Wa Lottery

Wa Lottery

Wa Lottery

The Wa Lottery was founded by Ta Minh Tran. What began as a family project has turned into a profitable business and the Wa Family's eldest son is standing on the platform that could earn the family millions in the near future. Ta Minh tells his story.


Before the most current update you did not have to be signed in to check your ticket. Plus the older version of the app showed you your ticket numbers even if it wasn’t a winner. The updated version of the app you have to have an account and be signed in to scan your ticket. Once your ticket is scanned the updated version just says “Sorry, your not a winner”, it doesn’t show you your numbers on your ticket like the previous version. I like comparing my physical ticket numbers to what the app shows to make sure there’s not a mistake. Disappointed that that feature was changed. Probably won’t be buying as many tickets in the future.

All winners will be notified in writing. The first name, initial of the last name, suburb and winning ticket number of all prize winners will be published online the next business day after each draw on the Cancer Council WA Raffle website (cancercouncilraffle.com.au) and Cancer Council WA Facebook page (facebook.com/cancercouncilwestaus). (Source: donate.cancerwa.asn.au)


Washington's Lottery was launched in 1982 to help generate revenue for state programs. The lottery offers a variety of scratch-off tickets and draw games. Washington's Lottery frequently adds new scratch games—as often as once a month. Players can also choose from state draws like Hit 5 and Match 4, or popular multi-state jackpots like Powerball and Mega Millions.

Rounding out fiscal 2020 spending of lottery proceeds earned by the state, $13.7 million went to the Stadium and Exhibition Center Account (CenturyLink Field), $16.2 million for the General Fund, $3.4 million to the Economic Development Account, and $400,000 to the Problem Gambling Account. (Source: www.tre.wa.gov)


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