Ups Schedule a Pickupor

Ups Schedule a Pickupor

Ups Schedule a Pickup

If your UPS driver can't pick up a package, must he drop it off at a nearby UPS location? The company requires the customer to pick up a package at the designated UPS location (as listed on the package label). Unlikely, unless you live in a neighborhood with a UPS location. If a day passes and the package isn't claimed by the delivery driver, the carrier will dispose of it.


This is the first step in creating your pickup request. We recommend you have your UPS Tracking Numbers handy prior to entering your pickup information. If you do not have the UPS Tracking Numbers for this pickup you will be required to re-enter your pickup information to complete your pickup request. Enter the information requested, noting the required fields indicated with a Select a Pickup Date to indicate when UPS should pick up from your location. Next, select the Earliest Pickup Time to let UPS know when your pickup will be ready. Finally, select the Latest Pickup Time to indicate the latest time that UPS can gain access to your shipment.

If you purchase DHL Express or UPS labels through Shopify Shipping, then you can schedule pickups directly from your Shopify admin. You can schedule a pickup at your preferred date, time, and address. Your chosen carrier will accept all eligible packages with a valid label. (Source: help.shopify.com)


In the Items section, confirm the number of items that you want to include in this fulfillment. If you want to ship the customer's order using more than one fulfillment, then change the quantity of each item that you don't want to ship in this fulfillment. You can buy an additional shipping label for each fulfillment that's required to complete the entire order.

If you're shipping internationally, then you need to provide customs information, including a Harmonized System (HS) code. Learn more about HS codes from the World Customs Organization. Click Edit customs information to add your shipment details to the customs information form. (Source: help.shopify.com)


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