Vent a Hoodor

Vent a Hoodor

Vent a Hood

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While these by-products may simply sound like nuisances, studies have shown that cooking without proper ventilation is one cause of poor indoor air quality that can negatively affect your health. That's why the International Residential Code and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency strongly advise homeowners to install a vent hood to capture, filter, and then expel the fumes outside through a vent in an exterior wall or on the roof.

The good news is that while range hoods are a practical necessity, the variety of available looks has never been better; whether you prefer front-and-center utilitarian stainless steel, an insert completely camouflaged behind cabinetry, an artisan-made copper chimney, or a modernist glass unit, there's a style that will work for you. (Source: www.thisoldhouse.com)


Ducted or not? Venting the polluted air out of your house is always preferable to recirculating it. Recirculating fans use charcoal filters to clean the air and release it back into the house when ducting to the outside is impossible, as in many apartment buildings. When it's the only option, a recirculating hood is better than no ventilation at all, but this type should never be used with pro-style appliances.

A wall- or island-mount should be about 30 inches above the cooktop, while undercabinet-mounts, typically less powerful and with smaller ducts, should sit 24 inches above the range. If you want to place the hood higher than recommended, you'll need a wider unit—extending 3 inches beyond both sides of the range—and more cfm to compensate. (See "Calculator" section right below.) (Source: www.thisoldhouse.com)


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