added advantage. Several years of work experience in the relevant field is also expected. Even people with just a diploma with good experience can apply.

Objective : Fine Dining Waiter with over 2 years of experience and an excellent record of providing professional, high-quality service to clients. Developed a diverse background and skillset adaptable to new restaurants or dining concepts. Known for being a dependable team member who always makes a complete effort to give clients a dining experience which exceeds their expectations. To secure a position that will enable me to use my strong communication and customer service skills and the ability to work well with people. (Source: www.qwikresume.com)



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